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  1. If you don't see a message when joining a lobby stating something along the lines of, "you're in a low priority queue", you are NOT in the salt mines. If you do see that message, you're doing something to accumulate salt. Maybe unknowingly. But nonetheless. From the sounds of your post, you're not in the salt mines. It never hurts to uninstall then re-install the game.
  2. Not being argumentative but that can't be the whole story. You do not get into the salt mines after one host quit. You have to be, possibly unknowingly, doing something else to accumulate salt. When you say "try all night long", what does that entail?
  3. The Salt Mines are hard to get into and easy to get out of. Most of the time 30 minutes or less.
  4. Death Stranding... Always interesting to see what Kojima comes up with. Just Cause 4... It's like the bad movie you can't help but watch when it's on TV. Destruction porn but so fun.
  5. I have no actual proof but I believe they can differentiate between the two. I've had connection problems/"dashboarded" multiple times in a session and haven't ended up in the mines. It's like @Vaderspupil said, people worry a little to much about ending up there. They're hard to get into and easy to get out of. Unless you're a turd player then you belong there. Agreed. This happens around here all the time. The people complaining about ending up in the salt mines probably deserve to be there. Just like the folks who used to come around and cry about getting banned. More often than not, after a little more information, they deserved the ban.
  6. One more time. This game is NOT win/lose. Let's say you get the battery and fuel in the car. Counselor with the keys shows up, but so does Jason. He pulls the driver out the window but you smack him with a bat so they can get back in and start it up. In the chaos Jason grabs you and puts you into a tree. You're gone. Driver picks up another on the way out. Did you lose? I would say no. How about this one. Someone calls the cops in the first minute. You grab a weapon and pick an exit to linger by for the next five minutes. Turns out you picked right and the cops show up just like always. So do a few of your buddy counselors. Leave? No. Let's wait for Jason to show up and use emotes and teabag until he just gives up. Did you win? I would say no. I couldn't agree more. But the reward is not escape. It's getting away. Surviving a few more minutes. Beating on Jason for five minutes with three other counselors however, is not outsmarting. "A killer who can instakill someone isn't a fun experience". I think this is because that killer is another real person. If it was AI, people wouldn't get as upset about it. The online gaming community is very fickle about being "bested" by lesser skilled players. You mention putting down your pride. I agree. But that goes for counselors too. I stand by the Jason is easy mode counselor is hard statement I've made before. Regardless of skill. *I'm a counselor main
  7. This is what I mean when I say wrong game. Tiffany, the power should go to whoever is better, in a fair game. This is NOT a fair game. Strength and luck play the part for protectors. Counselors designed to protect repair counselors from Jason. Sometimes sacrificing their life in the process. Not seeking a fight. There are other games out there that give you the fair and balanced experience. This should absolutely not be that kind of game. The gaming community hates the idea of being bested by someone less skilled. And their anonymity lets them express that hate in the worst ways..... Until they can let go of that mentality and play THIS game for what it was meant to be, there will be a divide.
  8. There's a thread around here somewhere that explains the lawsuit pretty well. There was a notification and the developers didn't think they would be hampered by the suit but it turns out they were mistaken. Just search "lawsuit" and you'll find it.
  9. I'm still finding it hard to believe that some of you feel like you got "ripped off" or didn't get your money's worth for this game. It was $40! You guys act like it literally cost an arm and a leg.... I know we've been jerked around a bit and the game has never been truly "finished", but how many of us have logged over (some WELL over) 100 hours playing? Even this forum is an extension of that. If Gun or Illfonic decide to make another game based on an iconic movie killer....take my money.
  10. First, you're right. The salt in this game is unbelievable. I can't fathom how people can get so upset about a damn video game....everyone gets so mad anymore. Someone disagrees on this forum, insult. The anonymity of the internet brings out the worst in people. Second, I agree Jason players need to get better and adapt to counselor improvements, but perfect balance for this game should always favor Jason. Heads up especially. I liked the suggestion about med sprays taking longer to apply so there's more incentive to get away. The best option for a Jason encounter should be flight instead of fight. I've even suggested before that pocket knives should have a 25% fail rate so counselors don't have that cushion of a guaranteed grab break. Lastly, being Jason should be the "very easy" setting of the game. Being a counselor is the "hard", sometimes "very hard" setting, depending on the Jason player. Getting selected as Jason should be the little breather you get between counselor draws to let off some steam. If you're not a fan of being murdered 75% of the time, sometimes in the most unfair ways, you are for sure playing the wrong game. There are guys out there now who's escape rates are 80-90% which sucks. I don't know, I'm probably in the minority but that's the game we had a year ago, and it was great. Imagine that game with no bugs or glitches. Remember how wild your first few matches were?
