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  1. Wow us XB1 owners not getting the patch on time has finally paid off! I pray someone on the Microsoft certification team is a fan of the game and rejects this patch.
  2. Ker Juice

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    out of laughs/likes LMAO!
  3. Ker Juice

    They haven't fixed rubberbanding at all.

    If you would have escaped in the car, you may have fell victim to the new "suicide bug." Btw, does any one know if this can happen on the boat, too? Definitely not the first one- if you observe every other issue, it says "fixed." This and one other issue were the only ones that said "addressed," which most likely means they attempted to fix it but were not 100% successful. They hit us with the okie doke.
  4. Ker Juice

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    You just watched most, if not all of your friends get slaughtered by some crazed maniac- survivors remorse?
  5. Wow glad yall like them that much. But like @doitagain said above, the vibrating kills it for me. I can't appreciate them.
  6. You know what would be pretty cool? If and only when Jason is in Rage Mode, he receives a prompt to push furniture aside or destroy it. Maybe flip over a table or kick chairs away and if it makes contact with the counselors, they stumble. Of course the game would need to be fully polished before this could even be a thing.
  7. If you voted "no" and are against spawn-killing, you are the biggest hypocrite. #JS #IMO #KYS
  8. Ker Juice

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    I was really hoping to see "Fixed" here. Oh well, it's a start I guess.
  9. Ker Juice

    Jason trap exploit

    IT'S NOT! "Team Boat Runs out of Gas"
  10. Ker Juice

    Jason trap exploit

    EDIT: No, it wasn't directed at you- I just happened to be the next person posting.
  11. Ker Juice

    Jason trap exploit

    Yea, healthy discussions which have not already been covered.
  12. Ker Juice

    Jason trap exploit

    I know you have to defend your thread, but when a Staff member has to step in twice and state they are watching the thread closely, it's not because we are overly complimenting each other. Please don't take it personal- this is just my opinion on a "hot button" topic that has been discussed before. I know how to tag @RadikalGamer , and I know how to quote. Not sure why you thought my comment was directed at you. Was it because is was directly below yours?
  13. Thanks to GTA Online, I am very familiar with your recommendations and no longer have this problem lol.
  14. Ker Juice

    Jason trap exploit

    Maybe you should close this- it's not a healthy thread. This was covered in @Redrum138 's thread back in March, any way. Just like back then, the topic of counselor trap blocking is more a divisive than an incisive discussion. One side is not going to change the other side's mind, and unlike most threads- we are insulting each other here.
  15. Ker Juice

    Decaying playerbase

    My sentiments exactly. -__- Total buzzkill. Feels like launch again.