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  1. Does anyone know what the additional content for this game will look like? I believe I saw an article or even a post in the forums about a future update including a single player mode?? Also what other kind of game modes do you think could be thrown into the mix if any. The game itself I hadn't looked into that much before I purchased it, so my knowledge of it is lacking but with that being said I've got no complaints, I'm still finding out things with each new match I play so i can't even say it lacks in gameplay or content but I feel like its set up very clearly to be really straight forward as to what you will be doing in the game. So I'm curious if anyone on here had any thoughts parallel to this.
  2. I was just thinking of things that would be cool to see as well as additional kills but ight? I guess I should take the game more seriously.
  3. I wanna live in a world where this games DLC includes some Nightmare On Elmstreet crossover action.
  4. Hello hello, my names Micha I'm a young adult from the north east who likes alot of terrible things like those telekinesis bits in that one f13 sequel. Anyhoo I've been having trouble with the servers and when I get a game hardly anyone plays with a mic and hey I get it who wants to actually speak to people? Well, camp counselors who aren't supernatural entities who are fighting a super natural entity just prabs should. Soooo if you have a ps4 and mic or no mic add me ! : LexiconDevil0
  5. Everyone deserves to be Kevin Bacon at least once in their life, lI strongly feel like he should be a counselor option.
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