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  1. People have their own common sense and the ability to keep tabs on where the other counsellors are and make mental notes of their last known locations, which is why I think markers are not needed. As a counsellor I escaped/survived around 50% of the time when I passed 113 rounds completed as a counsellor, (can't track that anymore because the rounds completed counter for badges stops at 113) so I can't honestly get behind anything that helps counsellors at the moment. If people are not escaping/surviving anywhere near 50% (that's too high imo - I don't even consider myself to be particularly good at getting away from Jason when he finds me) I would recommend they rethink their strategy or play style. I don't mean to sound cold, but if I can survive that much, it is proof that it can be done and anyone can, probably even more. It is up to how you play as a counsellor honestly, but no additional help of any kind is currently needed for counsellors.
  2. We get it - it's not an exact marker just an approximation- the fear element is from being in a life threatening situation and is heightened by not having a clear idea of what should be done next. As far as the scream from seeing a body - if Jason happens to be close enough to hear it, it's still likely that there is more than one body that could be causing a scream and not all that risky - I can't remember a single time I have found a body and felt like Jason showed up right away due to my scream revealing where I was. Not saying it hasn't happened, just that if it has, it was not obvious or I just don't remember - defiantly almost every time my character screamed, nothing happened. * edit also forgot to mention if you check your map frequently (I do) to plan your next move, other counsellors positions will factor into your decision making, and you will notice things like "hey, I went to check this cabin because someone was already checking the cabins west of the bridge, and now I don't see anyone that could have been there a moment ago - perhaps they died around those cabins west of the bridge"
  3. +1 littlemonkey- I'm all out of likes for today or I would be giving your last 2 posts each a like I think not knowing where or even roughly where someone died adds to the suspense and can make one second guess themselves as to weather they should be searching cabins or looking for bodies in the woods. It is something that can raise a players irl fear level, which is a good thing due to rarity. Should be left as is. On a side note - I love these people who assume if you don't agree with them then the only possible explanation is that you must not have read their post - clearly, right?
  4. Wait - you're saying people who fight Jason normally die? Wtf? I thought if you fight Jason it means he has little chance to kill you? * edit Nvm I realized I read wrong - I'll admit it's been over 10-15 years since I saw a f13 movie other than bits and pieces of Jason x when it's been on tv - I just remember everyone dies besides the last 1-2 people who barely escape - and people running away, Jason walking after, only to wind up in front of them and then it's axe/machete time. I had the same swinging through targets as Jason when playing with some brits where my ping was 200+ ms. Lag causes strange issues like that and it doesn't help being p2p when the host has a bad conn or is halfway around the world. The combat system, I think, was not anticipated that people would think it's a good idea to fight Jason in the first place.
  5. Yup - every attack Jason does should have a counter from the counsellors - haven't you guys noticed what badasses the counsellors always are in the movies? I really think if someone gets grabbed they should just have a mini game like repairing things but with only 1 big timing press to hit, and then Jason should get kicked in the nuts so hard that he is automatically teleported back to his shack for 5 min to ice em down.
  6. Agreed - it seems some people want Jason to stay in his shack with a foam nerf axe, and if he ever gets the courage to come out and grabs someone he should instantly be kicked In the balls so hard that he is forced to teleport back and ice down the jewels for 5 min.
  7. Yeah I understand - other than ping though, all these end up keeping someone occupied for some time - who would care about a temp mm ban while they are on the way to the er or grocery store or otherwise called away? As far as bad connections - it had a pretty bad connection (not unplayable - it was around 200ms, iirc) while playing a pvt match with a bunch of brits (I'm in us) but to my mind, in between rounds is the time to leave, not during - for the sake of your fellow counsellors if nothing else.
  8. Well host migration would be great and all, and we definitely need it, but I agree there should be a penalty for quitting weather host or not - I would even say 30 min or more no mm. If someone left because they had to do something or the power went out, this should not bother them as they will presumably be occupied or unable to play. There could be a system in place to tell if someone selected the quit option or not but a disconnect is not too hard to fake so idk how realistic that is to rely on. What needs to be prevented is people joining as many games as it takes and quitting until they are Jason. When someone does this, it puts the remaining counsellors at a disadvantage as far as parts gathering plus less distractions and frees up Jason to focus on fewer remaining counsellors, and should in fact be penalized in some way. Temp mm ban seems like it would be effective.
  9. There's lots of times when all 3 car parts have been picked up and being installed on the car in under about 20-30 sec so no, not a good idea imo
  10. Counter to Jason's grab = run. Remember these are high school kids. Even bugsy with all his strength looks like he weighs about 180 lb soaking wet. I do not understand how a 7' 300lb inhuman psycho should have much trouble ripping that head off if he gets ahold of them. People need to start realizing skill will only take you so far as a counsellor and a lot of luck (not the stat) is needed to make an escape. This issue has been gone over many times and the answer is simply 1) run 2) prey 3) maybe your death will not be in vein.
  11. Yea these are post patch issues - I've been having the exact same things plus not being able to connect to private matches - getting some error for that - i made a bug report on the quick play but I wanted to get the exact error text before making another bug report for private invites
  12. Yea you can tell already on the 1st one that she's a bit of a nutjob XD
  13. Yeah it doesn't have to be 30 sec - just enough time see if your there and to pick up your controller
  14. It's 2 dead/escaped for PS4 but yea just keep cycling until it gets accepted and add people as they die to the cycle list if it's still not been taken
  15. Yea not a bad idea at all - maybe even more simple/easy would be if you get selected to be tommy you could have say 30 sec to accept? That way afk wouldn't be an issue - only downside is loosing some time if one or more tommies are afk - so maybe have this as a secondary measure on top of a menu select like prefer tommy y/n
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