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  1. That's true, but how many adults want to put (naked or not) character from game for his/hers wallpaper? Especially when you got such a nice concept art in the game (example loading screens etc)
  2. There are multiple propane tanks around the maps. Would be great if we can pick those up, and then blow them with the flaregun/shotgun..
  3. Speaking of achievements/trophies, really hope that we'll see lots of new cool ones, when the "single player" mode is released
  4. Xbox and on PC you have achievements. First console that had achievements was Xbox 360. Playstation introduced trophies years after that..
  5. Just last night I was hiding, and some idiot comes to me from other side of the map, and pointed me to Jason. So I shot him right there, and I don't feel bad at all he got what he deserves
  6. Yeah, the framerate is pretty low now. Can't stand it
  7. NES Jason was already ridiculous, and ruined the feeling. Now we get to see kids dancing, oh my :/
  8. On xbox you can see all of these stats at the gamehub
  9. Tommy: Jason belongs to hell, and I'm gonna put him there, with my shotgun and single bullet!
  10. Played this since release (gametime over 3 days) and found none
  11. One of the dead players could come back as Ralph, and just walk (or ride with bike) around the map and scare people with yelling "you're all doomed".
  12. Black screen is little bit boring, why not put the concept art there with the end credits..
  13. Crazy Ralph should be AI character who randomly appears in the woods, and yells "You're all doomed", then tries to leave with the bike, counsellor could hit him to get the bike, and Jason could of course kill him.
  14. Any news about this? Maybe future DLC?