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  1. Adult, female gamer with mic looking to add more adult friends with mics. If you are a funny or scary Jason, that's a bonus!! Add me Psn: naudia2122
  2. I really like this game but I am becoming quite irritated that almost every time I play as Jason, I glitch out. No senses, specials etc. I try to step in a trap, go in water, ask people to hit me etc, sometimes it works but most often it does not. This is VERY irritating and has been an ongoing issue. I understand you are a small group of people but please find time to fix this issue. It is very dissapointing to wait to get picked for Jason just to glitch out.
  3. Ps4- naudia2122. Looking for funny adults with mics.
  4. Psn- naudia2122 Adult female gamer with mic. Funny or scary Jason personas a big pluss! Add me!
  5. Thank you!! Sounds like good times!
  6. Hi! Adult, female gamer with mic looking to add more people to my friends list. Funny or scary Jason personas a plus. Prefer people who play game as intended, are humorous and like to play to have a good time. Must have mic and be 18+!! Psn: naudia2122
  7. Adult female gamer with mic, looking to add adult players with mics. Funny or scary Jason personas a big plus. Send me friend req. Psn: Naudia2122 on ps4
  8. Add me please naudia2122. Have mic!
  9. Hey also from w mich, Battle Creek. Add me Naudia2122
  10. Add mw let's play naudia2122
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