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  1. I think after patched the quick play matchmaking seem pretty good for me it takes less than 1-2 mins for me to join in every time i try.
  2. Wow nice lesson ! I believe he will remember that from now on. Happy ending xD
  3. Yea i just got that exp like 15 mins ago where the host left right after i (Jason) killed the 5th counselor.... I agreed on that Dev needs to find the way to fix or prevent this soon cuz its ruined the fun of game play especially when counselors need the teamwork in order to win but 1-2 guys just ruined it !!! ps. But i understand how the teamkill or teamhit existed otherwise every1 will just gang-bang jason w/o fearing to hit/kill each other xD
  4. Lol nice shot but i think hes just afraid to die so he would had send someone to die for him instead xD
  5. Maybe he didnt mean to? I meant sometimes i missed hit the R2 button too, but who knows. Anyway i feel sorry for you man. xD
  6. I think u did the right thing "teach them the lesson !!" LOL until dev find the way to fix or prevent that xD
  7. I would have done that too but i was pissed and boredom so i just left D;
  8. Haha wow you were really lucky tho. Theres 1 match that me and others 3 were fixing the car and tried to escape together but !! after we fixed the car another guy ran toward us with Jason chasing him !!! So i fought with Jason while others trying to get the car start but that last guy got into the car too then it's full and theres noway we will be able to escape with Jason on our tails, so i thought ok ill let you guys go... and they did escaped and i was dead.... but the point is after the match those 4 laughed at me and Jason cuz he had the hard time killing me by saying "cmon Jason you are so retarded and that guy we sold out for you too cuz even we sold out that guy for you but it still took you so long to kill him"..... so i left right away cuz i saved their lives and not even thx me but laughed !? LOL
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