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  1. Hello starting a Ps4 game message me at Shadow_gamer006 if u like to join
  2. I keep getting Booted from party it kinda sucks because u sit there and wait for the next game and u are out also u didnt get any xp for the time u was in the room
  3. we got 3 more spots to fill message me if u all wanna join the slaughter Psn is Shadow_gamer006
  4. Hello Jason fans we are starting a game we got 3 need 5 more come in the lake and join us if you dare.. players must have working Mic and stable net to join my Psn is Shadow_gamer006 We are full at this time
  5. Hello i am setting up a Page for all Ps4 players looking for a party to join us to play. I do a Live Stream for the game while we play click the link to follow me https://www.twitch.tv/shadow_gamer006 and join this also help while we are full u can watch and maybe get a spot when it opens. Our Play times vary day to day we mainly play during the week maybe some weekends. Our play time are CST so keep that in mind also rules of the chat is everyone must have a working mic and a very stable internet to join us. Our chat is very Mature so enter at you own risk you can Friend Request me now if you like to join our club just add a message saying i seen your post would like to join the club. My Psn is Shadow_gamer006 Message me and friend me if u wanna join spots fill up fast so first come get in also hit that link i live stream all the time u can join me there and if we get a spot u can join there as well see all at Camp Crystal Lake
  6. starting a game got 3 need 5 more to play with us. Player must have a working mic be friendly in the chat we are here all to have fun and enjoy the game. you can reach me at my Psn- Shadow_gamer006 Update- got 5 need 3 more please
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