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  1. I want a purely awesome Jason game with nothing else in it. As serious and as horror as it can be.I damn near dont even want any reference to jasonx cause its like a bad star trek episode with a half ass jason...
  2. I agree.they take on damage or grit the more traumatic of a state they are in.that would be cool as hell.
  3. Maybe the higher the fear meter is, the more complex and gorier the kill will be. Like instead of just slashing a throat,if the meter was high, he would slash the throat and cleave the face in two...
  4. @deadguy71 I couldnt agree with this more! A mechanic that could work is in The Last Of Us online game. In the mode "interrogation" it takes time to do tasks. Namely opening safes.to find the safe, you must shake info out of an opponent like 4 times.while doing this you can be killed.your completely vulnerable.the foes teammates are alerted that one of their own is being interrogated.after finding the safe,it has to unlocked in phases... So..this could work here.doing naughty things and other tasks like skinny dipping,gettin high,etc could be tasks to be done,that would- a)leave you vulnerable,b)take time,c)unlock something else vital to completing mission,d)give achievement point. Doing like 5 give or take of these per round to get to vital things in the game would be a necessary element someone would have to sacrifice for,but would set up for a kill also. @finalguy, id love a daylight/night cycle,but i think the creators set in stone that everything takes place at night,during 1 night.
  5. Maybe we should make a thread with a list of killable NPCs to put in...maybe you could grab one and use them as a human shield to protect youreslf,or save them to gain powerups or bonuses...
  6. Hello all. Uber f13 jason fan from memphis,tn here.My name is Erin. I contributed 75 or so dollars to the kickstarter for the physical reward.im a indie film producer and graphic designer. Super lazy grammatically when posting with the phone lol.
  7. At the start of the game/match you could choose an "era". Early 80s, late 80s,early 90s,2000. All would affect the look and state of crystal lake, as well as the skins available for each period...but that would degrade freedom of selectivity.id like to still have the option of throwing sackhead jason into a manhattan map.
  8. Yeah i think if the abilities changed per skin,maybe it could break down sort've like this,although i know there will be other skins i am not listing,but i digress.. Part2-could start with access to many weapons with strong melee power,but is the weakest of Jasons in hand to hand.takes damage from fire and cannot walk underwater.can meditate in shack by moms head for life regeneration.can also run. Part3-same as above,without meditation and weapon bonuses.can track players in "3D",wounded or running players would be in red, hiding players in blue. Part 4-same,no 3d vision. Ability would be beserker rage temporary boost.this gives power to attacks. Also could "play dead" to throw off attackers. Part 6-starts with military belt of weapons.can summon bursts of lightning for health boosts.cannot run.takes no damage from fire.can walk underwater.has a 1 punch kill move.can break through doors with body. Part 7-same as above no lightning. Can teleport.has invincibility burst. Part 8-i dont know part 8 was okay but kinda lame...lol Part 9-lame also but maybe could temporarily morph into a counselor skin to lure others for attack
  9. Just a cool idea that prob will never see the light of moon. The Winter Crystal Lake map: -Features incriments of heavy snowfall, hindering visibilty,(but imagine the white hockeymask glaring at you against the white snow). -Momentarily, Jason can track footprints in snow. -If Jason kills outside blood trails left in snow,(making it harder for him to hide body) -No lake,it is frozen. Players can slide across it though. -Counselors outside for extended periods suffer coldness,which affect power and speed of attacks. -Counselors can warm up,staying normal,by lighting fires inside fireplaces and outside. However,fires outside will go out,and will send smoke plumes alerting Jason.This could be used as a decoy also to lure for an ambush. -Random treefall can hurt counselors. -Jason can impale on ice spikes and fallen trees. -broken tree limbs can be used as last resort natural element weapon. -counselors can get stuck in snow ditches and fall into ice areas of lake. It would be a fun unprecidented F13 map to play i think. With the sounds of wind howling and kikiki hahaha.
  10. I like this idea,it would be great if this could be achieved, abilities wise, with the change of Jason skin you use. Maybe for instance: Jason part 3 can run,efficent with certain weapons. Cannot swim or walk in water,weakened by heavy weapons and fire. Final chapter Jason has something different.maybe stealthier..or has more power and rage. Part 6 can only walk, can walk under water,stronger in close proximity with hands can kill. Part 2,7,8,9 skin change etc. Different abilities per skin change. This would give an incintive to change jason skins besides just for looks alone.
  11. I wonder also will there be any sort of healing system implimented...maybe Jason could heal some for every person he kills.and there could be medic classes or attributes for counselors with 1st aid boxes.
  12. For Jason players: "C.J. Graham" beat game as pt 6 jason "Kane Hodder", etc. All people that played Jason. "Doublemince twins"-impale 2 or more counselors at once. "Andy's yoyo" kill soneone from above. "World of pane" throw someone through a window. "Classic voorhees" kill someone in the water. "Have a nice day" throw someone into a tree. "Yardwork" kill someone with a gardening tool. "Smores" kill someone in a sleeping bag over a fire. "Iconic" kill with every way possible. For Counselors: "Jason Lives"-find Jasons open grave in cemetery. "Mamas sweet boy"-find Jasons shack of bodies in woods. "Mommy dearest"-find Jasons moms head- could be in a refridgerator in a cabin ir in shack. "Keep warm" find jasons moms sweater. "Imposter" kill Jason on bed of spikes. "Waste Management" throw a barrel of toxic waste at Jason. "Good times" beat Jason while high. "Camp blood"- spraypaint camp blood on all crystal lake signage at camp. "Voltage voorhees" electrocute Jason "Tough as tina" knock off jasons mask. "Tough as tommy" kill jason more than once.
  13. I posted a few of these on the other forum but im going to make a collective post here as well. Things I hope to see: 1-random occurences of rain/fog hindering visibility (maybe Jason would get an advantage in this) 2-children NPCs present. 3-a snow version of Crystal Lake with a frozen lake. 4-Players can swim. Also besides canoes have a motorboat or 2. 5-When Jason is critically injured, his mask breaks or is knocked off. 6-enviornment kill areas for players to kill Jason via the movies(pt 6 chaining,pt 3 hanging) 7-Jason can cut power to camp,only lights then would be campfire,flashlight,moonlight. Players can repair lights, but multiple electrical boxes around camp. 8-Alice Coopers man behind the mask should play during credits lol
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