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  1. They would almost have to be in party chat so I would vote they weren't doing it legit. If they weren't, good job. But the silence in lobby leads me to believe this is party chat nonsense. @Cokeyskunk enjoyable post. Don't see these much anymore.
  2. It's interesting how much you can tell about a person's online personality by the ratio of likes to posts. It's the Mendoza line of forum posting, if you're under .200, you're usually a pretty big turd.
  3. Unless this was broken in the latest patch. When you die in the water or escape, all carried items will wash up on shore after a ray trace for the nearest shore location. This includes objective items like the fuse or car keys. It was confirmed months ago so I'm not sure if the latest patch bugged it out.
  4. Body blocking is an expletive term. It's a term for glitchers and exploit abusers. What the OP is referring to is 100% clean game play. This is body blocking:
  5. I thought the term "body-blocking" was used to describe using counselor bodies to avoid traps and get an objective cue to pop up while you're still "feet" away from where you should be to get the prompt? Not the literal "using your body to block something"?
  6. Illfonics Negligence

    I'm almost certain the only thing you DON'T get is the 500 xp for staying til the end. All XP and CP you gain in the match is added when you leave. Unless the lobby drops or the host quits. That's a different problem. All versions.
  7. The trend I'm noticing is all of these trends are dirt bag troll moves. Kind of ridiculous. Teabagging, hoarding keys, waiting at the exit for no reason other than being a douche, this game is 80 percent turds. I'm glad for this forum and private matches or I probably would have abandoned the game months ago.
  8. Vent out your frustrations

    When counselors take items that spawn near the objectives they're meant for to the objective on the other side of the map. If you find gas in a cabin beside the car, please don't run it to the boat. There's boat gas up there near it.
  9. The Triple Jason Morph

    I would think that if something like this were happening, abusing morph by hacking the program, more people would be aware of it. The floating around in a seated position glitch has been apparent for sometime and most of us have experienced it. Losing the use of your pickup button has been around for a while as well. When you say it was happening against the same player I would chalk that up on the suspicious/weird side, but as with the morph claim, we're going to need more evidence. The simplest explanation is usually the correct one. Although I'm excited to see video of what may be happening.
  10. Boat on every map

    Might want to look at this one a little closer bud. -Water speed Jason's absolutely can not catch the boat. In saying that I mean the boat is faster than their speed in the water. Doesn't mean they can't stop an erratic driver or take a good "angle of pursuit".
  11. Oh yeah. There's a list of about a dozen players my group has come across in the private sector who are just as bad as the quick play pool. Some of them even admit they're annoying and people kick them from lobbies a lot. You'd think grown ass men wouldn't act like that but they can be just as bad as the kids.
  12. Roadmap educated guess

    Why? I'm not criticizing you for wanting her as so many others on this forum do as well, I've just never understood why there is such a groundswell for Pamela. So I'm kinda just looking for reasons why people want her in the game. Is it a completionist thing?
  13. Roadmap educated guess

    Your reasoning is sound. I have no rebuttal.
  14. Roadmap educated guess

    We've yet to receive more than one update per month so I don't foresee there being another until sometime in November* Also remember, the jack-o-lantern and the snowflake on the road map DO NOT represent Halloween and Christmas. They're more landmarks signifying what season you're likely to see certain things. *I'm wrong all the time with this stuff so clearly I know nothing. No offense bud but you're going to have to provide some back up with that claim. That would require a boat load of work for the game developers to create a brand new setting like that. Maybe someday....
  15. Party chat is cheating. I get why you do it though.