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  1. I like it, you've obviously put some effort into creating backgrounds for these characters and it's intetesting to see how people view them. Even when playing I find myself attributing characteristics and traits to characters but that's dependant on how the players are playing the characters. Hmm, guess we'll be seeing fan fic stories soon.
  2. Glad my free time isn't wasted.

    Same for me Tiffany. By the way, do you still tour malls singing "I think we're alone now" and getting into fights with Debbie Gibson?
  3. When did F13 end?

    You could always do it as a fan fic? Are there any F13th fan fics posted here?
  4. F13 original artwork

    Haven't done any art in a long time, but my avatar and profile banner thing are some of mine. They were done a very long time ago though, back when PS2 reigned supreme.
  5. F13 original artwork

    Ahh, I see. Anyways, nice art man. Got a piece of advice once from a comics great, he told me to vary my ink lines thickness more to make the image really pop, worked wonders for my art.
  6. Chad Kensington - Guide Series

    Thanks! I prefer getting stuck into the action over hiding and always carry a bat so guess I'll be attacking Jason more. Which is weird because my instinct is to run off and give the big old son of a gun the slip.
  7. Chad Kensington - Guide Series

    Nice guide. Would you consider doing a guide for Jenny? I'm still not sure I'm using her right. Basically, I focus on fixing the four seater, or alternately the two seater or boat. Will team with others when the opportunity presents itself. But with randoms, you just never know what to expect.
  8. Takes time. At first I was getting frustrated at the lack of tapes I was finding. So, instead I just focused on playing the game and eventually (just recently actually) got them all. Still no Tommy tapes though, not a single one so far.
  9. Really hate those kinds of players. Recently went to drive the four seater, some random guy screamed at me to let him drive. Being fairly laid back, I let him, hoping he was a good driver and was gonna drive round picking other players up. Instead, he drove around killing the other players, luring them toward the car. Bottom line, assholes gonna be assholes I guess. In the suggestions forum we were talking about xp bonuses for Tommy as an incentive for rewarding good Tommy play. Something to consider maybe.
  10. ZX Spectrum Jason or we riot!
  11. Where is everybody from...

    The Emerald Isle of Ireland, home of the warrior poets, the saints and scholars, where the grass is green, the sky is blue and the craic is mighty.
  12. Isn't that... a banable offense?
  13. Latest Horror Movie You Watched?

    Does the Flatliners remake count? It was awful by the way.
  14. F13 original artwork

    Don't wanna be "that guy" but... is this a 3D render? I've worked in 3D and know a little something about this stuff. For instance, I can see the polygons in Jasons pitchfork. Just saying...
  15. Was thinking recently about which movie in the series I changed from the counselors side to Jasons. And actually, I figured it was part II. Killing Alice at the start in such a lame way and then bringing in all these new characters? I was like, screw those guys!
  16. Yeah, it happens a lot. When joining a random lobby you have no idea what to expect from other players so I naturally gravitate toward self reliance. I will absolutely play a team role if the option is there. But more often than not, it's lone wolf it or die.
  17. Much as I want to get Jenny out of those 70's patterned polo shirts, Clueless is more 90's fashion than 80's which is the games time period.
  18. Christine, Killer Car

    Understand you're trying to be helpful and appreciate it, but maybe just pull it back a little? Not a criticism, just a friendly suggestion.
  19. Like someone else said, as Jenny (with repair bonus perk) I don't need any help to get the car going. That said, if there's a fixer there at the time I'll let them do it. And if I can help someone (slower characters) escape Jason somehow, I will. Lol, though that doesn't always work out too well for me. But yeah, Eric is just fodder from what I've seen.
  20. Christine, Killer Car

    Yeah, it's pointless and not funny but it happens. Some people are just dicks. When it happens I just quit and move on.
  21. They couldn't get the license to Freddy vs Jason, the idea that they could get the Halloween, Nightmare and Chucky licenses only to completely waste them on costumes for counselors is highly unlikely. So, nah...
  22. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Yeah, totally. "Oh my God Tommy, it was only Deborah! It's not like he killed anyone that mattered." Not sure Melissa is a "bitchy" enough name for her though. I would lol so hard if her name was Chanel.
  23. Seperate forums