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  1. I know there is a sticky thread above, with a list of items the update should be addressing, anyone notice anything else different Yet? Just wondering...
  2. Listen, I only made this thread to show my 4 full gameplay videos showing exactly what I did and where I was when I found all the Pamela Tapes.Only thing in common I saw from all videos was that I was next to the PHONE HOUSE or I was in it.
  3. Or... empty drawers, many many empty drawers.
  4. Listed below are my Videos of my found Pamela Tapes since Launch. (1st Pamela Tape) video missing sorry 2nd Pamela Tape 3rd Pamela Tape 4th Pamela Tape 5th Pamela Tape What I noticed: I was ALWAYS in or next to the PHONE HOUSE when I found a Pamela Tape. I found them in both Private and Public Matches. Character and Character Level doesn't matter. Easier to find on Maps Crystal Lake and Higgins Haven. Usually in the same 2 cabins near the phone house. (Higgins Camp and Springwater Camp)
  5. I would love a tissue thanks. I just don't appreciate the long hours I put into this game getting 70K CP to finally get good perks with nice percentages only to see them taken away from me.
  6. I have 27 Epic Perks, each one initially had Amazing Postive Percentages, ever since the recent update and the patch a few weeks ago I have noticed Gun media nerfing my percentages. My Epic Thick Skin use to be 45% positive and now it's a pathetic 20% positive. Stop screwing up my perks!
  7. Where is my Chad Banana Hammock?
  8. Pamela Tapes PS4

    I found 5 Pamela tapes and each time I was near the phone house. I was AJ for the first 3 and Debbie for the last 2. I'm level 101 since June doubt that has anything to do with it, just noticed in ALL my finds I was near the phone house.
  9. Uhhh Duh.... everyone knows this. Common friggin sense. Plus standing under street lights help, but I'm talking about being completely out of stamina due to full out sprinting away from Jason and your fear level is so high stamina recharge takes forever. Wouldn't it be nice to instantly recharge your stamina 100% by drinking a soda or eating a snack? I think so, just like in PUBG. Make this happen Devs, easy to implement.
  10. Image examples of what Jason could do in Rage Mode, knocking down trees or telephone poles on main road to slow car escapes or disable cars if hit.
  11. I've been playing this Game since the Beta, there are more empty drawers in this game than actual items you can pick up. Please add items such as (Sodas/Candy/Kid Snacks) that can be used to eat/drink to refill drained Stamina. You can in turn add bad snacks or expired snacks that can injure counsoler once consumed. The snack could have a green look to it as if old and expired which once eaten will take your health down like getting hit with a Jason knife kind of damage but stamina would still refill. Eating expired food would have both a positive and negative benefit for the counsoler. Thank you
  12. Huh? I said PERK SLOTS, not items slots (unclebunt). If you max your level to 101 or "prestige" it would be nice to get a 4th PERK SLOT, you know like Marathon/restful/dads a cop/ice cold
  13. As a reward to Max Level players, it would be nice to receive an extra Perk Slot for the hard work. It's a goal or reason the players will have to obtain Max Level, and if you raise the level cap in the future maybe other rewards or more perk slots per prestige.
  14. If Jason is in Rage Mode, he should have the ability to knock down a few specific trees along the main road to help slow down vehicle escapes. Tree falling could also potentially kill a counselor as well. ~cheers Nick Polniak (PonyDx) PS4
  15. Come on Devs, Host Migration is a simple code that all major online gaming companies have and its been around for over 10 years. True not all host migration systems work great but it's a cheap and easy update to prevent a 90% game drop due to the host quitting because they died. Let's just hope it comes installed with the October update or physical copy.