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  1. I play on random just about always. The last time I got Tiffany, I guess.
  2. And here I thought I was alone in this
  3. I'm surprised this is an issue. Just about every game with level progression leaves the best bits to the last few levels. At the moment, there's nothing to unlock at higher levels. The outfits are absolutely horrid and the last kill is unlocked at 125. That's 25 more levels to go without a proper reward. I've played very irregularly since the October patch and I haven't maxed yet, but I fail to see any reason to do so either now that I have all the kills. I almost wish weapon swapping would unlock at even higher level. On the other hand, I'm also surprised they didn't set it at the previous limit of 101. Maybe they even intend Jason X to unlock before weapon swapping and left him enough room to be implemented later. EDIT: I used to think level progression in a game like this would be useless, but I've changed my mind since. Rewards encourage people to level up and to do so, you'll have to maximize your XP gains. This naturally means you'll have to improve and learn to be a better player. The game (or at least public lobbies) still greatly suffers from players who have no idea how the game works. The leveling progress also keeps players engaged with the game longer and hopefully mends the falling number of players a little.
  4. Generally, the way I see it: - Jason wins if everyone dies (suicides and betrayals count as they are direct consequences of Jason's killing spree). - One or two survivors is a draw.* - Jason loses if there are more than two survivors. It doesn't matter how this is achieved; an escape with the car is just as bad as the match ending in Jason's death. - The counselors can't win as a group, per se. A counselor can reach a personal victory by surviving or deliberately & directly enabling someone else's survival by self-sacrifice. They should still work together to make sure Jason doesn't win. I don't really know why I feel like this, but I guess it fits the source material a bit better and enforces the survival horror aspect over the competitive nature of the game. *(I recall the devs stated this was the sought average for the matches back in the early days. I thought, it'd be safe to interpret it as a draw.) But I hold myself to more demanding standards as Jason. It's not a matter of "I'm better than everyone else"; instead, I simply sport a different, rare (if not non-existent) gamestyle, which I don't expect from others. I don't feel like I've won if everyone didn't get a different kill label. By kill label I mean names of the kills as they appear in the lobby screen at the end of the round. This means everyone has to go with a different kill, naturally, but I also make sure I don't get the same label twice using executions that share their label (such as campfire and fireplace kills, both of which appear as Cooked). I try to avoid "Murdered", too. It doesn't matter if most of the players leave after they die (altering the appearance of the lobby screen), as I still know if I have messed up and repeated a kill. I'm only playing like this for my own amusement, after all.
  5. A little off topic, but I can't resist sharing my route. It's a rough sketch and I haven't played outside offline bots in a while, but this should be it. It has never let me down. I usually start by driving just a little distance into the usual direction to fool Jason into wasting his morph. It should be noted, that most of the players tend to cut their shifts short here, too, as they think there's only one way out of this spot. Thus, it's usually safe to reverse along the beach until you have enough distance to turn the car around, if you haven't done so already. It's a surprisingly fast route and by the time Jason regains his morph, I'm usually already at the southern cabins. It doesn't really matter anyway, since players don't tend to risk another morph cooldown if they can't predict your route and this way is anything but predictable. There are perils, though. When you get to the edge of the map and start going up the hill, there's a narrow passage between some rocks and the border. It's possible to get stuck there, although I've always gotten free in relatively small time. I guess it's possible to go around the rocks but I never had any reason to check. The cabins down south have a lot of small, hard-to-see obstacles around them, but there should be enough room to around both the cabins from any side (it's also a good place to collect more people in). The gaps between the trees are wide (which all of the small maps have in common) so the woods themselves are hardly a threat.
  6. I wish they kept Part 6's fence pole and Savini's trident restricted to their owners. That is, if you selected either weapon for any another Jason, they would use a reskin. Part 6's pole would appear as the spear from Part 2 on any other Jason and Savini's trident would use the pitchfork skin (Part 3). As I understand, both of the alternative skins are already in the game files and we have seen them in the alpha era trailers.
