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  1. In my case, the team killers or jason helpers are Vanessa
  2. Sexiest counselour

    I would definitely choose Chad if the transition from the artwork to ingame model didn't vary substantially
  3. Holding your breath?

    Guys I've done this before and I just want to clear the confusion by sharing my experience. If you are hiding, Jason will not be able to 'sense' the cabin you're in. No matter your fear level. In hiding, current fear level will only effect your character's whimpering when he's near. That's right, Jenny will not make any noise even when Jason is near
  4. Jason Quitting Before You Can Escape/Kill Him

    And the annoying part is surviving bonus is actually just time bonus
  5. Micless Hate

    I just hope the dev can make it so players can choose mic or micless lobby (someone has already suggested this) so everyone can play without having to worry about this. Honestly i think this is the best way ?
  6. Micless Hate

    I understand. Huge step indeed. There's no denying that. And it is also part of life, to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacle. (Hopefully not too far fetch) I still struggle with speaking English (English is my second language), and I know how anxiety can cause more than just endless worries (or more endless worries). And like you, I don't talk more than necessary when playing with strangers. (I talk a lot when playing with friends, of course. It's all about fun). I usually only exchange information regarding the current situation and progress. (Some strangers are really friendly tho, and comfortable to talk with) But mind you, this game is designed to be mostly about verbal communication, and all your unfortunate encounters with retarded people shouldn't affect how you play the game. Part of the cons of not using mic includes making other players feel frustrated and sometimes makes the match less fun. Also, if one suffers from social anxiety, shouldn't he/she seeks way to overcome it instead of avoiding it? (Like avoid speaking) Anyway, this thread is about micless players receiving hates, and of course I don't support hate. But remember, it is a sacrifice you choose to make when you decide to go micless,
  7. Micless Hate

    Ok guys. It's a game that requires voice communication between players for it to work well. Conquer your discomfort and start talking.
  8. Points for couriers

    I might be really wrong here but, I feel like Tiffany/Vanessa/Bugsy (low repair skill) has really high survivability, and they usually survive longer than the nerd characters (high repair skill). They both need each other to get the maximum points. I feel like 'repair points' is part of the sacrifice you have to make in order to increase survivability when you choose Tiffany/Vanessa/Bugsy. BTW, nerd characters died instantly if Jason finds them first and they have no weapons or items. (Die sooner = less XP) My favorite character right now is Adam and you can see why!
  9. You have the right of it. I tested it in private match with someone before, and found out that hiding does prevent Jason from seeing the cabin as glowing red, regardless of the hider's fear. So it is a valid strategy if the Jason relies on his sense ability to lacate counselors' whereabouts. So the only chance Jason has to locate you while you are hiding is by seek and destroy, or determine where the gasp is coming from (watch out now, low composure character). So overall, I'd say hiding was intended (by gun media) to be used as a tool for survivability, especially for low survivability characters. (Except a lot of people didn't realize that)
  10. There was one time non of us were dead except me. It was less than 10 minutes left on the clock when I spawned as Tommy. 8 people game btw
  11. I mean, what's the point of playing if you just want to hide, from the moment you spawned? I don't mind people hiding after everyone else has died, because it relates to 'realism' aspect of the game. But, I've seen people who equiped 'homebody', 'level-headed', and the one that increases chances of not showing up on Jason's sense when crouching and just hide in one corner of the house WHOLE GAME. He didn't help teammates, or even searched drawers for stuff. He just hid there for 20 minutes and Jason was UNABLE to find him. So I sold him out the second game as he was still doing the same thing all over again. But yes. I approved hiding when alone.
  12. A Solution For Grab Generated Salt

    I would like to see just one thing, which is: blocking prevent Jason's grab, but the weapon used for blocking will fall to the ground.
  13. Steam Private Match LFG

    Hi everyone! My gamertag is LittleBurrito on steam. Age 20++, and I like to play game strategically. I'm serious player, looking to join a private match. Fun time is important! English is my second language but I think people can understand me I'm so addicted to the game right now. If anyone will accept me, add me on steam with a message. I'm almost always online from 10:30pm to 1:30pm every night. I appreciate any invitation of private matches! I hate quick play because... you know... kids and toxic players.
  14. Frustration with People

    Oh man. I've been so blind! I mean, this is part of the game! Thanks for replying to this I will keep these in mind the next time it happens. I mean, Realism in this game is what makes it scary while being hunted by a killer! @ryanmac564 As for the situation with one of your counselor siding with Jason, I'm glad I haven't been in one of those matches. Such a troll!
  15. Hi fellow counselors and Jasons, I am not a very experienced player but I've been playing a hell lot since the release of the game. Since then I've learned a lot from other players who are willing to answer my questions. Also English is actually my second language so forgive me for any grammar confusions. So overall I think this is a very well made, one of a kind game. Everything about this game is unique, completely different from any other games I've ever played. Bugs are minor issues. For me the most important part is the experience The reason I created this topic is because I want to know if anyone else is experiencing frustrations in game when paired with stubborn and insolent players. Players who are new but actually listen to your advice or instruction is exception. The only thing that is ruining my experience is the large number of toxic players. So far in the game I've met more nice players than toxic players, but then it only takes one toxic player to ruin everyone's game. I'll list some instances of frustrations: When you are using stealth character and a poor stealth character is following you the whole game (until he/she gets you killed). When someone gets into a house but he/she never locked the door and only searches 2 drawers before running about again. When someone escaped in a 4 seated car alone. When they are being chased by Jason and they run toward you (especially while you were trying to sneak past Jason to get to the car or phone box with fuse in hand) Any players who never listen and always think they are right and you are wrong. I'm not a pro or even good, but please listen. If you are Vanessa or any not-stealth characters, stay away from those who can't protect themselves, because I've been in this situation where Vanessa ran toward me and followed me for no reason and then ran away when Jason teleport to the area, which lead to me dying (I usually use stealth characters like AJ, Deborah, Tiffany, or Eric). Also, don't try to repair anything if you character has only 2/10 in skill repair (unless in desperate situation, because Jason will know instantly where you are when you make mistakes in the mini game). Put away key (or battery and gas if your character is not good with repairing) right beside the car to avoid sabotage everyone's escape in case of surprises. Now that I've voiced my frustrations, I would like to hear you guys' experiences Also please share some tips and tricks as I think we, as players, can improve much better this way. Thank you for reading this long ass boring thread!