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  1. Just when you higher these jokers couldn’t possibly be any more incompetent they release a SP challenge mode where if you fail or redo it you are FORCED to watch the entire cut scene again and again. This has to single handedly be the most incompetent thing I’ve ever seen. Games on the SNES let you skip cut scenes. Do you idiots even attempt to use your brain? Did you have someone play test this? Bc even one stupid deformed retarded playtester would have picked this up. Honestly it’s almost comical how utterly stupid you guys are
  2. Do we know if PS4/Xbox is today as well or does it need to go through approval crap?
  3. Lately a few lobbies have just had groups of people dancing by a radio until Jason comes and the bash him around and then they run to next radio and do same again and again. Jason usually leaves being frustrated. Is this the new norm ?
  4. I just wanted dedicated servers. That’s it. And since we haven’t gotten them all I’ve done is pray everyday for them and for punishment on those that have promised and not delivered them. I hope god punishes these clowns for what they have put us all through. I have faith he will.
  5. I don’t care if they are kids or adults. As long as they respect he game and play properly I’m happy to have them pmay
  6. Interesting. I thought that since he can still sense you ca she can’t run or fight it’s useless to have good stealth. What perks you run?
  7. Yeah I’m pretty sure they can’t do Tina as I’m not even sure how this would make sense. If the movie she just bashes J around. It’s easy enough to do this as is
  8. We know this company has a history of not delivering (ie console dedicated servers) and basically no one believes they will actually deliver on paranoia, especially after they all but gave themselves an out
  9. I wonder if they may involve that as part of paranoia mode. The idea being that the spirit of Jason will invade one of the councillors and give the powers
  10. lol. Sadly most of it. The Jason heart thing if that means paranoia mode it could work. Also the police escape I believe is from that movie and that’s cool
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