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  1. Your kidding right? I would have thought the big three in game exploits (under the bridge, on the roof and hiding in the cabin wall) would have been fixed by now. These exploits I've seen in videos long before the game launch.
  2. Better be careful with those bear traps, if you make it a habit to "accidentally kill" your fellow counselors. Someone might report you for helping Jason, resulting in a ban. I wish I could say that was all a joke and in fun but knowing the player base and how there are asshats being dicks, I can see it happen. Regardless, you shouldn't get penalized for someone dying in a trap you placed. To me, if you walk into a trap that results in your death then it should be a suicide or just a death. It should be different so it sticks out like how the Jason kills are shown in the results screen. By the way its getting to the point that that I don't even want to play for fear of doing an exploit that would result in a ban. I wasn't aware using combat stance was an exploit when breaking down doors. Great, something I did when even remembered to enter combat stance. This exploit crap is getting old, just fix the f'ing game already. Oh wait...
  3. Thanks for confirming what I pretty much already had picked up on from playin the game and watching various live broadcasts on you tube. While the OP may believe his tactics work, they really don't and seem to more focus on small group tactics and screw the rest of the counselors. The perfect example is the talk about how a group can quickly get a car fixed before Jason can shift.. That's great for those 2 or 4 players but by leaving every door open you are screwing everyone else you leave behind when they have to fend for themselves. While sure I have seen well organized players repair a car quickly, a experienced Jason player will have no real problem stopping them. Locking doors is always a good idea to do from the start of the match. It will prevent Jason from just walking in on you. I have had this happen to me a while ago. I get into a cabin and lock the door and head to the back door only to run into Jason coming in from the back door. Locked doors can also be a sign that the cabin has already been searched. The only reason to not lock a door is late in the match (if you find one still unlocked that is), is late in the match when Jason has his rage activated. If Jason is on your ass, spending time locking a door he will just be able to break down in seconds is pretty much pointless.
  4. As much a I like playing Jason, it doesn't feel right to get selected to play him when you just were him two matches ago while in the same core group of players. This happened to me about a week ago (last time I played actually) and I ended up leaving the group so it wouldn't happen again. Hopefully they can fix this somehow by adding in some Jason counter. Something like, If you played Jason you are skipped over in the random selection until someone who hasn't been Jason gets chosen, with priority to those who have the settings for playing Jason over a counselor. That of course would only work in a group that doesn't change at all since when someone leaves and a new player joins they would mess the counter up. Maybe in a changing match group here could be added a priority to the players who stay in the same group that haven't been Jason yet. I know this sound a bit crappy at best for an idea. Even after rereading it myself it sounds more complicated than it should. Lack of sleep and no caffeine can do that to my fragile warped mind. lol!
  5. I can see her being used for the single player part of the game that I understand is on the way.
  6. So are these perma bans or bans with time limits like 1 month for a first infraction? I'm not to fond of the idea of banning people for using in game glitches. These are in the game because the developers missed them in playtesting or something in the coding. These should be fixed as they are found but not something that is ban worthy. Of course exploiting a glitch all the time I can see as a problem. I still say the easiest solution for stopping player counselors killing each other is turn friendly fire off. It would solve both the intentional killing as well as the accidental "I'm sorry officer, I just didn't see Chad until it was to late. He just ran out in front of the car."
  7. 1. Just dumb luck? 2. What Perks do you have equipped? Check the negative effects of them to make sure thy are not giving you more noise or fear. I have a Level Headed the gives me +14% sense avoidance chance and -0% noise generating penalty. Sense is Jason's Predator vision, as I like to call it and he can spot anyone from a good distance away. Having fear can easily give you away so any perk that lowers that or doesn't add to it can be useful. 3. A smart Jason seems to typically go after the stealth counselors first because they can be a royal pain later in the match especially if that player using these stealth counselors know how to really play them. Its a big map when you have to hunt down someone who is playing hide and seek. 4. Deborah has great repair/intelligence skill and AJ has really good repair/intelligence. So just like 3 above, you may be a target because you are a threat to repair the car, boat and phone while being stealthy. 5. Are any other players near you when Jason finds you? If you are next to near to someone playing with low stealth like Adam and Brandon 'Buggzy' in your example, they will give you away, so its best to stay away from them as mush as possible. If you can, team up with another stealthy counselor. 6. Are you in game chat and talking with other players? If so, you have to remember that the player playing as Jason can hear what you are saying. You may be giving yourself away by saying what you are doing or where you are headed. A fatal flaw even when using the walkie-talkies if Jason is near the one speaking. 7. Try running for a short bit then crouch to regain stamina when you are not able to get into a building.
