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  1. Haven't been able to find anything. Just keep getting an empty lobby
  2. Was I blocked?

    Is there a reason that you would be banned ?
  3. Will always be Shelly. Really the only character in the movies that actually has somewhat of an arc and grows as a person outside of the final girls/guys. Also just felt like his story was unfinished and I think everyone wanted to see him finally get the girl
  4. Yup hes back! This is his 3rd gamer tag and he' still doing the same - are these bans even working? All he is is create a new tag and keep going
  5. I tend to think of of it like real life - if you would kill in real life you can do it here. - would you kill someone with your only shot gun if a crazed killer is on the loose? Obviously not -would you kill someone if that crazed killer is chasing you and someone won't let you in a window? You might
  6. I think people will be happy when this all comes out
  7. Sorry but did they officially announce anything about this? nvm just saw post
  8. Hating on a good Jason

    i agree - adults seem to be more of a problem. I had one guy who was clearly an adult act as host and then demand you handover key items (ie - keys, gas) to him or he would quit. Once you dropped them he would fix them to get the XP (he didn't even have that high a repair character - Adam). Finally Jason morphs on him when hes struggling with a battery and he tells Jason to go away or the disconnect is coming. Jason leaves and lets him finish the car. It kept going but basically he held the whole room hostage as the host
  9. i dont think it scares me anymore unless you get a stalk kill. Before I would hide the minute I heard his music lol. Now I know I can kite him and have time before he breaks down a door
  10. my feeling is, given the financial success of this game, that when the time goes that the online portion dies out that we will be getting a new version of the game
  11. New map announced!

    I assume the reason they left him off the initial release was bc he's too similar to part 3?
  12. Update coming out today?

    it might be although that is only the Steam patch as consoles are less predictable. I thought the dots might be more a clue to the new content and not the release date of the patch as we don't even know if the patch and new Jason/Maps will be released on the same day
  13. NEW MAPS ????

    you don't need to triple post here. I know how part 8 the film goes. I don't think you are going to get a crystal lake map based on part 8 considering he kills two people on a boat and then goes onto another boat and doesn't even enter the campground. Some movies are hard to make maps of as they require a reworking of the game mechanics (ie - Part 8, 9, Jason X). Even Part 7 needs a viable Tina and Part 5 needs Roy and isn't really a camp ground. Part 6 I think is the easiest to do but we shall see. Its probably all tied into the blue dot mystery
  14. Update coming out today?

    it will drop on Steam first. I think Sony and Microsoft certification is a bit of a crapshoot. Once it drops on steam the consoles are a few days/week later