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  1. C.J graham said if they asked him to play jason he would come back also.
  2. Exactly. Ill give you that. Hes about equal to sackhead. Part 3 and 4 were beasts.
  3. ^hey bro where the heck u been? My bad lol that was meant for tyrant666
  4. I regret buying the savini jason without seeing it first. Lesson learned. His legendary status had my faith in him too high i guess. Its not bad, i just dont like it. Gotta see the product first.
  5. No you make alot of sense. And what I replied is in essence what you said. In a nutshell. But I know you are a peaceful mod and you will maintain it as such
  6. I get what your saying. Must be nice to have a job where you can just read all day and not respond and trust others to take up your slack lol
  7. Shit aint true dont feed into that bro. Even jpops himself offers more complete info, solid posts and matter of fact answers to things. Sometimes, its just in the way its presented. The tone. Hell, ill even rather have jpops as community mgr. Even then it would seem like answers are getting out more so then what ben does, and this is a work observation not a personal one.
  8. Ben does well? Lol yes i suppose for someone if they just go from account to account copying and pasting soon, early 2017, stuff, etc... Lol
  9. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BdqM8WvDnp0 Maniacs or those with amped up adrenaline can. Normal people lift cars off of others to save them.
  10. Nope nope just nope. An axe didnt go deep?! If someone lodges an axe into yoyr head where it doesnt fall out on its own and holds in place isnt deep? Thats bone there in the forehead (clearly seen in his bone in part 7) and he didnt die. Part 9 doesnt count. If they couldnt even get the eye right surely details about jasons strength wouldnt be correct either. The machete to the head in 4 killed him. And jason isnt durable in the end (parts 2-4) actually, as he gets closer to 4 he becomes more unstoppable. Look at everything he took in part 4s end. In part 3 he was hung...and AT DISTANCE. A fall like that wouldve broken the average persons neck, on top of a choke, he was hung for a few minutes. I outright disagree with your comparision. Roy received NO life endangering wounds that jason did. If he did, NAME IT. Ill promptly shoot it down.
  11. Hells no. Part 5 isnt the worst. Why? Just because it isnt a real jason? It does have the real jason in it however. It feels more like a f13 film than jgth, jx or fvj.
  12. No u dont lie. Roy fell down when a chainsaw was thrown at him. Roy doubled over when stuck in his pee pee. Jason in part 4 had a tv electrocute his head, had his hand cleaved in 2 and a hammer buried in his neck. Hell in part 2 he took a machete half way through his upper torso. Roy def aint no jason.
  13. Randy used to post. In fact one of my first post ideas he responded to. Bens post for the most part is just irritating af. He may just playing but it seems like Hobbs is quite annoyed with him as well from the last pax video. I wish personally that wes was the community manager, but hey i wish trump wasnt president either lol what can u do?
  14. I want Eternia Jason. Imbued with the power of Greyskull...or the dark power of snake mountain...or the horde...or the slime pit...yeah part 8 jason slimy from a toxic waste slime pit! Kick ass!
  15. Yeah im just speaking from the perspective of someone who produces things for the public. Materials cost money. Also time and skill go unpaid for alot of the time...often you end up feeling like a slave for your craft. So i can relate to anyone who wants to be compensated for badass work
  16. I understand your stance with the free maps and i agree on that. Honestly everything should be free. But realistically...they wont be. Someone has to get paid to produce more content. I cant be mad at that either.
  17. @plox Well u have to think...more kills that are not in the game cost money...alot. They have to mocap them, put into game, make sure it works like doesnt clip or look awkward or bug out, etc. Code it...thats not easy and people dont work for free. We want it...but theyre not running a charity house. We should have to pay something for an expansion if we want it...my opinion.
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