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  1. Thick Skinned Perk

    I am/was a "legacy" thick skin player and died after stepping in two traps where before I could make it out. I have now removed the perk from all of my counselors. Happened in the 1st game I played after the update. Whether it was supposed to be in there or not my game evolved to being that type of player. Set off the trap(s), put in the gas/fuse and hope to somehow make it out of there which as Deb was a 50/50 proposition. The update kind of annoyed me so I haven't played as much since. However, if that's how the game is supposed to be than fine. As a few people have mentioned I too have switched to medic to try and be that same type of player. I think I have a bear trap perk too that I may check out and see if that does anything. In the past it seemed broken.
  2. If you're going to base this game on "reality", then a lot of stuff needs to change... I never changed out my thick-skinned perk and died after two traps last night. In the past that didn't happen. And I can agree that you should limp or take damage after a trap if that's how the Dev's want the game to be played, but now thick skin, in my opinion, is a worthless perk. I think that's the main issue for a lot of people. It will be interesting to see how it affects team play and how people adapt to it going forward.
  3. Sup, How's the new patch?

    Time to remove thick skin from my perk list as it's totally worthless now. Heard/saw grease monkey is working good though.
  4. I think a satellite view where you could watch all of the action from above would be cool. Not a moveable camera. Just one that shows the entire map. It would great to watch a group of counselors who are starting a car and calling the cops at the same time and see what Jason does. Or seeing a Jason outside in stalk and an unsuspecting counselor running towards him. I understand the cheater problem with that but from someone who doesn't cheat it would definitely enhance my spectating. Maybe something available only for private matches? (And yes I know you get cheaters in private matches too, but I trust all of the friends that I play with)
  5. Single player news + DLC roadmap

    If the pumpkin represents the "fall season" then shouldn't everything before the pumpkin be out before fall starts? Then the content after the pumpkin but before the snowflake be out before winter starts? Finally anything after the snowflake at some TBD time after winter ends?
  6. I like watching them the rare times there is action I don't know that I would change any mechanic but if we could have them at least move 360 degrees that would be better.
  7. I chose Killing Jason. I've survived the night a lot more times than I've been in a killing Jason match.
  8. Help with elusive Perks!!!

    The bottom one looks like someone is doing the dishes so I think it's epic cleaner. Allows you to get the cabin tidied up and dishes clean quickly so you can go out and play with Jason.
  9. Supply Drops

    I started doing this last night after reading this topic. I felt it was a bit time consuming, but overall, a good way to potentially help the team. I wouldn't do this in a public match though as that typically seems to be every counselor for themselves with a few exceptions here or there. I remove that perk if I'm forced to play Public matches and then add it back (usually) in Private ones.
  10. State of the Camp - Sept 7th, 2017

    We have internal fixes for Grease Monkey, Heavy Hitter, Man at Arms, and Tinker. QA has verified them and they should be in the next patch. If people find issues with any other Perks let me know So to clarify, as far as you know, these are the only perks with issues? Thanks for this update!
  11. Ok so I've seen others talk about getting the shirts that the counselors wore in Part 1 but that actually would be cool to have separate DLC's based on the actual outfits in each movie. (If you're into clothing packs that is)
  12. More issues on PS4??? Quick "accidentally" release Savini Jason to appease at least some of them. We know we got the backers already so who cares about them. We can then tell them we'll look into it and get back with an official statement soon.
  13. Snare Trap

    I play with 3 different groups on PS and I would say the majority will use their knives for team objectives. I can't say all because I'm not "friends" yet with everyone from each group so I don't necessarily know how all play. Not saying they use them 100% of the time but if it makes sense they will. Unfortunately these 3 groups are slowly merging leaving me out of luck trying to get in a match with these awesome people! (Maybe I need more friends) ? I like the thought of an axe/machete with a hard skill check that has to be performed by another counselor.