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  1. Sure, they might keep hitting you for a bit but even a not-so-smart group usually figures out they'll just break their weapons. Then they'll switch to blocking, too, waiting for you to do something. You can't really do anything else than leave since your own block has locked you from offensive actions, and to unlock them, you'd have to drop all defenses for a while.
  2. Still stuck on this? I'm gonna quote myself from another topic. I hope it helps! AJ doesn't stick at the party house for long before she makes the trip to the bathrooms again. As far as I'm aware Chad only moves if AJ is stalled. Chad sprints to the toilets so make sure you are close enough if you are using a -shift Jason. I always morph somewhere in the middle of the two locations and wait with Stalk on. Spam sense and once you detect Chad, leave it on and prepare to shift-grab him. If the grab misses, it's a restart.
  3. I sort of hope they'd make him unlock at 101 to make the previous max level somehow significant. I bet it won't be higher than 113, though, so we only have to unlock weapon swapping once.
  4. Consider yourself lucky, I haven't had any luck with traps in the challanges. The AI is able to spot the traps and rebuild their routes if they aren't spooked first. I tried to trap AJ by laying every single trap at the shed door in the 2nd challenge and she responded by circling behind the shed to fix the generator through the wall. Sure. I just wanted to offer an alternative since a lot of folks said it was too fast paced.
  5. It's best to get him outside. Morph a little to the side from his route to the bathroom and spam your sense. Shift grab him before he arrives at the bathrooms.
  6. I usually hang on to them for several reasons. The obvious #1 is trolls. Just too many of them and the amount of damage they can do with a car is unbearable. And as for #2, leaving the keys at the car often just makes it a no-go trap. It attracts the impatient players to come hang around the car and Jason follows them there right after. They usually don't have half a brain and they refuse to leave the car for the fear of being left behind. So, they keep running circles around the car (usually unarmed) and expect Jason to somehow ignore the potential driver starting the car. Jason usually kills them one by one and before you know it, you are the lone survivor and Jason knows where the keys are. #3, I don't trust the driving skills of others. A lot of drivers can't seem to manage a straight road on Quick Play. I'm a somewhat talented off-roader myself and I know it's uncommon to find a better driver in a random lobby. I admit I'm a little self centered in this, but I do my best to compensate by making sure I pick up everybody I possibly can. Unless it's one of those Jasons you simply don't mess with, I usually dally long enough on the map to fill every seat or to enable someone to call the police.
  7. There's really no need to rush it. AJ visits the bathroom very frequently. If you stay and wait for Kenny at the beer house, it doesn't really matter where you kill Buggzy. You can stab him in the kitchen and wait for Kenny to arrive. Use Sense to figure out which door he uses (both Kenny and Buggzy may change their regular routes if the AI detects an open door) and ambush him from inside the kitchen just as he is about to enter. You can then get the objective with the fridge for Kenny, too. Morph to the toilets and wait a minute. AJ comes back surprisingly fast. Hide in one of the stalls or outside and kill her when she gets near the mirror. The kill can be executed by grabbing and carrying her to the mirror, too. You can wait for Chad at the bathroom or morph to his cabin. He'll exit his cabin right after you arrive there and starts running for the bathroom. Shift grab him and end him however you like outside a good distance away from the toilets. I've had him spot AJ through a window. Proceed with rest of @Alien_Number_Six's guide. Both Vanessa and Deb stay at their locations if you do not interfere, so take whoever you like out first.
  8. The new animation and sound effect are pure awesome but the change really messed up shift grabbing in online matches. I’m certain everything will be back to normal, at least for me, in a few more days of getting used to it.
  9. I can't decide which one I like the least... The pickaxe has the worst kills, the spear is awful for melee (love the kills, though) and the shears look awful intact. Personally, I'll most likely drop the shears and the pickaxe.
  10. Survivalist, defender, kiter. Take your pick! EDIT: As with other luck characters, she'll be very versatile. Even with her low speed, she should be an excellent sweater girl/defender in a group. She also has the option to help the team as a distracting kiter. Or she can completely forget about her team in those quick play lobbies where nobody gets anything done and work on the objectives by herself. Just keep track of the objective parts and yoink them when they appear on the map; her stamina should cover even the longer distances. We'll see if her repair remains as reliable as Repair 2 is (the worst scenario would be that she has a faster repair time with just as small skill checks). Her luck should also make her fairly immune to broken windows so you could just as easily ditch the objectives completely and go for outlasting the night.
  11. I guess she's a viable alternative to Chad. Her lack in speed is compensated with high stamina and the ability to wear the sweater. I guess a lot will depend on how repair 3 works, too. At repair 2 repairing is slow and the minimum of skillchecks is 5, at repair 5 the speed is twice as fast and there are at least 4 skill checks. I'd rather take a slow repair speed with fewer checks than high speed with more checks. She won't surpass Vanessa in (mobility &) luck based game styles but might rival Chad as a good 2nd.
  12. I play on random just about always. The last time I got Tiffany, I guess.
  13. I'm surprised this is an issue. Just about every game with level progression leaves the best bits to the last few levels. At the moment, there's nothing to unlock at higher levels. The outfits are absolutely horrid and the last kill is unlocked at 125. That's 25 more levels to go without a proper reward. I've played very irregularly since the October patch and I haven't maxed yet, but I fail to see any reason to do so either now that I have all the kills. I almost wish weapon swapping would unlock at even higher level. On the other hand, I'm also surprised they didn't set it at the previous limit of 101. Maybe they even intend Jason X to unlock before weapon swapping and left him enough room to be implemented later. EDIT: I used to think level progression in a game like this would be useless, but I've changed my mind since. Rewards encourage people to level up and to do so, you'll have to maximize your XP gains. This naturally means you'll have to improve and learn to be a better player. The game (or at least public lobbies) still greatly suffers from players who have no idea how the game works. The leveling progress also keeps players engaged with the game longer and hopefully mends the falling number of players a little.
  14. Generally, the way I see it: - Jason wins if everyone dies (suicides and betrayals count as they are direct consequences of Jason's killing spree). - One or two survivors is a draw.* - Jason loses if there are more than two survivors. It doesn't matter how this is achieved; an escape with the car is just as bad as the match ending in Jason's death. - The counselors can't win as a group, per se. A counselor can reach a personal victory by surviving or deliberately & directly enabling someone else's survival by self-sacrifice. They should still work together to make sure Jason doesn't win. I don't really know why I feel like this, but I guess it fits the source material a bit better and enforces the survival horror aspect over the competitive nature of the game. *(I recall the devs stated this was the sought average for the matches back in the early days. I thought, it'd be safe to interpret it as a draw.) But I hold myself to more demanding standards as Jason. It's not a matter of "I'm better than everyone else"; instead, I simply sport a different, rare (if not non-existent) gamestyle, which I don't expect from others. I don't feel like I've won if everyone didn't get a different kill label. By kill label I mean names of the kills as they appear in the lobby screen at the end of the round. This means everyone has to go with a different kill, naturally, but I also make sure I don't get the same label twice using executions that share their label (such as campfire and fireplace kills, both of which appear as Cooked). I try to avoid "Murdered", too. It doesn't matter if most of the players leave after they die (altering the appearance of the lobby screen), as I still know if I have messed up and repeated a kill. I'm only playing like this for my own amusement, after all.
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