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  1. I wanted to do something a little more "Criterion Collection" for the Steam cover, but I couldn't find anything that looked super appropriate. I considered either doing this same F13:tG concept poster but in the purple-teal 1989 Nintendo colors, or maybe a good screencap of Jason raising the axe over his head that they used for the box for that game. Unfortunately the only screen I could find is really videotapey.
  2. Hey Gun...I was fiddling around in Photoshop earlier and thought I'd toss a few concept boxes on the stoop to see if the cat would lick them up. I used to do book covers for a living. I like the colors on the Xbox one, but the PS4 box is really striking. Xbox One Playstation 4
  3. Heck, I'd be happy with anecdotes / GIFs of the goofiest glitches you've encountered along the way, or maybe some kind of dev journal, or even just those casual updates on the board. I just really like going along for the ride and seeing what goes into making the game. Seeing the hilarious things that come out of unforeseen bugs are just icing on the cake. Either way, keep on keepin' on. I'm just glad to see this game coming out of development hell.
  4. Oh definitely, I didn't think it would be any time soon. I know the game's still not in a good place yet. I was just hoping I could get Gun's take on what a good long-term timeframe would be so I could watch for stream announcements. I know you guys are vets at development, and I figured you have the dev cycle down to a science. For what it's worth, I appreciated the alpha gameplay video. It really put a face on a lot of the concepts for me, and helped to crystallize the style of game I could expect in the finished product. I'm more excited now than I was when I backed it.
  5. It'd be awesome if we could follow the development process with incremental devtest streams every now and again, confined to backers / forum members. Any kind of word on when/if that could happen? I think it would be fun to laugh at bugs with you guys as you squash them along the way...plus you could run adverts during the stream like any other Twitcher and make a little bit of funding money for development on the side.
  6. What about a combination of: * if counselor/Jason quits, AI takes over * penalizing quitters by matchmaking them with each other You're not going to make people want to stop playing the game if they're already not playing it. Chasing away quitters with penalties won't hurt those of us that actually want to stay and play...so you're gonna come out even, regardless.
  7. Can't wait to see how the game comes along! Good to see you folks outside the Kickstarter site!
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