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  1. Dang... I've never sold this kind of stuff before but for those prices I might just sell my code.
  2. I kind of want Jason from Friday the 13th part 1. Like... kid Jason. The mongoloid child.
  3. I really like this idea. I also like the suggestion that as Counselors die, the surviving Counselors each get a little stronger. I do, however, think there should be a way to kill Jason. At the end of each film, Jason is "killed". Of course it's not permanent, but he is put down for a while. This, of course, would have to be very VERY difficult.
  4. I like this idea. I'd like the opposite too... let you be Jason and just have fun slaughtering a bunch of AI controlled counselors.
  5. Oh come on now, you intentionally chose the least two interesting activities to "make your point". As I stated, players could do multiple activities during this round and each activity would add buffs to players. These buffs would stack and give players an advantage during survival. It wouldn't just be futzing around for the sake of futzing around. The Call of Duty comparison isn't apt because Friday the 13th has a legacy. The counselors goofing around and having fun is part of the narrative of Jason films and having an analogous experience in this game would allow players to form their own little narrative prior to being sliced and diced. I think that the Counselor Round should be included in the total time for the whole round. Sometimes players would have 10 minutes Counselor Rounds and 10 minutes Survival Rounds. If the Jason player never kills anyone... the Survival Round never starts and I guess everyone survives and wins! This would just be another part of the strategy that the player Jason would have to judge for themselves. Do they get more buffs, set more traps or go ahead and start the round? Did the devs ever make developer diaries where they talk about ideas that didn't work? I would love to hear about ideas they had that didn't pan out!
  6. The Counselor round would give players more to do and make the round feel more meaningful. I think you highlight a different issue, the waiting after you die. There should be more options for players after they die then just to wait for the next round. There is a good thread here regarding this issue:
  7. The betting idea is BRILLIANT! Some other ideas would be things like allowing players to grief or help other players by toggling actions around the camp like... Toggled from camp cameras Turning on/off lights (whole buildings at a time) Triggering wild animals to run past the surviving counselors (jump scare!) Toggled from Counselor view Apply an adrenalin boost to the Counselor (to help) Tripping the Counselor (to troll) These activities could be put on a cool down so they can't be spammed and they could reward players with CP. There's also always the possibility of players using CP to re-enter the game...
  8. I was thinking that a pre-game period (Counselor Round) might add an interesting dynamic to the game. This would be a period of time where the counselors can have some "fun", as we all have seen in the films. During this period, the goals and activities of the Survival Round (finding fuses, car parts, calling tommy, calling the cops, boarding up doors, searching drawers, hiding, picking up weapons, etc) would not be available to players. Instead, players would have a whole different set of activities to perform. These would include things like... Activities during Counselor Round Roasting marshmallows on the fire (1+ players, find marshmallows first) Drinking Beer (1+ players, find beer first) Smoke implied weed (1+ players, find weed/cigarettes first) Skinny dipping in the lake (1+ players, nudity?) Use the outhouse (1 players) Making out with other players (2 player, on a bed or in a tent) Each of these activities would give players buffs during the Survival Round. The buffs could increase health, stamina, damage, speed... any of the attributes. Players can perform any number of actions and these actions are only available until the end of the Counselor Round. While the Counselors are having fun, the Jason player should be given the opportunity to perform their own tasks. The Jason player should be able to... Jason's Tasks during Counselor Round Hiding in specific locations to watch Counselors have fun, and to attack. (The longer he watches, the more boosts Jason will get by increasing his hatred toward the Counselors) Find and disconnect phone lines to prevent the cops from being called. The access box should be randomly placed between a handful of possible locations. Players won't know the phone was disconnected until they repair the phone. Players can then repair the phone line, if they find the disconnect. This shouldn't require the player to find any additional items. Slash the tires on the car. This will slow down the car but it will not stop it. Set traps for players during the Survival Round. Traps like. Push down dead trees to block pathways (players will trip and fall if they run over these) Pull up electrical wires to create electrical hazards (can also hurt Jason) Damaging stairs so counselors trip and fall if they use them (can also make Jason stumble) Alert Players during Counselor Round A player who sees Jason during the Counselor Round becomes Alert and gains the ability to pick up weapons and items but cannot yet search cabins or pickup repair items. Alert players can attack Jason during the Counselor Round and will damage him significantly more than during the Survival Round. Jason cannot be killed during the Counselor round, but he can be weakened or maimed. Beginning the Survival Round As soon as Jason kills the first counselor, the Survival Round begins. All players watch the first death and the first death is always cinematic. Jason is given special contextual kill moves if he is hiding and watching the Counselors perform any of their activities. EDIT: The Counselor Round wouldn't extend the total amount of session playtime. The longer the Counselor Round, the shorter the Survival Round. This would be a tactical decision that is left up to the Jason player. So what do you guys think? Do you think this would add to the game or just be a terrible distraction? Any ideas for Counselor Activities or Jason's Tasks for the Counselor Round?
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