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  1. I also keep having the voices swap out randomly. Someone mentioned this was "by design" earlier: Horse hockey. It's jumping the gender gap as well, I kill Buggzy and he screams with Jenny's voice.
  2. PC/Steam: Offline bot counselors bug and repeat animations while trying to perform tasks (install battery, fuel car, repair phone). Unclear if they will succeed while on-screen this way. I don't let them. Offline bot counselors are sometimes not showing up with Sense. Seems to affect Deborah and AJ mostly. You can be looking right at them. Offline bots having out of body experiences while hiding under beds. Their immortal bodies will crawl from under the bed and stand vigil to prevent you from interacting with the trigger. Workaround is to leave and come back: They may have crawled from under the bed for real by then. Increased (by far) instances of bots repeatedly jumping in and out of windows. This includes a few "suicides" when I'm nowhere near them. Consider removing the trumpet from water kills. The music for these sequences already has a built in fanfare and there's no shock grab when the trumpet plays. I've had to lower my graphics setting to low to avoid frame rate stalls. No idea what my frame rate is, but the game actually does run smoother... but every 3-5 seconds it sticks for a few frames causing a disorienting stutter. Appears to be post-processing. The grab is ass. I know others complain of this too, but it's ruining my fun through frustration. I've had to swipe at bots 7 times to nab them right in front of me while cornered. I've watched my hand pass over and even through the target. I've dived in front of them to perform jazz hands as a finale to an unwitting song and dance routine. I don't have a problem with the new animation or the trumpet, but with the exceptional precision now required.
  3. We're no longer in the era of cartridge or disc games where what the developer ships is all there is. For a game to have active, ongoing development there has to be a compensation beyond the initial sale. Otherwise you are actually asking the developers to keep working a year past release for "free." Bills still got to get paid. DLC (not including the $100 of "launch day" bilking some big studios do) is a way to game developers to expand and fund the ongoing development. Used right, DLC is literally a way for developers to simply add more content and get return on investment. And if you don't want the DLC, you aren't forced to buy it, nothing changes about what you already own. If they started adding new weapons and kills (predicated on the ability to swap them out), then they would have to bring someone in to do more mocap, animators to tweak the mocap, and artists to render the weapons and effects. That's not even counting the "little people" who come up with the ideas and help move them to actual product. Unlock systems are fine as part of the base game design, but it's unreasonable to expect companies to continuously release new content gated solely by it. You don't "unlock" dessert when eating out by consuming everything on your plate first. You buy it separate if you want it (no restrictions).
  4. How about silver(113)/gold(150) weapon skins? Doesn't even require a skin, just grey/yellow base tone and some phong shading. We're talking about stroking someone's entitled sense of epeen anyway, it doesn't get more showoff than actual bling.
  5. I'll give you one good reason why this should just be a standard feature: The ability to sell new weapon/kill DLCs without the need to create a new Jason. I'll throw money at new ways to kill, but not if I can't actually use them. So in addition to disappointing the vast majority of the fan base, it's a really bad business decision going forward. I was looking forward to this feature more than any other. I'm a year in, 200 hours logged, and just level 80. I've spent the past few months talking about how much more fun it will be to pair favorite Jason's with their actual on-screen weapons. This really dumb decision to level lock what should be a basic feature is just a senseless slap in the face.
  6. A vote kick system could also work by assigning salt for yes votes. The premise being that a few salt will not put you in the mines, so occasional use of a vote-kick to deal with trolls won't put you under. But, if you are frequently using it, you wind up in the mines with other abusive players. The net effect would be the ability to kick trolls on occasion without risking yourself as a fair player while the bad players in the mines continue to do whatever somewhere else. The kicked player should also get salt to push them closer to the mines if they continue to not get the hint. Meanwhile, the victim of an occasional troll kick wouldn't earn enough to endanger them. Serial abusers should be accruing points much faster than genteel players.
  7. How about just immune to stun in Rage mode? I like the debris idea, but really counselors should "get the hell away" when Jason is in Rage. I'll throw in an exception: the sweater should work, and the rest of the kill setup, even through Rage.
  8. I searched but didn't see. Please add a "Random" button to the map selection screen for Offline Bots mode.
  9. What this really comes down to is that Counselors needs better rewards. Jason should kill. Being killed shouldn't be a negative for the Counselor players though. Current game play rewards only if you achieve a few small things. Jason, on the other hand, racks up points. A lot of the player killing (hitting/damaging, but not directly killing) was around people trying to score those points for themselves by taking things from others. Some of these things should reward "the team" if you are alive (and/or in the vicinity) when it happens instead of being in direct competition for them. Focus should be on getting these things quickly, before Jason can get you. So if you are in and out in 5, you can still rack up a worthwhile score and winding out the clock (intentionally) would be a net loss. My point though, is that surviving shouldn't be the goal. Surviving should be a bonus. The goal should be to do as much as you can while you can before Jason gets you. And if you do get away, good on you. Have some more. Gameplay needs to be a win-win for all people involved. Not an auto-win, just worthwhile for players other than Jason too.
  10. Do away with the 3 universal inventory slots and make 4 specific item slots instead. Carry no more than one of each knife, spray, firecracker, and keys. Make them all visible on the belt.
  11. +1 for pulling counselors out of hiding. Award the +50 seeker (1 time per counselor only) and allow a chance at another kill bonus.
  12. Then they need to change their plans. "Online" mode is 87.5% counselor play, so offline mode as the tutorial/practice we never got leaves a huge gap.
  13. Just make it a Ctrl+Mousewheel option so you can glide between the two.
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