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  1. It would be awesome to have The Thing game They could use their "paranoia" ideas for that...
  2. GTA 5 is the third best-selling video game of all time with over 95 million copies shipped, and is one of the most financially successful entertainment products of all time, with over US$6 billion in worldwide revenue. F13 has sold about 3 million? You got a point there, but GTA is not the best example.
  3. I personally hope that they fix the camera. It's way too close to the character, and when the game is so dark now I literally can't see that much anymore. Before I could play this by daylight, but not anymore
  4. Well, where I live sun doesn't come down at all at summer. Some of you really do take this game way too seriously There's no fear/horror in this game, no matter how dark it is. Don't get me wrong, I love the game but it's not scary at all.
  5. Hope to see more challenges in the future, cos these are helluva fun. I'm ready to pay 5-10$ for new "challenges DLC pack" anytime.
  6. First they should make 4K patch for the Xbox One X & PS4 Pro..
  7. Why people even care about the XP? You can't do much with it anyway.
  8. No. They should make extra large version of it
  9. Yes. Bought it on release and have been playing this over 260 hours (and counting). Money well spent. Too bad these clothing DLC-packs are ridiculous (especially halloween pack) and way too over the top (not the price, I mean the style). So I haven't bought any of them.
  10. Well @J.J.I tried to talk to you about lighting. And you're response was "it's about colours FOOL" Now you are calling us douchebags, is that smart conversation to you?
  11. huuru

    Do people hate Pinehurst?

    They? J.J has multiple personas?
  12. Millions of horror genre multiplayer games have daytime setting? and yeah it's not about colours it's about light. Let's talk about dynamic lighting shall we. "While many lighting principles can be borrowed from film and theatre lighting design theories, the interactive nature of games distinguishes them substantially from film and theatre. Game environments are dynamic and unpredictable due to the interactive freedom afforded to users within the world, thus narrative context, users’ positions and perspectives within the gameworld-crucial parameters to the calculation of lighting-cannot be assumed. Therefore, in this article, we argue for the use of dynamic lighting. Dynamic lighting is a type of simulated lighting where lighting calculations are computed in real time. Therefore, using dynamic lighting enables on-the-fly lighting calculations accounting for real-time variations, such as change in game state, narrative, player’s and characters’ positions and camera movement. This practice privileges interaction, emotion and dramatic content, as opposed to the current methods that tend to rely on static lighting to emphasis virtual space"
  13. huuru

    Do people hate Pinehurst?

    OK smart ass. If there's Sheriff's office down the road it becomes automatically a town?
  14. huuru

    Do people hate Pinehurst?

    Camp Forest Green map should be large map that includes the jail/Sheriff's office and Jasons's empty grave. I think they can easily make a map that'll make the difference to the other maps.
  15. huuru

    Do people hate Pinehurst?

    I think there's no bad map in the game at all. Pinehurst and Jarvis House are my favourite. Can't wait the maps from part 6 & 7.
  16. Many multiplayer games have hardcore game modes (no minimaps etc). It's way more fun when you have a choice to choose, whenever you would like to play more casual match or the hardcore version. Jason needs to be more scary anyway, so let's just hope..
  17. What about those ears he looks ridiculous
  18. Will we get new achievements/trophies with this game mode too?
  19. That's true, but how many adults want to put (naked or not) character from game for his/hers wallpaper? Especially when you got such a nice concept art in the game (example loading screens etc)
  20. There are multiple propane tanks around the maps. Would be great if we can pick those up, and then blow them with the flaregun/shotgun..
  21. Speaking of achievements/trophies, really hope that we'll see lots of new cool ones, when the "single player" mode is released
  22. Xbox and on PC you have achievements. First console that had achievements was Xbox 360. Playstation introduced trophies years after that..
  23. Just last night I was hiding, and some idiot comes to me from other side of the map, and pointed me to Jason. So I shot him right there, and I don't feel bad at all he got what he deserves
  24. Yeah, the framerate is pretty low now. Can't stand it
  25. NES Jason was already ridiculous, and ruined the feeling. Now we get to see kids dancing, oh my :/