  7. I don’t mind playing against a death squad, usually. It’s a nice challenge. I only have a problem with them if they quit the moment you cut off their chances of success. I’ve had several rounds where 3-4 players quit the moment Tommy or the designated sweater girl was killed. I’ve also had groups quit by simply making it clear I was going to keep the power down from the Tommy-house. As for the counselor rounds, they are a welcome distraction. By the time they die or succeed, I’ve most likely escaped already. I’d take death squads over the more common troll squads any day.
  8. Sure, but I was talking about the horror trope in general, not only within the context of this franchise. Friday the 13th simply doesn't have a perfect mean girl, in my opinion. I should have specified. I agree, Melissa is the better option of the two, but I'd hoped they would design an original character who wasn't constrained by the shortcomings of the two movie characters in representing the trope. I would have preferred an original character based on the trope itself.
  9. She's an improved Jenny and should work well in her role. With such a low speed score, I wouldn't voluntarily get in melee range with Jason (without guaranteed stun or reliable group) but she should be a decent kiter given her luck and stamina. I'm very interested to see how repair 3 functions: the current range of skill checks for repair 2 is 5-10 and for repair 5 it's 4-6. I assume Victoria's is going to be 5-8 but I'm hoping for 4-9 to really see it as an improvement to repair 2. Her stealth is a waste. I'm also very glad to see the Mean Girl trope added to the game. It was the only trope I felt we still needed. However, I am very disappointed we got a Melissa clone. While the character was okay in the movie, she wasn't a perfect representative of the trope. More than that, I'm bothered by the same problem I've had with the other dlc characters: she wasn't an original character. I'd rather have a cast of completely original characters, or alternatively, all of the cast should have been movie imports from the start. I'm not a fan of the mix-and-match cast and while the starting outfits of several of the original characters are nice references to the movies, all of them still feel like their own characters despite the initial resemblance. I've trouble seeing Mitch and now Melissa in the same light, though. Overall, it's terrific to have Victoria join the cast. I'm positive she'll play out better than the very underrated Jenny. She won't be rivaling Vanessa, but might come high enough to be comparable to Chad, at least in QP/solo play, if her repair turns out to be more practical. I hope she brings some variation worth considering to the survivalist game style, that high luck and movability enables and Vanessa & Chad dominate.
  10. Just about everything contributes. I've myself demasked Jason with a flare gun once (headshot, if it makes a difference) and I think someone mentioned they have done so with just firecrackers. The damage from anything but melee is very minimal, though.
  11. I finally got around to making this list of kills and their labels as they appear in the player list at the end of the round. Whenever I play Jason, I've always wanted to ensure everyone gets a unique death scene. This, unfortunately, doesn't always mean that the player list at the end of the round also consists of 8 different kills. There are several labels, which are shared by multiple kills. I find the problem too common and very annoying, so I made a checklist list of all the overlapping kills for everyone else with the same problem. The list is at the end of this post. I've also included a full list of kills and their respective labels for anyone who's interested in them. Every kill and their label have been verified in-game before they were added to the list. (I don't have Savini, so his kills aren't included. If you wish to help, feel free to post the names of the kills exactly as they appear on his character screen, as well as the labels from the in-game player list.) List of all kills: (Labels in italic, every non-unique label bolded) Slashing, traps and knives Murdered Grab Kills