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  1. Wow you are very toxic, telling me i'm hallucinating for hating cheaters.
  2. Yea the under the bridge spot is so broken because you can't use anything, throwing knives get stopped by the invisible barriers :/
  3. They did tweet about fixing the bridge glitch, so im pretty sure they care, but I hope they do mass glitch spot fixes in 1 patch. And as for the other consoles- Im on PC and there is so much of it, at least 1-2 people a game are exploiting.
  4. Yea, I mean- I expected glitches to be around for awhile since it just released, but I didn't think they would be so easy to get into, simply walking under a bridge so Jason can't get you is total bs. I really hate being Jason now because everyone just exploits.
  5. Your saying cheating isn't bannable? , and how is there no proof? literally bottom right corner of the pic, i put the summary board there so people could see who was cheating.
  6. Really upsetting to just have to sit here while cheaters wait the time out, completely unfair I really hope you ban these guys edit: i managed to kill one of them by pretending to be afk and putting traps all around myself.
  7. Hey guys I just started working on a discord for f13! I couldn't find a good one myself so I thought i'd create one, I am looking for some moderators as well if anyone is interested. Thanks! https://discord.gg/sUjTUrq *lots of setup to do so I am very busy*
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