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  1. That was Pamela's motivation. Jason kills for his mother. Pamela's death triggered Jason to start killing. He is first motivated by revenge. He hunts Alice down and makes her murder rather personal: he brings his mother's head with him. He either wants Pamela to see the kill or he wants Alice to realize what she has done. However, Jason's motivation for the murders seems to shift after Alice's death. Every kill and murder spree that come after are more sacrificial, rather than vengeful. He is now trying to satisfy/feed Pamela's wrath or he is simply looking for her approval. After all, he builds a shrine for his mother, not a grave, which means he is, for the lack of a better word, worshiping her one way or other. It should also be noted that when Ginny masquerades as Pamela, Jason is expecting a reward for what he has done. Throughout the series it appears any kill is a sufficient sacrifice as he kills adults and teens alike. He even goes after a child in Part 4. As others have said, the only reason he didn't kill the kids in Part 6 is that he had other priorities.
  2. Why, though? Strength is useless unless the group is attempting to demask and kill Jason, and even then Tommy has it covered.
  3. Boy Next Door Counsler

    Yeah, I agree. We also have Adam who was first introduced to us as a nice guy who defends the bullied kids.
  4. To be honest, I'm against importing characters straight from the movies to the game. I'd rather have completely new character designs, which represent horror tropes as whole rather than particular characters from one particular movie. For example, a lot of people, myself included, want an Alpha Bitch added to the cast. Everyone seems to be dead-set on having Melissa be that girl, but I think she's a rather incomplete representation of her trope. Crazy Ralph is the only exception I can think of, though. I wouldn't mind having him join the cast. I guess he should be a low speed/high stamina (he's a long-distance cyclist, after all) character who would have "We are all doomed!" as a combat cry/start of the round line. If we didn't have Adam, who's very similar to them, I'd have suggested one of the greasers from the beginning of Part 5, just to get someone I could fully relate to.
  5. Even though I miss-clicked on the vote, I really like Part 4. The pressure he's able to inflict on the counselors is amazing. He can take buildings down fast and he can deny the counselors of their stamina breaks fairly easily. Since I never relied on the traps to be anything more than a backup alarm system, I'm only affected by the shift weakness. For the most part it's just a very minor annoyance (combined with the recent grab changes), as it make shift-grabs a little more challenging. The weakness feels severe only against moving cars, but his fast-paced gameplay usually ensures none get started in the first place. He also has (DLC included) several of the best kills in the game, in my opinion. While I think Part 8 has more flexibility and is better balanced over all, the rushy gameplay of Part 4's just might make him my favorite. The counselors get a free stun every time Jason rages through a door. Jason is locked to the animation but isn't immune to stuns during it. Experienced counselors will take advantage of this at every door & breakable wall if they notice Jason actually uses the rage charge. As for the traps, three per game should be more than sufficient with proper objective management. Keep rotating the objectives, don't give in to tunneling and try to predict where the counselors are going by keeping track of sightings and the noise pings.
  6. Stealth only affects noise. The only benefit it has is silent jogging. Sense is only affected by fear and the two characters don’t have any advantages over the other when it comes to fear management. Also, Vanessa’s luck shouldn’t be ignored. Not only does it give her more stuns (through weapon durability) but also considerably diminishes damage dealt by broken windows (essential if you aim to survive the 20 minutes) and she even receives other little bonuses like lowered chance of stumbling, as well. She’s the perfect kiter, defender and solo survivalist. Luck also speeds up car starts nowadays, making Vanessa one of the only characters who should risk starting the car in combat. Vanessa also has the minimum of 5 skill-checks in repairs; Tiffany has at least 6.

    The advertising has been centered so heavily around the counselors, I'm not expecting another counselors vs. Jason mode. It has to be counselors vs. counselors. That being said, I really wish it's a "one of you is the killer" type of mode but I'm not sure how that could work. Paranoia alone won't stop the counselors from teaming-up and looking safety from numbers. How could the killer kill anyone equal if they are in a group? I'm expecting something like the game Ship. Everyone has a target and the goal is simply to kill your own target and evade your hunter.
  8. Where are you getting that from? You can sense everyone within the same neighborhood at zero fear even before you unlock shift. Besides, reaching those fear levels without Jason's presence isn't at all realistic. You'd have to be limping, diving multiple windows or tanking traps.
  9. Tiffany buff

