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  1. PSN : ebfoto Mic'd up and team player. Add me!
  2. haven't had it happen too often but have seen it in almost every match I've been in through this weekend. find it funny that now they are posting glitching as bannable and TK as not... and everyone is TKing now. all this shit is super annoying.
  3. PS4 - ebfoto have mic and will work together.
  4. took 35 min to get in a lobby with people today. tried yesterday for over an hour, had 4 matches, 2 timed out, and 1 the host left and I couldn't get back in to a working lobby for the rest of the night. they better extend this doublexp through the week as this is getting frustrating to say the least..
  5. I enjoyed it... looks amazing and fassbender is great in it. Tired of people talking in movies... I don't get the whole need to commentate on what's going on in front of you.. it's a giant screen we're all seeing what you see.
  6. Hey fellow F13 fans. my name is Evan from the panhandle of Florida. psn : ebfoto excited to see what this game has in store!
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