  8. Its been a while since getting booted to the game menu but I have routinely been booted right out of the game and to the Xbox One home screen several times. Of course now that I mention this I'll probably get booted all the time to the game menu now.... Just more problems that the game has that needs fixing.
  9. Either make it more visible to see on the map by having it flash a bit more maybe in yellow for example or make a larger than usual "sound bubble" thing on the screen so you at least know the direction the trap that got set off is in. By the way, spamming traps is a strategy for Jason just like a counselor using a packet knife to disarm these traps. Keep in min that not all Jason's have a lot of traps to use. I think its just Part two that starts off with 5 of them.
  10. Host migration has to be the priority "to do" after they fix all the current problems the game has on all systems. I don't care about maps or new cloths or new Jason's until this is dealt with first. Its getting really old to suddenly get booted out of the game because the host left. This seems to usually happens when they are not Jason and get killed after Tommy has been summoned. Even if the host disconnects de to no fault of their own it would be nice to have so the rest of the players in the match can continue playing, if the host wasn't Jason of course. The only thing just as annoying than this missing feature, is having players leave the match after Tommy shows up. While it may not affect the those playing as a counselor I have a hunch it affects the one playing Jason in regards to earning experience for kills.
  11. These guys are doing a hell of a lot more for their game and the people who bought it than the dickless wonders at EA/BioWare and Mrap Effect Andromeda. Lets see what we got from EA/BioWare... a few patches to "fix" faces and other things that shouldn't have needed fixing in the first place if ANYONE had an ounce of professionalism and gave a crap about the game they were working on and oh wait, nothing. Not a crap load of credits to buy any multiplayer loot boxes, no special skin for the car and sure as hell not a single apology saying "Sorry we screwed you over by having third rate nobodies work on our major AAA franchise. But hey, how about our Anthem game! You're gonna buy that aren't you?" At least IllFonic and Gun Media gave us two sets of free clothing for the counselors, a crap load of CP (when this double xp event happens) and a retro Jason skin that adds a bit of fun for those players that actually like to have fun in the game. While the game is back to bugfest because of this, I do appreciate the gesture that they at least give a crap, not only about the game but the players.
  12. I still find it odd that it can be a kill when the window was opened. Closed and broken sure but open? That's more like Jason helping you get out or in the building by tossing you through the window. "Here, let me give you a hand."
  13. Trouble you would have to be certain you know who it is that you want to report. If there are a few people playing the same counselor that are all alive at the time you might report the wrong one. Had an issue with a recent host that was helping Jason by camping out right in front of where two players had hid in tents, he used the shotgun to shoot one (don't know if they took damage) and when he got killed he quit the match when there was only one counselor left and about 8 minutes left screwing everyone over. There are asshats out there for sure.
  14. I'm going to have to agree with the idea of delaying the Double XP Weekend. I just tried to get into a quick play match, well several actually and got disconnected on 1 of them so badly I got booted right out of the game and onto the xbox one home screen. Five other attempts sent me into my own lobby and the one I did actually get into a lobby with people only had a single player and he bailed out (wonder why?) seconds after I got there. This crap is happening BEFORE this event has even started. Just to be clear, before the freebie pack the quick play feature was mostly working. What the hell is the point to even have an event when most of you players cant even play it without the new problems that have popped up from this free content pack stacked on top of the old problems that haven't been fully fixed? *Edit* Of course I just now got into a match and the host was an asshat helping Jason by standing by where 2 others were hiding, shooting at one of them and then quitting the match when he got killed with one counselor left and about 8 minutes on the clock. But that's all another issue on its own...
  15. This kind of sounds like this may just have been an oversight by the developers or they didn't expect players to drive the car backwards as much. It kind sounds like it could be an exploit they didn't think of. One way to fix the problem would to allow Jason to damage the rear of the car like he can the front.
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