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  1. Death implied that you guys were. Thats where offended came into play. Maybe it wouldve served better to countdown the end of early 17. But eh...thus is the type of forum this is. And with all this hooplah, im out.
  2. May 1st ends early 2017. Thats fact. I hope we are wrong, but...we will see. And p.s. the pictures insulted nobody. If they did, thats a personal problem. Noone was called out specifically. Rumors are going to go anyways...even when you provide correct info, regardless.
  3. @death Well to them...dont be so sensitive. Do the work put it out and prove the naysayers wrong. You have a deadline, you have no time to be "insulted". Tf?! They felt threatened over pictures that suggested "thoughts and opinions" anybody can misinterpret ANYTHING. To those people I say,"read more".
  4. Haha ben and jpops the truth hurts. Stopped a little levity amongst members based of really nothing. Must be onto something. If it was truely false or harmless it couldve continued. At best we wouldve been proven wrong and ate crow. Wouldbt have been the first time. Thing is, whether we post little (apparently harmful) pictures or not, the countdown is still there, and forum members know it. This type of bull reminds me of why i left the first place.
  5. Some still wont get it, or will refuse it because of being imbued with perpetual grumpiness lol
  6. This forum is dead. People dont really have much to post about.everything now is mostly speculation. People are clamoring for excitement and something to talk about. Ive been here sinve the beginning, its def scarce in comparasion to the heyday.
  7. I, for one, fully understand IF they do not meet the early 2017 window. Hell, theres enormous work to do, and they are understaffed by normal standards. But...that doesnt negate the fact that they early 2017 date could be missed. I think, behind the scenes they have more things going than we know, and are on the cusp of release. But...WITHOUT an official release date, regardless of what, the countdown to early 2017 still presses on. Just my opinion.
  8. The countdown is for the end of 2017 (with the 30 day after cert window attached) to make early 2017 release. May 1st ends early 2017. May 1st is Mid 2017 (summer months).
  9. I think he doesnt want to be playing the game and because alot of people may play mortal kombat jason he doesnt like that aspect. He'd rather be chased by a more traditional jason. Thats whats disappointing to him. I think.
  10. R.I.P. Mr. Howard. "Here lies a dark soul...now imbued with the current he could never find in life"... The 1st camper to actually be doomed.
  11. Ben kindve indicated that there will only be 1 weapon per Jason. He wasnt too specific, but he said in a nutshell there is a reason why they chose specific weapons for each Jason. Has something to do with kill animations I think. Bad idea? Yes. But...this team is extremely limited with everything. I still maintain there will only be 1 axe per...ahem I mean weapon per Jason. Could be (hopefully) Im wrong. But youre right the trailer did show Jasons with different weapons. If this is so, I dont know why they would keep this a secret, its pissing people off.
  12. For me, it would be (in no order): 1: super mario bros series 2: castlevania series 3: zelda link to the past 4: ghouls and ghosts OR wizards and warriors 5: metroid series
  13. I love the failed skill check shock idea! Wish more people like you were developing the game also. Guns doing a great job, i just think things couldve been enhanced a bit further imo.
  14. Dude...as said before, Jason has killed over 200 people. With numerous weapons. There are no shortage of weapons to choose from. He didnt always resort to axes when living or dead. This isn't Hatchet. I wont hold it against you...everyones not a student of the f13 films or horror in general. I myself, obsess over it. Trust me, there are plenty of options Jason couldve had.
  15. Not to mention, although different, part 2 has a "pick AXE". creativity runs low when thinking of core weapons probably, no biggie.
  16. Jason 3...axe..Jason 8..yup..its an axe..oh and Jason 9...yeah, thats an axe.(again) hell, there arent that many Jasons in the game. Lets give Savini Hell Jason a viking battleaxe while we're at it.
  17. Pooky...youre doomed. Doomed I tell you.
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