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  1. To Admins: So I just noticed this: the forum site doesn't default to the HTTPS protocol and the SSL cert that the protocol does use is invalid. So even if you specify the HTTPS protocol in the URL, any link you click will redirect you to the insecure HTTP protocol. Please fix this! To End Users: Please change your password for this site to a one-off password only used for this site for your safety. If you used a common password for this site on other sites already, please change it.
  2. I'd also like to add, while it still crashes with the same error, and this is a workaround, and it needs to be addressed by the dev team... it crashes a lot less. *EDIT* I take it all back, I've had 3 crashes in about thirty minutes. Best I can figure, it has to do with loading textures, ping, or CPU usage in general. When I'm playing on servers with a low ping, and the rest of the players do as well, I have much better luck.
  3. Finally tested, on game #6 it crashed, same error.
  4. I'd like to add, if this does work, then it is a workaround, not a fix. This needs to be addressed or Radeon users will perpetually be on an outdated version of the Crimson driver. I've installed the driver myself and will be testing when I get off work today.
  5. I think an occasional reminder that the issue is persisting is healthy for the development of the game. Depending on management and resources, the company may be hoping it's all being imagined or it will go away. These posts prevent that delusion. If they have a good manager, then they are prioritizing based on number of people having the issue. But bottom line, this is a game-breaking bug for nearly an entire hardware family, looks like a well known and established bug, and yes devs, it's *STILL* happening.
  6. This.... this is all we were looking for: acknowledgement. As long as there is an open ticket, I'm good. Just keep us posted.
  7. This likely is due to your card underclocking due to the decreased workload. I'm also wagering you have Vsync on, which limits your FPS.
  8. I registered to add my name to the list of people who are experiencing this crash. Radeon R9 380 here. On rare occasions I'll have the 0x887a007 error, but most of the time it's the 0x887A006 error. BTW, I don't think we're being ignored, but they are likely working on the bigger issues. As things calm down I'm sure they will address it. Now if the issue persists and they start working on DLC instead of game breaking bugs, then we can start crying.
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