    This misconception has to die. Strength and luck have nothing to do with stun chance.
  10. Great list! For being the killer's lair, Jason's shack sure is a little boring when it comes to context kills. Thankfully, now there are some kills (cloth hanger and a few generic wall kills) while it used to be it had none. I'm going to quote a suggestion of mine from an older post, regarding the shack. I really wish the shack had more unique kills that left bodies on display around and inside it to make the area more darker. Also, the two main houses in Jarvis map are still in a great need of more context kills. I wish they added a little more to those locations.
  11. As an alternative to OP's minimap suggestion, I'd rather have the minimap stay as it is, but I'd remove the counselor markers until you get a radio. Even then, you'd only see counselors who also have a radio. We could pretend the counselors are actively updating their statuses, although this would happen "off-screen". I'd tie the objective markers to the same mechanic as well: if a counselor had a radio when they dropped a part, it'd only then be shown on the map for other counselors with radios. If the counselor didn't have radio when they dropped an item, but finds one later, the part would be updated on the map as long as nobody else moved it. Alternatively, if someone on the other end picks up a radio at a later time, he'd still get the locations of every dropped item so far (let's pretend the others update him on the parts, too).
  12. The most important thing for counselor gameplay is to recognize when to give up on an objective and turn to survival mode instead. Only 5+ repair characters should do combat repairs and only with a defender or ranged stuns. Don't take unnecessary risks. Don't try to start a car in combat unless you have high luck and a long stun/defenders on Jason, either. Tunneling isn't a mistake only Jasons do, counselors do it all the time. People start to huddle the cars once the parts are there and they refuse to leave the vicinity of a stopped car even when they have no more weapons. Surviving the 20 minutes is a viable goal even for the low stamina characters and you should turn to it when the objectives eventually become deathtraps. Luck is the most important stat for survivability (reduced damage from broken windows, weapon durability) but you can compensate for low (/or greatly boost) luck with Medic perk. The perk lets you use sprays twice and those are usually easy to come by. Prepare houses from the beginning: barricade doors and open the windows you see yourself most likely to use. Trap the barricaded doors if you have the time and traps easily available. Don't bother locking doors without barricades: you'll want to use them again and again if Jason is foolish enough to simply open them. Always manage your stamina: that is, never sprint unless you are dodging a shift. Climb the windows as often as possible. The animation lets you regain stamina, it's faster and you have more control over your character. The key to wasting Jason's time is to keep him inside the buildings as much as possible: he's at his slowest indoors. Abuse every door and unbroken window (no, I don't mean window looping. Keep the locations of unbroken windows in mind and use those as often as you can to move from cabin-to-cabin or even room-to-room) in a cabin. Always drag your exit from a cabin to the latest possible moment (Jason enters the room) and make sure you make your exit from the farthest available point from the front doors. This way you can force Jason to take a long walk or waste a morph/shift cooldown. If you get a single vhs effect after exiting a cabin, it most likely means he hit stalk or uses shift indoors to lure you back in. Two vhs effects usually means he morphed outside and hit shift; it may very well be safe to get back in. Never jump through a broken window, as even with luck, you always take the full damage. That being said, use sprint if you have to get enough lead on Jason to first open the window and only then climp/jump in. Stay withing a cabin cluster/linked cabins and don't make long runs to the next neighborhood if you aren't playing a stamina character. Even a busted cabin offers safety from shift while you stop to regain stamina (stand up and keep the flashlight on for the maximized regain. Enter the cabins through windows far away from the broken doors). Try to waste Jason's shifts outside to ensure you can safely take a stamina breather inside a broken cabin and keep hitting the "look behind" key to keep Jason on your map and to see if you have to dodge a knife. Melee weapons are stronger than the ranged due to you being able to use them several times. You'll want to use the baseball bat > wrench, kitchen weapons > axe, wooden weapons. Matchete is your worst choice along with the fire-poker. Don't look for a fight actively. You can try ambushing Jason from behind a corner, but I wouldn't recommend it without a knife. Remember that a Jason who uses rage charge through the doors gives you a free stun: he's locked to the animation but doesn't have stun immunity. If you find yourself using a ranged weapon, never stop to aim. Instead, run in a straight line and manually turn your camera around (PC players: don't use R, use your mouse). Center the camera on Jason and hit aim and shoot successively; Jason won't have time to maneuver out of your line and the aim/shot lands automatically to where you centered the camera.
  13. Composure has nothing to do with sense radius. Only the fear level matters and flashlight keeps fear at zero just the same for everyone.
  14. It doesn't matter. Jason can equally sense everyone by the time he is done with trapping. Break a power box and he can do so even earlier. Composure's effects on sense detection are a minor hindrance of no real value as they are gone by the time the round actually starts.
  15. The only worthwhile benefit of stealth is silent jogging. It unlocks at 9 and Deborah has it, too. AJ's stealth becomes noticeably superior only with a high level Lightfoot perk, as she can reach silent sprinting with it. However, the difference between repair of 7 and 10 is much more noticeable. AJ has one or two more quick-time challenges per repair. Thus, Deborah's combat repairing is also more reliable. And finally, Deborah has higher luck. Luck has some great, yet underrated, benefits for repairers. Most importantly, you can start the cars faster, defend your team mates more reliably (weapon durability) and use broken windows without so much damage. Neither of the characters aren't runners so your best chance of stalling Jason (until a sound-cue summons him away) is using the same close by cabins for cover, even if Jason has completely busted them already. The window benefit is essential here to minimize your exposure to the outdoors and shift, and you can use every single door in a cabin to stall Jason even if the rooms' only windows are already broken. Deborah is upgraded version of AJ due to her equal stealth, superior repair and her increased survivability. She's a top choice for repair characters and the best choice for stealth & repair combo.