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  1. I’m a religious trap setter as a counselor so I gotta say having to sort of double set them sucks.
  2. If this is really true the game could really be freshened up by changing the spawn locations of the phone house, vehicles, shack, etc.
  3. As a PS4 user and regular player, I didn't really have too many issues with this until this weekend. Both Friday and Saturday I'd say I finished 30% of the matches started. Had to just turn it off both days.
  4. I still love this game and play whenever possible but admit I was getting extremely frustrated with the last couple of patches and all of the bugs they brought. However, I feel after the 7/3 patch things have gotten a lot better. QP has been surprisingly satisfying for me and as @cruehitman mentioned one of my base groups has started to play more frequently again and that’s always a great time!
  5. That's crazy you say that because my experience on PS4 has been extremely positive since the patch. I have had only one crash throughout several hours of play over various days. Edit: Not doubting you. Just strange that our experiences are so different.
  6. I was around a level 120 when I learned that the power didn't have to be on to call the cops. I've been essentially a fixer since the beginning so for that entire time if I had the fuse I would detour to fix the power before calling the cops. Oops!
  7. Your comment is the 1st time I've heard someone say it spawns on the same side as the phone house. I have heard several people say it's the opposite side but it is indeed random.
  8. Only if it was Friday the 13th the Game Part II. (Or, as others mentioned, a version of Summer Camp)
  9. Better believe I'll be here until the end. I bought a PS4 after I backed this game and this is the only game I play on it.
  10. What? You're not going to give me credit for the Tommy tape I gave you this weekend??? But for the record I found 1 Tommy tape on both Friday & Saturday this past weekend, but couldn't pick up either unfortunately.
  11. I got one on my 5th or 6th roll but I actually feel like my level 3 is better because there are no negatives on that one and the “Legendary” has some negative to it.
  12. As a Deb/AJ player I actually love these rooms. All of those noisy people are going to be distracting Jason so you should be able to run around and fix anything you want. Ya it's not going to be quick because they are probably speed looting and not picking up the parts but there is some satisfaction with being able to drive off by yourself while they're all dead and watching in the lobby.
  13. Exactly what I was thinking! If they send it out Thursday and there are a few bugs that majorly affect certain aspects of gameplay and there is no one around to fix it for several days, it will cause even more chaos in Friday the 13th land. In fact I feel like that already happened once before on a holiday weekend.
  14. I lean cautiously to yes I would back again, but it would obviously depend on what they were offering. First what is the game play and what are they looking to achieve in a new one? Second what incentives are there for me to back it?
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