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  1. I guess that is why PS4 has the most toxic community because Sony has no system like this.
  2. Oh ok, that is a little better then I guess.
  3. Do we really need more variations of shitty clothes? Pretty much.
  4. Oh great and people thought the glitching on the roof was bad, now we have this
  5. When you find some people decent in the communities just add them, after a while you will build up a solid group of people to play with. Just remember though you will still find idiots in the ps4 communities.
  6. Honestly this, I understand we are all different and some are shy but what is the worst that could happen? They can't hurt you physically and if someone is trolling or being rude just mute them.
  7. No way, that would be silly. What they could do is give it to a max of 3 people helping, the one that used the sweater, the one who stunned Jason (though it could still be the same person with the sweater) and of course Tommy. Like someone said, you could have someone who did jack shit and then get the trohpy.
  8. Another update, more problems. Jesus that sounds bad, not looking forward to the update.
  9. Just while we are discussing the single player, do you think they will add any more achievements/trophies when it is released? Also do you think playing the single player against the bots will count towards the achievements/trophies they already have? Like the real grindy ones etc Play 1000 matches as Jason, get x amount of kills as Jason, or even kill 7 counselors and Tommy etc
  10. I did enjoy the theme early on but don't use it anymore, the music does get annoying after a while.
  11. Do you recommend dead by daylight? I have seen plenty of streams on twitch but still undecided.
  12. The leader board I assume he is talking about is the friend leader board that everygame has stats on when you look in the game hub for Xbox, which I think is a really great feature. The tracking system for Xbox as well is really good for the types of grindy achievements that are in Friday the 13th, 1000 games, etc as you can keep track of them live while playing, this is something I feel playstation needs to implement. Leader boards are kind of pointless for this type of game anyway as it really is not a competitive game in nature, more working together in a team. But in saying that as Jason you want to kill everyone, the amount of kills can show how effective you are as Jason. I would be more impressed with how many glitchers you have killed as Jason , make that a trophy.
  13. Like I said before, people have solely dedicated going through every environmental kill on all three levels, every kill with Jason or variation in kill for the beds, the cupboard, and so on and so on. The graveyard kills have been known for a while now. The update before the new one coming soon was meant to fix this achievement but it did not, this latest one coming is meant to address achievements as well on all platforms. https://www.trueachievements.com/viewcomment.aspx?commentid=1097035#vch
  14. You don't think people have already done that? People have been trying for days going over every single kill with every different Jason etc No one on Xbox one or Ps4 has got the achievement/trophy, it is bugged.
  15. Ps4 is the same driving the car with lag I feel sorry for the people jumping in the car with me.
  16. I did the same mate, have two ps4s and went through literally every known kill, all the varitations in Jasons for bed kills, closet kills you name it but since I'm on PS4 it is even harder as you can not even track how many you have done compared to Xboxs tracking system I have given up on trying until it is confirmed it is fixed.
  17. I highly doubt they will be adding that trophy, if it wasn't there at launch they won't be adding in a patch. The platinum is for collecting all 50 trophies, they would have to change that one as well.
  18. 6 Could not play the game for nearly 2 weeks at launch due to the database login error, this brought the score down the most. I can overlook the glitches and bugs as they can be fixed overtime. It really is a fun game when it works properly, well worth the money in the end even after a bad start.
  19. Fair enough, Private matches is the way to go for consoles, you will get more way more people using glitches and no mics on quick play. Just curious as to why you are playing on PS4 when you have it working better on Pc? If anything I was thinking of moving from Ps4 to PC.
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