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  1. Really? Oh... that sucks. I was THE FIRST person to figure out the Morse Code and post it on the Forums and that the code went to the fridge. I didn't even have to use the rocks. I just filtered through the radio heard the Morse Code. Bummer. I was also the first to figure out the password for the computer was Mother, got that one less than 20 minutes after the Virtual Cabin went live. I hope they continue to update the virtual cabin for layer DLC
  2. On the Virtual Cabin, did we ever figure out what the 10 stones between Jasons Shack and the Graveyard were suppose to be used for? It is a Stick dividing 8 rocks on the left and 2 rocks on the right. And a street sign pointing down at the stones... Please let me know your thoughts or answers. Thank you
  3. Wow!!!! Picked up that glitched out badge in the Matrix Debug mode and fell through the ground scared me to death lol. Now I'm in debug stalker mode, it' freaking crazy!
  4. Anyone notice or figure out the arrow sign pointing at rocks by the grave yard. A stick dividing the 8 and 2 out of 10 rocks?
  5. Stay on the path!!! Jason killed me lol We have to get the Gas and Boat part to escape the virtual cabin
  6. Radio outside has MORSE CODE (5312) IT' THE COMBO TO OPEN THE FRIDGE NEAR THE CAR. Pam' head is inside
  7. My masks aren' working for some reason. I have them in the right order...
  8. The VCR tapes are numbered parts 1-4. Each tape when placed in the VCR is paused and in the bottom right corner is a TIME STAMP. Those numbers go to something...
  9. Already solved the dolls in the weapon room, you have to put the characters in the correct diahroma. It opens a drawer to earn a badge you place on the wall in the kitchen
  10. Password on computer is MOTHER, I got it after answering all the word puzzles on then back of newspapers and magazines. If you answered the correct word on the puzzle the blue line under the letter of the word creates MOTHER, just letting you know the method.
  11. I know there is a sticky thread above, with a list of items the update should be addressing, anyone notice anything else different Yet? Just wondering...
  12. Listen, I only made this thread to show my 4 full gameplay videos showing exactly what I did and where I was when I found all the Pamela Tapes.Only thing in common I saw from all videos was that I was next to the PHONE HOUSE or I was in it.
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