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  1. Does anyone else do this Is any one else crazy like I am? FTFY...
  2. Do you like Tiffany?

    How can she be for both?? This community... She's awesome. Ignore the casual players who say crap like this.
  3. Boob physics!?

    In order from top to bottom: Vanessa (Halloween costume) Tiffany (swimsuit) Chad (new emote)
  4. From my experience, Rank modes are more populated than non-ranked modes. Why divide an already dwindling population just to add a competitive aspect?
  5. THIS. Too many players take this game too seriously as it is. If they die as a counselor, they act like they were murdered in real life. If counselors escape while they are Jason, they act like they just lost a playoff series. I can see these jerkweeds saying and doing whatever is necessary to avoid both from happening- even at the expense of other players' experience. Ranked mode would bring the toxic levels to rival that of Overwatch.
  6. Kudos to those who can still dominate lobbies as Jason, post patch. I honestly don't know how you guys do it. As for me, every week since the last patch has me not wanting to be Jason more and more. Very tempted to switch my preference to counselor. I fear however, going too long without being Jason will just make you an even worse Jason player in the rare occasion you are chosen.
  7. I like it. I wish it could be a toggle feature in Private Matches, though.
  8. Toxic 101 players?

    There is no irony. I agreed with what @bewareofbears posted- as a blanket statement. Then I gave my opinion this thread does not fall under it and explained why.
  9. Toxic 101 players?

    People are hard headed bro. They don't get it. That's why we have a ton of bitch & moan threads cluttering the forums. This thread is excluded- this is something different and can very well happen in a Private Match as well, unfortunately.
  10. Every counselor can contribute to the team. I use Tiffany as a runner to get parts and weapons to place them by objectives. Tiffany can also be used to kite Jason. She is a support character.
  11. I personally believe Jason's grab range will be increased, but not to the extent of what it was before (which is ideal)- and it will make its way in the next patch.
  12. Jasons that act like they're superior

    The posts in this thread alone has me close to my max likes for the day. Glad to see most of us agree. I made a similar thread about this last month.
  13. Which one is nerves of steel again? No loss of map? i have an epic 49% night owl and it feels like my counselors don’t scream half the time the power goes out. I stated in another thread that I believe the fear mechanic has been tweaked overall, and counselors spaz out quicker. I wish someone could do research on it.
  14. Trap nerf?! Wait all Jason’s have less traps now, or they deal less damage?? EDIT: NVM you’re referring to stacking them. I get it now.