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  1. Yeah you're right ! I never thought of it that way tbh. I always thought that i had to escape every time or i sucked . Right now im playing AJ Mason because she has stealth all the way up , good composure and her repair is pretty good also. Either way tho im loving the game ! thanks for the reply man
  2. So first off let me just say im loving this game. This game is amazing ! Been waiting for it for a while now !(excuse grammar also) But im thinking maybe jason is to op ? So at the moment im playing alone and it seems like im doing everything myself. Im finding the car batterys , keys , and gas tank all myself and as im running to go put the car battery into the car i notice that there is a trap ! i spent 4 minutes trying to see if i can disable it and i could not ! So i was forced to get caught in the trap free myself heal up and then install the battery ! I mean cmon they should make it so we can disable traps . Also once jason grabs you he kills you ? I was going to go start a match and literally as i enter the match i spawn in the big lodge , and jason just so happens to teleport there and literally within 3 minutes of the match he grabs me and kills me. Is it because of the character i have or is jason just really op ? Idk am i being a baby about things or does anyone agree ??
  3. those are one of the errors i cant seem to upload the other one for some reason. but the other one is the exact same except it says MSVCP140.dll was not found.
  4. Hey guys so i came here to this forum because im at a last resort, so ive been playing Friday the 13th just fine up until yesterday. I was running windows 7 with the rx480 gpu , then i installed windows 10 with a gtx1080 and when i went to install friday the 13th everytime i tried to play id get 3 summercamp.exe errors. I dont know what to do and im really trying to play ! PLEASE HELP
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