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  1. They always re-release the entire game for redownload after a patch for whatever reason.
  2. I've been in the same lobby for nearly two hours. I was host. Everyone left the lobby after a while and I left as well to join another game and couldn't. Before that a host quit once and I got a connection error twice. Now I can't play the game. Lovely.
  3. If I found five... imagine how many more there are floating around.
  4. This has been the case since October. However, you still get NOTHING if a person quits right as you grab them.
  5. That argument only works if that person said "hey, I put a trap by the car so Jason can trap the battery (or whatever)" I played a match on Packanack where someone locked all the parts for the car in the cabin that you can lock from the inside but only has one window you can't use to enter. The other objective was the boat.
  6. When I first started playing this game I was one of those that didn't like to "spawn kill". After a few hundred matches I realized that if you spawn near and objective and you don't make a point to leave right away, you understand that you may become target number one for sticking around. If a person wants to slash everyone, that's their choice. Does it make us mad when we have a pocket knife? Yep, but this game is full of choices and you should accept that being slashed is a possibility. Especially with the last update and there are nine pocket knives floating around. As a rule, I ALWAYS slash Tommy now since he spawns with a pocket knife.
  7. Blame the game. There's no real reason to do the longer & more dramatic kills. The game should award more XP for some of the more elaborate kills to entice players to use them.
  8. After The Great Nerfing of 2017 more games end with more counselors alive than before. I noticed this last. I realized I'd played about ten games and was only killed twice. And once only because I ran into a fence and screwed myself.
  9. I play on random. That way they game stays interesting and I can play differently each time I play.
  10. Actually as of this post, on average, Fox and Vanessa are tied with Deborah.
  11. Yes! I agree. Morph should not be the first ability. It should be stalk. He's freakin Jason Vorhees for crying out loud. I also think the first ability should take time to acquire instead of starting with it. Or perhaps make each Jason start off with different abilities so they all have a different playstyle. Maybe one Jason starts with stalk then gets sense and the other two abilities take longer to acquire. Or one Jason starts with Morph then Shift to make him more agile around the map.
  12. I had the same issue today. I tried everything from using a different attachment for the headset to changing controllers. It finally worked when I simply toggled the on/off switch on the Xbox to OFF then back ON and the headset worked.
  13. Where's the blood? If this person was already injured and was killed by the trap, they'd be covered in blood. It looks as if they were killed by Jason (maybe choked or another non-bloody death) and someone put that trap there for a screenshot.
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