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  1. I like this idea too, but after more thought I think it would be nice if the devs just gave all counselors an extra perk slot. Better for us to determine which counselor receives which "bonus" ability. They might lock an epic fire cracker on say Kenny, but we may rather have rolled a rare with very little downside and slap it on our favorite counselor's 4th slot. Or hell, do both a special ability and an extra slot. I always felt like 3 slots are not enough to bring a counselor to their full potential.
  2. It's ok. All is forgiven- it's good to see you put together a comprehensive thought for a change. Even if it is insulting.
  3. So not only do you lack common sense for such a theory, but you lack comprehension as well? You don't know what "No" means? Allow me to elaborate then: "No, your explanation for tape spawns is stupid." I'm sorry, but I can't counter idiotic thoughts. Please try to explain in better detail, how the amount of times you playing Tommy creates a tape spawn. So if Banjo.Zombie plays "X" amount of times as Tommy, a tape will spawn in the lobby just so someone else can grab it?? Yea, that makes sense. Or did you literally mean how you play as Tommy? Then explain how Tommy tapes spawn before he is even called in?? Items are pre-loaded into the drawers- they are first come first serve. They don't magically appear cause ukulele.dumbass opened a drawer in a cabin after teabagging Jason 10 times with Tommy. GTFOH.
  4. So you couldn’t do both by picking up the keys and staying in the cabin? Serious question- how old are you?
  5. What would you have done different if he didn't give you the keys?
  6. Worst Jason Weapon

    That's funny cause this is exactly what I was thinking when I voted for it as worst weapon.
  7. Forgive me- but what part was the trick? Did he tell you to take the keys and go? Why would you picking up the keys change your exit/survival strategy in that cabin? What were you going to do different if he did not drop them? I'm lost..
  8. Day 1 is gonna be the absolute worst. I am one of those who hate to see counselor triplets, quadruplets, etc. I'll wait till the honeymoon stage is over before I give her a go.
  9. I take it if you want to intentionally do this, you need to monitor how much damage Jason has been taking and with a little luck you can pull it off? Btw, does the final blow cut scene show Jarvis hitting Jason with the mask on?
  10. I read either here or on Reddit, uneven terrain may play a factor in Jason kills going awry. With so many bugs in this game, I can see him not dropping to his knees if you hit him on an inclined surface or near too many objects. As far as the sweater not activating, I am not sure if everyone realizes its use is part of our HUD, so if your fear has skyrocketed and you can't see your map- you won't see the sweater icon in the right corner either, and won't be able to activate it. You have to get your fear back down. I wonder if the perk that keeps your min-map helps with this? I forgot the name of it. I had an epic version of it once, deleted it, and now somewhat regret it. Can anyone confirm not being terrified, and the sweater still not activating?
  11. Thank you for recognizing there needs to be balance and not just suggesting a nerf and leaving it at that. I totally respect the fandom and can appreciate film accuracy. I imagine he was given "Run" to compensate for his shortcomings. If "Run" was to be removed and replaced with a buff elsewhere for the sake of canon, I'm all for it.
  12. Rank should not be the reflection of skill in any game, however it does allow you to gauge a player's familiarity for the most part. When I I first enter a lobby and see quite a few 140's & 150's, it lets me know at the very least these players are competent. I too, would not use Part 7 for my first round of Jason. A high level is not the end all be all, but more often than not- it is accurate. And the few times it is not, it works in Jason's favor. Bare in mind I play in Private Match lobbies with "Adults Only" & "Mic Required" filtered tags, so my experience may be totally different from someone who frequents the cesspool of children in Quickplay, or uses no filters for searching Private Match Lobbies. For those who use the latter, it probably means little Timmy or Billy spends waaaay to much time playing this game, and the average 10 year old will suck whether they be level 13 or level 130 (and yes I know there are some kids who are unicorns and are actually pretty good at the game).
  13. Update has been cancelled?

    Fingers crossed. I hope they are shooting for this date, but would totally understand if they couldn't get any content to us. At the very least I hope we get double RP and/or increased rare & epic perk rolls. I think the devs should look at their calendars every year and try to have content on all Friday the 13th's. That would be awesome. I really believe they missed an epic launch last year, by not releasing the game on the 13th of October! Don't get me wrong, I appreciate being able to play as early as we did, and had a blast playing over the summer of 17,' but I would have gladly waited for a more polished game in the horror month. It would only seem fitting.
  14. Update has been cancelled?