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  1. I play with no music on every game it adds to the challenge of playing as counselor.
  2. Thing with people policeing themselves is the fact anyone can edit a video or screenshot to what ever they want to get people banned, humans need 1 thing in life thats chaos if no chaos we look for it. That being said the whole email proof is broken,and ban players doesn't work.
  3. I don't think i've ever seen a jason rage quit on the PS4, more or less its a a lost connection to sever or a blue screen which closes the game. So don't think for second that you made a Jason rage quit unless your glitching or cheating.Now the kill animation i've seen alot but most want to play as Jason, so they leave because your jason.
  4. Why in gods name are you letting your daughter play this game. At this rate your just fueling the fire. Bad parenting on your part so instead lets follow every other troll and put our kids on the game to get players banned.
  5. I believe if your going to ban 2 people for sexual harassment then you better have proof.Also i agree he should get banned, but my problem with this mess is the TOS for no one under the age of 13 yet devs have openly stated the kid was 12 thats a ban. Also just because the women know the devs they shouldn't be throwing Gun's name in any threating ways we will have you ban bullshit. I have read everything before i posted, i believe that all party's are in the wrong the 2 women and 12 year old along with the other 2 should all be banned since both party's violated the TOS.As how gun handled this problem shows me that they do play favouritismjust my 2 cents.
  6. No and yes. If your a big youtuber you get free passes on bans or know the devs personally.
  7. 3 and 4 is 70% of the player base on the PS4 or just want to ruin your game by holding the fuse and keys. Also seen players swin and drop said keys and fuse in the water,which its then glitched same with battery's and gas.
  8. The word the banned player used he should be banned,i know alot of streamers youtubers that play and yet if you say swear words or racial words streamers can get banned off twitch. Question is why hasn't big youtubers that post videos of them glitching still not banned?
  9. I play on the PS4 and i'm just taking abreak for new content maps mostly ,besides the fact of every match i play in its team killers, jason teams little kids that die first as host and leaves.So for me the games unplayable even in private matches this shit happens so i just said fuck it till gun allows the team killers and jason teams a ban then i won't be back on it.
  10. I play jason to have fun, i play with my victims first before they die a horribly death i never go for an easy kill i'll play ring around the rosey with them, i'll chase them i'll help them find things or just chase them for 20 mins without killing anyone.
  11. I only trap the fuse box i'm not a bad jason just see no point in wasting traps on cars or boats, if they escape thats fine i have fun either way.
  12. Why do you guys need to post glitches any where send them to the devs,not post this crap on the internet for the fucking trolls. PS i hope you get banned for posting it and saying your going to recreate it.
  13. You have to be the one removing the mask 13 times.
  14. Killing jason is not that difficult,its rather easy if you have good group that know how to play.
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