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  1. BradleyMaverick

    PSA: Update will not drop on 5/26

    Exactly what I was thinking! If they send it out Thursday and there are a few bugs that majorly affect certain aspects of gameplay and there is no one around to fix it for several days, it will cause even more chaos in Friday the 13th land. In fact I feel like that already happened once before on a holiday weekend.
  2. BradleyMaverick

    2nd crowd fund

    I lean cautiously to yes I would back again, but it would obviously depend on what they were offering. First what is the game play and what are they looking to achieve in a new one? Second what incentives are there for me to back it?
  3. As others have said they gave a nod to him already but it may be fun to have him come up anytime the boat gets capsized. Then when you get back to land it's your normal Jason. I can't imagine them adding him to any regular play though.
  4. BradleyMaverick

    The last counselor you played?

    AJ. I put the gas in and Tiffany drove us out of Packanack in the 2-seater beater.
  5. You better not doubt me you bastard! (Ha Ha)
  6. Trey I would agree with your take. I think the drop rate might have inadvertently been lowered after the bonus weekend. I was extremely surprised to find one, and in fact, it took a moment to register what it was when I opened the drawer because it had been so long since I had found one. I agree with the other members though as I definitely saw them a lot more regularly earlier in the year.
  7. BradleyMaverick

    Best "starter" counselor?

    Vanessa...Run baby run! Having that speed helped me stay alive a lot longer in the beginning so to me, more minutes alive per match gave me better experience than the times playing as Jenny. Rarely, if ever, played Kenny or Chad so I can't speak to them.
  8. I didn’t find any tapes during the extra drop weekend, but I did find a Tommy tape this weekend . 1st one in a long time but they are out there.
  9. BradleyMaverick

    Salt mine worry from today

    Dropping out once in awhile should have little to no affect. Don’t worry about it.
  10. BradleyMaverick

    Part IV Jason...doesn´t he look off?

    I see the pig thing too. There are these white circles that show up on his cheeks that look like jowls. Drives me crazy because I love Part 4 Jason in the movie.
  11. I actually think the opposite. More counselors makes it worse for Jason so to keep balance the spawning of weapons and supplies stays the same. Con: Probably even more speed looting in QP, but there is still an adequate amount of weapons and extra sprays throughout the map to accommodate a couple of more counselors in my opinion. Also you still only have 3 slots so it’s not like the speed looters can horde everything. I also think it would add an intensity to the match especially as weapons start breaking.
  12. I would love for this to happen. I definitely struggle with seeing which one was tripped.
  13. Ya I wasn't getting close with any of my swings before I applied that perk so at least I'm hitting him now, but going 1-3, as you mentioned, won't cut it in the long run I totally agree.
  14. I used to always grab the flare with Deb too, but recently changed one of my perks to Swift Attacker and have gotten a few more stuns in the last few times I've played. At least enough to make me consider using a bat if I'm on a large map and need to travel a long distance outside alone.
  15. BradleyMaverick

    Thick Skinned Perk

    I am/was a "legacy" thick skin player and died after stepping in two traps where before I could make it out. I have now removed the perk from all of my counselors. Happened in the 1st game I played after the update. Whether it was supposed to be in there or not my game evolved to being that type of player. Set off the trap(s), put in the gas/fuse and hope to somehow make it out of there which as Deb was a 50/50 proposition. The update kind of annoyed me so I haven't played as much since. However, if that's how the game is supposed to be than fine. As a few people have mentioned I too have switched to medic to try and be that same type of player. I think I have a bear trap perk too that I may check out and see if that does anything. In the past it seemed broken.