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  1. So I just brought the game today and I didn't get to play as Jason even once so I wonder how does that work then I notice that when you are in a lobby in quick match there is always a guy in the lobby how as a red arrow besides is name and that he does not have a ping. So I figured that when you hit quick match you end up in the lobby of a private match because the dude with the red arrow always is Jason or one of is friends. So for this game to be fun you need to make official server with a server browser witch is totally neutral which means that nobody gets to decided the maps or who is going to be Jason because im pretty tired of hopping to be Jason and never getting it so had a sever browser or make it so that when we hit quick match we don't end up in private match lobby with a guy who decides who is going to be Jason. If not then this game is doomed to failed . its fun but with a server browser and official neutral server thing would be better!!! thanks.
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