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  1. Roy is NOT a low priority believe it or not. Alot of people actually want him.
  2. Like nightmare on elm st lol or predator lol
  3. They could aalways go the cheap way and have it appear in the inventory box. That way it would be a surprise to the Jason player when the counselor had it. And... Most of my ideas are for patches or dlc...i dont want nothing new put in game. Just the game finished as well. Ideas i throw out now are for the future. The truth is, some counselors or players have no luck. You may be having a bad match, or you could be a bad player. It would be to assist someone in those scenarios.
  4. Yeah lol he got me started in the horrorlife. Ive passed the tradition on. Both my kids (2 and 5) have seen every friday, nightmare, walking dead thing it is to watch.lol weve run out of horror to watch. We just watched train to busan. My 5 yr old said" dad this is a sad zombie movie, i feel sorry for that kid" lol
  5. F13 was the first game my dad got me with my NES. I played it even before mario. It blew my mind that there was actually a Jason game. I kept staring at the iconic image of Jason from part 7 on the cover.
  6. I doubt that. Its baseless...but I doubt it. Either that or its too hard. I mean...the devs KNOW how to do it and even then they could only get it to happen 1 in 75 matches. Shit odds.
  7. It wont be a secret for long. If its interactable in game, first week: youtube.
  8. Mr. Darrin Howard is the father of all things imbuable. And dark. And magic with supernatural power. With crying and moaning. Thats his kind of thing.
  9. Maybe it could be "buffed" even more and even rarer in event. If you add a stipulation like there must be no survivors left or everyone else has escaped. You are the last one left alone, and if you can get to the sweater and the jason player has rage, it would deactivate the rage to give you an edge for survival. Thats the requirement for it to stop rage, you have to be alone for it to work this way.
  10. I posted a countermeasure against rage, its one time use, rare find item. A last ditch effort to save a counselor who has no hope.
  11. I understand that, i was just going of the example name of the file. If it had stun in it, thats pretty specific in function. I love what the devs are doing. However, some decisions they have made have been on the easier less than creative side imo. Wouldnt surprise me if it was another stun item, but that would be so disappointing. Another opportunity missed.
  12. If thats the case, yet another way to stun jason? How creative! Why dont you just stop playing then once rage activates? Hell, im supposed to lose any way, pretty much have no chance, i might as well just quit now. I think you guys are missing the point but..oh well. This is the type of thinking that gives us crappy hollywood remakes lol. The idea behind stopping the rage is that it soothes him, calms him down...reminds him of his mother. Why would a sweater stun him? In the game, when jason is stunned, he either freezes and moves slow, OR falls straight back on the ground. Thats pretty dumb if it does that. Like whats the basis of the sweater doing that?
  13. That's the point. your supposed to lose...it's a tool to turn the tides in a rather dire situation. it adds excitement, never knowing if it will work or not. To your point of stuns breaking, lasting only awhile etc, that doesn't negate the fact that there are multiple ways to stun him. Ive seen rage activated pretty early on, allowing the Jason player to in a sense wipe the board. Also, Ive seen A Jason player get stunned at the right time and the player escape. You only need one good stun used at the right time to get out. Still more ways to stun. there needs to be more items with different effects and value. "oh I found this, this stuns, oh and this one...this stuns, oh look here..cool..this stuns..." its nice to find something and really decide, hey I could use this or, this isn't going to help my strategy, ill leave it, etc. hell, why not make the med spray stun Jason too if you spray it in his face or under his arms?
  14. I think it needs a different use. If rage, once activated, never burns out, its basically your ass. Finding the sweater would give a last ditch effort to a player in dire need, or one that isnt with options, who has been left or whatever. We dont need no more stuns for jason. Weapons can stun him, bear traps stun him, firecrackers stun him, flareguns stun him, pocketknives stun him. Too many stuns as is.
  15. So had this idea, what if a randomly spawned once per match, possibly with only 1 use, item that could be found was Pamela's sweater. Anyone could use it, the effect would cause the Jason player to lose rage ability. It would nullify it, only once per match. To work though, the Jason player would have to see the player with the sweater on, in rage mode. Just a cool nod to the films and nes game. Thoughts guys?
  16. You're doomed Bruce. Simply doomed. Have a doomed day!
  17. It certainly is good for hella laughs, honestly. It used to be frustrating, but if you join in with ideas, what joy! Oh happy joy!
  18. Oh okay i gotcha. I just wondered because theres so much coverage of it already, the secrets have been revealed and it isnt updated anymore. Even the jgth and j8 models were leaked before it even came into the cabin. Just informing you in case. Didnt want you to feel like you were wasting your money thats all.
  19. Is there a particular reason why you still want the virtual cabin? Just curious...
  20. It def wouldnt fit with the realistic look of the game, even if we get our coveted "NES 8 bit" skin, Id imagine it would look like part 3 with purple clothes or a purple mechanics jumpsuit like Michael Myers and a green mask and skin, in realistic fashion.
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