  11. The players that want to stand on equal footing with Jason really need to find a different game. This should not be that game. A bat swing to get away or help a counselor get loose is one thing. But to stand around in a group of even just three, and more or less chain stun Jason is just sad. I've used this before but I'll state it here. A bad Jason should kill a good counselor 70-80 percent of the time. That's the balance this game should have. The balance should be in favor of Jason. Not even ground. The ABSOLUTE best counselors should escape at maybe 50 percent. It shouldn't be a matter of, "I'm a better player than the person playing Jason so I should win every time." You're up against Jason, he should be murdering you a solid 7/10 times. This game isn't win/lose. That's why you don't see leader boards, it's not intended to be competitive. I know it's just my opinion and others disagree but I think this was the intention of the developers before the community complained about it. *counselor preferred player.
  12. This game is not WIN LOSS. It was never intended to be. That's why there are no leader boards or even advanced stats. Some of you just can't shake the fact that this isn't supposed to be competitive. You're in for 20 minutes, you do what you can to survive and escape. Enjoy. Repeat. Head to head with Jason should always result in death. Combat should be an absolute last resort. Not a hunting party.
  13. It's a lot easier if you don't worry about Bugs in the beginning. Let him get back to the poker house. After he gets back he doesn't leave the table but 'Nessa enjoys that bathroom at the back of the house. Easy peasy.
  14. *non backer here. Don't have him. I hope it's never released to anyone else....ever. Would an identically skilled Uber make this better? Or do you think you deserve the skin?
  15. Hitting Jason should LOSE you xp. You should want to be as far away from that guy as possible. Need to save a friend, sacrifice a few xp. Too many lobbies are hunting for Jason as it is. It's pretty terrible. Jason as he exists now strikes no fear in counselors. Makes me long for day one. The anonymity of the internet abounds. *I'm a counselor main.
  16. It kind of reminds me of the video store on a Friday night as a little kid. Roaming the NES aisle, avoiding Simon's Quest (because I wasn't allowed to rent it anymore due to my angry outbursts while playing), not knowing why the Tengen carts were weird looking, trying to figure out which game to choose with no other information but hearsay and Nintendo Power, grabbing pizza on the way home, and hooking up my console on the "big TV" in the living because my folks were playing cards in the kitchen. Nostalgia goggles I know. Even the garbage ljn games take me back.
  17. That box art just evokes good feelings. I could look at it all day.
  18. I think we're so quick to judge because of the context of his claims and the fact that it's not an uncommon occurrence on this forum. OP stated he gets reported almost everyday. Being accused of cheating once in a while when you're really not probably happens to all of us, but everyday? Seems a little fishy. Also the bragging about "playing bad ass", which doesn't usually solidify your claims. How many posts are on this forum of people telling their whoa is me story about how they're getting picked on or singled out for "playing the game the right way", that turn out to be using an exploit or downright cheating? I'm not casting my vote either way just yet but until we see a video, Occam's Razor rules.
  19. The number at the end, be it 97 or 37, could probably just be the number of the officer or more likely the officers car number. He's affirming from dispatch that he acknowledges the call.
  20. No one knows how to spell it around here. Easily the most misspelled word on the forum. This is the way I'm interpreting it too. Not sure why the assumption is that the Jason "weapon stat" will automatically go with the weapon.
  21. All of it is cheating. Any communication outside of the means of the game is cheating.
  22. You're right. Maybe it's the combat that needs adjusted? Indeed. I'd like to say, if that's driving them away from the game, then this isn't the right game for them. But that won't help. It's a catch-22. I'd like to see the game favor Jason at maybe a three-to-one advantage. People that want to be able to go head-to-head with Jason and be on an even playing field where skill is the deciding factor I think are just plain wrong. It can't be like that.
  23. I respectfully disagree. In a game like this, skill should only outweigh balance when you're on the same side. A bad Jason should kill a good counselor 70-80 percent of the time. In my opinion that's the balance. Best of the best counselors should escape 50 percent of the time. It shouldn't be a matter of, "I'm a better player than the person playing Jason so I should win every time." You're up against Jason, he should be murdering you a solid 7/10 times. This game isn't win/lose. That's why you don't see leader boards, it's not intended to be competitive. *I'm not even close to a Jason main.
  24. Complete balance is Jason killing counselors....a lot. Twenty-five percent average survival rate. Bad Jason's should kill good counselors more often than not. This game was not intended to be competitive. It's not win/lose. When you're comfortable only escaping 2/3 times out of 10, the game gets much more enjoyable. You don't lose when you die. *I'm a preferred counselor, it's not just "Jason mains" that are happy with this update. (I feel like I posted this on too many threads so I'm going to stop now)
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