Non-Weapon Back Breaker Shattered Bear Hug Hugged to Death Body Slam Crunched Head Rip Snapped Choke Asphyxiated Eye Gouge Gouged Head Crush Crushed Head Punch Decapitated Head Squeeze Squeezed Head Stomp Stomped Heart Punch Brutalized Jaw Rip Jaw Ripped Knee Snap Snapped Neck Twist Cracked Two Handed Choke Asphyxiated Free Kick Kicked Disarm Unarmed Rugby Player Bashed Part 2 Canopener Decapitated Throat Hack Hacked Headbutt Hacked Part 3 Crotch Chop Neutered Head Chop Chopped Stunner Chopped Part 4 Chop Suey Split The Jarvis Hacked Up and Under Chopped Throat Slit Throat Slit Knee Capper Taken Down Slammed and Split Split Part 5 Hedge Trimmer Trimmed Last Breath Skewered You're so Vein Slit Part 6 Knock Down Speared Spear Impale Impaled Shishkebab Shishkebabed Part 7 Eviscerate Eviscerated Dismember Dismembered Matchete Stab Stabbed The Fish Gutter Gutted Candy Dispenser Opened The Pamela Decapitated Part 8 Doubletap Hacked Chin Strike Jaw Ripped Fireaxe Throw Backstabbed Part 9 How to Peel A Coconut Split Open Chest Stab Head Chop Chopped Decapitate Decapitated Context Kills Bench Folded Birdbath Bird Brained Campfire Cooked Door Smashed Drowned Drowned Graveyard Fence Impaled Fireplace Cooked Hang: Clothes Rack Hung Hang: Tree Branch Hung Head Slam* Slammed Hiding Spot: Bed Seek and Destroyed Hiding Spot: Closet Seek and Destroyed Hiding Spot: Tent Sleeping Bagged Knife: Stabbed Ventilated Knife: Throat Slit Cut Open Radio Death By Stereo Screwdriver Screwed Stove Boiled Toilet Swirled Tree Stump Crunched Tree Disarm Pruned Wall: Back Breaker Cracked Wall: Head Punch Brutalized Wall: Head Squeeze Smashed Wall: Head Slam** Smashed Well Pump Pumped Window Tossed *(Furniture, rocks, gravestones and other edges) **(Jason slams the counselor's head in the wall 3 times) Checklist for labels that can recur in the same match: (white for non-weapon grab kills, blue for Jason specific kills and green for context kills) Asphyxiated Choke, Two Handed Choke Brutalized Heart Punch, Wall: Head Punch Chopped Head Chop, Stunner (Part 3) Cooked Campfire, Fireplace Cracked Neck Twist, Wall: Back Breaker Crunched Body Slam, Tree Stump Decapitated Canopener, Decapitate, Head Punch, The Pamela (Parts 2, 7, 9) Hacked Headbutt, Throat Hack (Part 2) Hung Clothes Rack, Tree Branch Impaled Graveyard Fence, Spear Impale (Part 6) Jaw Ripped Chin Strike, Jaw Rip (Part 8) Seek and Destroyed Bed, Closet Smashed Door, Wall: Head Squeeze, Wall: Head Slam Snapped Head Rip, Knee Snap Split Chop Suey, Slammed and Split (Part 4) And finally, this topic isn't about PhD for Murder. The achievement can be discussed here: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/10137-kill-list-updated/
  12. He’s still able to do that but the way Jason’s hit detection works nowadays, it’s extremely hard. Try hitting the fence in combat stance and adjust your distance to the fence if that fails. Interestingly, the counselors now seem to be able to break the fences, too.
  13. I’m surprised by the amount of people who want to change the stun mechanics. They weren’t a problem until Jason’s ability to fight back in combat stance was removed. Shouldn’t we rather concentrate on the original cause instead of messing with a mechanic that has worked alright so far and is likely to cause even more problems if it was changed? Characters like Jenny would be rendered useless and melee couldn’t be used for stamina management even in surprise attacks.
  14. Making the stun chance unreliable would just make window looping the next mainstream stalling tactic. If they just reverted the changes to the hitboxes and combat stance, we’d probably go back to what it was before the October patch. Repairers are unlikely to swarm Jason if his proximity is made into a threat again. We’ll see how effective this grab adjustment turns out to be. As I recall, the pocket knives have been acknowledged as a problem by the devs. I’m pretty sure those are going to be adjusted, too.
  15. Neither luck or strength has ever affected stun chances. You have either had a bad weapon or very bad luck with the hits. Excluding the bugs a while back, the stun chances haven’t gone through changes since day one.