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  1. Not a fan. Final Jenny is one of my favorite styles to play and it’s very useful in a lobby full of randoms who are not. The end game now punishes good/experienced players who have to rely on “survived the night” after all the other counselors are dead and no objectives are done. Keep multi slash, make it take a smidge longer to rage, give Jason a lot more HP and a little harder to stun. 4x4’s should be the shotguns of melee weapons- guaranteed stun but breaks after one hit. Branches should be 50/50 for a stun and break on 2nd hit.
  2. @Treymaker do you have a suggestion or idea on how to remedy this? Because with this community, "playing in the spirit of the game" went out a broken 2nd floor Packanack window a long time ago. I myself frown upon this method, but it's definitely not unfair. Just a bunch of players killing the immersion as usual.
  3. I run Jenny with thick skinned, hypochondriac, and medic. With this setup, I can loop a lot more than I can with my other counselors who do not run this build. This does not make breaking the windows “irrelevant.” Trust me, the damage is being dealt, and more than previous patches. What’s the trouble however, it’s a great waste of Jason’s time- especially against a group of counselors who know what they are doing. You don’t want to tunnel players like these while others are still alive. Now if this archetype is in the fuse house and you suspect they may be able to get the fuse in before you get back, you have to play smart. When they climb outside the window you need to trick them into thinking you are morphing outside as well, when all you really need to do is shift inside and hope they climb back in. Best way to do this is pop stalk and shift OUT OF THEIR LINE OF SIGHT. This works more often then not. Doesn’t work well against new players. I don’t like the idea of having damaged doors inflict damage on players when they walk through. I understand this is a video game, but even still that’s reaching a bit. My number one rule for learning how to deal with game mechanics I don’t understand is to do it myself. That way when I am on the opposition, I can “get in the other player’s mind.” Get creative and figure out yourself how to be a good looper, and when its your time to be Jason, you’ll fair much better at dealing with nuisance counselors.
  4. Wait- there is a startup sound for the boat that alerts Jason, now? Since when??
  5. It looks like a pocketknife and Jason are needed to complete this glitch. If you are Jason and see someone standing in the corner, you have a second to do a 180 so the counselor breaks free in the room and not kicked out onto the roof.
  6. It’s not dead yet- but it’s definitely dying, unfortunately. LFG for private matches used to be 150+ posts during peak times pre-announcement, now it barely hovers above 60 posts on XB1.
  7. Wow us XB1 owners not getting the patch on time has finally paid off! I pray someone on the Microsoft certification team is a fan of the game and rejects this patch.
  8. If you would have escaped in the car, you may have fell victim to the new "suicide bug." Btw, does any one know if this can happen on the boat, too? Definitely not the first one- if you observe every other issue, it says "fixed." This and one other issue were the only ones that said "addressed," which most likely means they attempted to fix it but were not 100% successful. They hit us with the okie doke.
  9. You just watched most, if not all of your friends get slaughtered by some crazed maniac- survivors remorse?
  10. Wow glad yall like them that much. But like @doitagain said above, the vibrating kills it for me. I can't appreciate them.
  11. You know what would be pretty cool? If and only when Jason is in Rage Mode, he receives a prompt to push furniture aside or destroy it. Maybe flip over a table or kick chairs away and if it makes contact with the counselors, they stumble. Of course the game would need to be fully polished before this could even be a thing.
  12. If you voted "no" and are against spawn-killing, you are the biggest hypocrite. #JS #IMO #KYS
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