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  1. The number at the end, be it 97 or 37, could probably just be the number of the officer or more likely the officers car number. He's affirming from dispatch that he acknowledges the call.
  2. No one knows how to spell it around here. Easily the most misspelled word on the forum. This is the way I'm interpreting it too. Not sure why the assumption is that the Jason "weapon stat" will automatically go with the weapon.
  3. All of it is cheating. Any communication outside of the means of the game is cheating.
  4. Rate the Update

    You're right. Maybe it's the combat that needs adjusted? Indeed. I'd like to say, if that's driving them away from the game, then this isn't the right game for them. But that won't help. It's a catch-22. I'd like to see the game favor Jason at maybe a three-to-one advantage. People that want to be able to go head-to-head with Jason and be on an even playing field where skill is the deciding factor I think are just plain wrong. It can't be like that.
  5. Rate the Update

    I respectfully disagree. In a game like this, skill should only outweigh balance when you're on the same side. A bad Jason should kill a good counselor 70-80 percent of the time. In my opinion that's the balance. Best of the best counselors should escape 50 percent of the time. It shouldn't be a matter of, "I'm a better player than the person playing Jason so I should win every time." You're up against Jason, he should be murdering you a solid 7/10 times. This game isn't win/lose. That's why you don't see leader boards, it's not intended to be competitive. *I'm not even close to a Jason main.
  6. Complete balance is Jason killing counselors....a lot. Twenty-five percent average survival rate. Bad Jason's should kill good counselors more often than not. This game was not intended to be competitive. It's not win/lose. When you're comfortable only escaping 2/3 times out of 10, the game gets much more enjoyable. You don't lose when you die. *I'm a preferred counselor, it's not just "Jason mains" that are happy with this update. (I feel like I posted this on too many threads so I'm going to stop now)
  7. Rate the Update

    You're right an equally skilled Jason will ALWAYS win kill a counselor of the same level. In fact, a poor to mediocre Jason should more often than not kill a good to great counselor. That should be the balance. A "team" of seven counselors can indeed hold their own against Jason. Without communication and different counselor types, you should be led to the slaughter. The ABSOLUTE best counselors should win escape maybe fifty percent of the time. Mediocre guys like myself...20-30 percent. This game was not intended to be competitive. It's not a win/lose game. I understand what you're saying, but it sounds like you feel that if you're a better gamer than the person playing Jason, you should win. That's not this game. When you're comfortable only escaping 2/3 out of 10 games, the game gets much more enjoyable. You don't lose when you die. *I'm a preferred counselor. It's not just the "Jason mains" who were happy with this update.
  8. The ABSOLUTE best counselors should escape maybe 50% of the time. In my opinion that's the balance. The gaming community's competitive nature and everything is win/lose attitude is inconsistent with this game's intention. The developers seemed to listen to the "counselor preferred" players that can't accept being killed because they in their mind that's losing and well we can't have that. I honestly don't care how it's achieved (within reason), but I would love to see the balance of this game based on a 30-40% average counselor escape rate. You can still be good at the game and die over half the time.....
  9. Host quitting

    Countdown to thread closure in 3....2...one......
  10. This is the main problem right here. People, in general, are so dumb it's scary. To the point that engaging in simple conversation is difficult...
  11. Rage buff

    I proposed this a few times back in May and June, I would like to see pocket knives have a chance to fail. Nothing crazy, maybe at most they fail 25% of the time. This way counselors won't automatically have the proverbial "get out of jail free" card. Players are much more fearless attacking Jason when they're equipped with a pocket knife, take away that guarantee and see if it changes anything.
  12. Banned?

    If you are indeed banned, you most likely did something to get banned. Occam's Razor bud. So many people have come through this forum complaining about getting banned for no reason. Eventually we find out (usually by their own admission) that they did something that violated the TOS.
  13. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    If I'm understanding you right you're talking about party chat? Playing this game in party chat is cheating. No matter how you do it.
  14. Why does a snowflake represent Christmas? Why not a picture of Santa? Or a wrapped gift? I feel like if they wanted it to be Christmas there are a bunch of other images they could have chosen. Christmas tree!!! <-- thought of another one.
  15. They would almost have to be in party chat so I would vote they weren't doing it legit. If they weren't, good job. But the silence in lobby leads me to believe this is party chat nonsense. @Cokeyskunk enjoyable post. Don't see these much anymore.