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  1. I was referring to groups being able to troll Jason. Useless they change how weapon stats work but that's never going to happen. They could easily balance blocking Jason's grab though.
  2. I'm not asking them to change how pocket knives work or how you find them. I think that's fine. Having higher composure makes it easier to escape Jason's grasp and vice versa. That's why I mentioned Jenny who has the easiest time escaping. That's going to happen no matter what you change. You can also use stamina to balance the counselors out by making all combat actions (blocking and dodging already cost stamina) cost stamina and base that cost on the counselors stats. However right now the best characters to play are the stealth characters and high stamina characters just because unless you are in a group combat is useless and very ineffective. i also don't do't think Jason is OP at all just that combat general just sucks.
  3. Finding a pocket knife is rng based and even if you play as Jenny with 10 composure you can never escape unless Jason decides he wants to try a special execution. Blocking an attack already costs stamina based on your strength so just making his grab blockable with the same stamina costs wouldn't make the counselors op at all. it might actually make a combat oriented character like Chad or Brandon fun to play as.
  4. Agree with this. Right now the only counter to Jason's grab is a pocket knife and you can use it only after Jason has grabbed you. They just need to give the counselors counters from being grabbed in the first place like being able to block his grab, etc. There is a attack speed perk so i doubt they will do anything with the counselors attack animation speed. However, they do need to give Jason's grab and attack animations more recovery time. But most of what they need to do is on the counselors' side not Jason's.
  5. The "dark area" complaint is legit but I just think a lot of problems that people have are just because they don't know all the ins and outs of how the mechanic works and adding a "fear meter" is not going to help that. For example people might think turning on your flashlight in the dark might reduce your fear but it doesn't it just slows it down.
  6. Like I said above there is already a visual representation of your fear level that you can already manage. So putting an actual "fear meter" wouldn't really accomplish anything.
  7. Look at the four corners of your screen. The more dark they are the more fear you have. If you don't have any darkness then you don't have any fear. Stealth doesn't stop you from getting fear. Composure only slows down how fast you accumulate fear.
  8. I agree with dodging having I-frames cause right now you can be grabbed even during your dodging animation. Not sure about the swinging issue you should be able to.
  9. No he walked away and you missed cause everybody has to do a full windup before they swing and the animation takes forever.
  10. What's the point? That you can see Jason shift toward you? That might be a pet peeve but not a problem that needs to be solved. When you have 7 counselors running around it's very unlikely that they will change how shift works.
  11. Dodging does cost stamina and your luck determines that cost (higher luck less stamina to dodge) and you can't dodge if you don't have any stamina. That's how it should be so counselors cant just spam.
  12. The solution is really simple. Just make his grab blockable and possibly slow down the animation and add some recovery frames so it can't be spammed. Get it done devs.
  13. To anyone who may not know this if you have firecrackers and you see Jasons shifting toward you. You can throw the firecrackers down next to you and they will stun him when he comes out of shift. This might make shift grabbing more bearable.
  14. That happens just because the grab animation is really short a lot shorter than the counselors' swing animation. Counselors' swing animation is also longer than Jason's swing animation and there is pretty much no recovery time between animations. He can also grab you out of any animation even the dodging animation.
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