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  1. Personally, I love this game. I haven't played another video game since release. I am looking forward to Gun Media releasing more content like Maps and characters and stuff.
  2. You must not know, but some players spend thousands of dollars on their favorite game through DLC paid content. Maybe you think it's crazy, but it's their money and if it makes them happy, good for them.
  3. I am a huge Friday the 13th fan, and I played the crap out of my NES version of it when I was a little kid in the late 80s and early 90s before the SNES came out. I am a huge gamer too, having owned almost every single major console.......My dad bought me an ATARI 2600 in the mid-80s, to the NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Game Gear handheld, Gameboy, Nintendo 64, PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3, and now PS4. And you can add PC onto that list, starting with my first PC game in 1996 called BattleCity, and then Warcraft 2, Quake, Starcraft, and the world's first MMO - NexusTK The Kingdom of the Winds (it's still running today). Counter-Strike back in it's hey day in early 2000s, World of Warcraft, Diablo series, dude....... I've played almost everything. You can say I've been a big gamer my entire life. The only reason I even found out about this game is because about 2-3 weeks before release, I was playing Grand Theft Auto Online with friends, in a party chat doing Pacific Standard Heist, and ONE of them told me about this game. I put my controller down and immediately looked up this game on my tablet. And here I am. This is the only reason I ever heard about this game, and by then it was too late. I don't see what the problem is. If I was a backer, I wouldn't care if Gun Media makes some extra money by letting others buy the skin. I'm serious. More money means they have the funds to continue to develop DLC for us.
  4. It is not different. The GTA 4 Lost and Damned DLC was marketed as a 360 Exclusive to the public. Did I get upset when 1 year later, the PS3 people could play it? No. This was an accident. You aren't going to be hurt because a few more people have the skin. Be happy that Gun Media made some money today.
  5. History lesson. Grand Theft Auto IV : The Lost and the Damned DLC. The game was first released as a download on Xbox Live on February 17, 2009 as an "Xbox 360 exclusive" But it was a TIMED exclusive. After a certain amount of time, Playstation users got to play it too. http://gta.wikia.com/wiki/The_Lost_and_Damned I am happy that Gun Media was able to make more money, even if it was an accident.
  6. You still have your skin. You can still use your Savini skin. How are you being "shit on" ? You didn't lose access to the things you were given.
  7. Your reward was getting to fund a small indie game to bring this game to life so you can play it.
  8. You would think the backers lost their access to the Skin or something. You still have the Skin. Your "reward" was backing development to see this game come into existence. And now you can play it. It doesn't affect you in any way if other people have the skin. Your skin still works. Gun Media can make more money to help to continue to develop this game's future DLC. I mean really.
  9. This is my issue with this whole Savini skin too. I am a huge Friday the 13th fan, and I love this game..... but I NEVER heard about this game until last month. I have a life. I have a job. Why the hell does Gun Media think I should have known about it just because they sent twitters and facebook posts? The only reason I even found out about this game is because I was playing Grand Theft Auto Online last month.... and I was in a party chat with some friends doing the Pacific Standard Heists....... and one of them mentioned this game was coming out in a couple of weeks and they were psyched for it and they wanted me to play with them in their party. As soon as he said that, I put my PS4 controller down, grabbed my Samsung tablet, and looked this game up. Immediately was like, heck yeah!!! And here I am. 90% of my Friends list on PS4 didn't even know this game existed last week when I launched it for the first time on PS4. One of them asked me where they could buy it. I convinced 3 friends of mine to buy it, based simply on a cool screenshot I took of Jason choking a counselor. Why on earth I will never be able to use the Savini skin simply because I didn't know about this game..... it's not like Gun Media = BioWare or Blizzard or something.... they are a small upstart indie company making their first game. Some people found out about it, most people didn't. I don't see what would be so terrible about selling the Skin for a lot more than $6 dollars. The backers bought it for $6...... so sell it for $20 or something. The backers still got a deal...... I really don't understand this desire to feel special for having a toy that others can't play with.
  10. Take it from me, as I've took the "Ring around the rosy" strategy to the next level. The way for Jason to beat this strategy is to simply choose ONE direction, and go and never stop. Eventually, the counselor will run out of stamina and be caught. But if you try to "juke them" by switching directions or cutting them off or something clever, then you give the counselor time to stop and refill stamina...... If you don't like this answer because it takes too much time...... then the only faster way to catch them is by being really good at Shift-Grab.
  11. It's probably a super rare spawn INSIDE of Jason's house. Where you get his mom's sweater.
  12. IMO, it is worth every penny. I love this game so far. I've already put many hours into it.
  13. Made my first video for you guys, one of the longest escapes I've done so far. I have another one with Tommy Jarvis in which I escape for a long time too, and I take Jason's mask off during the escape, but i haven't uploaded it.
  14. Perfectly stated. I'd pick a guy like Bugsy, then equip the More Stamina while near a Radio perk, and 2 other good perks, and then intentionally attract Jason to that radio.... and frustrate the crap out of him while everyone else escapes.
  15. Yeah, no. You're not a special snowflake. You backed a game and got compensated for it, but Gun Media has no obligation to keep it exclusive just so you can feel like a special snowflake. $25 in the store. The skin will still be rare, as only the biggest fans of the game will buy it. The devs need the money too. Win win. Backers can't cry about it because they got it for cheap.
  16. You guys got it for $6..... ok, so sell it on the store for $25. This helps the dev team get more money, and everyone is well compensated. You got a $25 skin for $6 for being a backer. The rest of us get to buy it and support the devs. I never heard about this game until last month. No reason to punish me for not being "in the know", I would have backed this game too. That is not fair. Problem solved.
  17. If you give ALL Counselors more EXP based on how many Counselors escape...... then you fix the following problems : - If Jason is chasing me, then I will happily distract Jason and stall for as long as I can to help the others escape. I will get more Points this way....... because as it is now, being chased by Jason and distracting for everyone else is a waste of my time. I'm going to die anyway since it's impossible to escape a good Jason...... and I get no benefit by stalling Jason to help everyone else. - This opens up a new strategy - "DISTRACT COUNSELOR"..... which is someone who picks a Counselor with high speed and stamina, and equips good Perks..... and purposefully makes a lot of noise to attract Jason and then tries to waste Jason's time as much as he can to help everyone else escape. The more people who escape, more points the Distractor and the survivors get.
  18. I think Savini Jason should be up for sale for anyone who wants to buy him, but at a premium price. The backers of this game got him for free, so they still benefited.
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