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  1. PC...so I am assuming maybe the console versions are missing the soundpacks?
  2. Wait..I could've sword the Savini Jason had a Devil's fiddle music ..or at least that's what I always heard when he was near. Also, I think the "there is only 10% of the Savini skins" is a bit of an exagerration. I always run into two or three every other match or so. Which i am happy for. The skin needs to stay with the backers.
  3. yeah i agree. its not the Devs' fault. It's been on the rise lately
  4. When you have bored counselors killing other counselors. It's been getting worse lately.
  5. backers placed money in this game fully knowing it could backfire on them and lose their money This is their reward for trusting the developers with their starter money I was not a backer but I would be PISSED if they released this to the public. Backers are folks who stepped out on a limb and did something others of us did not do. This skin is one of those rewards and it stays with them
  6. i have the epic my dad is a cop, epic greasemonkey (starts car and boat faster) and start with map
  7. wow that's rough. Over at reddit there are a lot of angry xboxers. The general feeling is xbox folks were forgotten
  8. seems you did not get my sarcasm because a party of 8 going to a party of 2 or 3 for the next 20 minutes isn't what i call fun. Play with 2 other people on the map and lemme know how fun that is Seems like youre defending the Jason Hoppers a whole lot!
  9. I am an avid F13 fan. To say that I am a fan is an understatement. I've watched the hell out of these movies, my masks are all autographed and I have the entire collection on VHS, DVD, Blueray. With that said, this game is a 6 out of 10 to me...and that's a strong 6. It is very fun when it works. But bugs pushed aside, I'm not a big fan of three maps. It's just not as fun to play as it dead a week ago...and that scares me....to get tired of a game in 6 weeks... edit: 6 days I have no issue with Jason (i do have issues with people bailing because they didnt get picked as Jason). I have no issue with the actual game mechanics of fear and sneak, etc. It simply isn't worth 40 dollars. I am sorry...it just isn't. There isn't enough content to justify the price tag. However, i still bought it because I am a fan of the franchise. So many folks I played with last week via steam no longer plays...and that kinda says a lot for a game that hasnt even been released a week yet This game needs more maps, new scenarios...something
  10. On PC it's a major thing. The first seven matches I played this morning alone. Out of 11 matches, 4 were legit folks
  11. Not sure what this has to do with people leaving when theyre not Jason but ok. Let em know i guess
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