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  1. I used permutation formula to see how many combinations can be made. Answer is 362 880. Have fun with that. Anyway, i would first try machete with every Jason and then spear.
  2. I spent some time searching if there was already sound effect focused thread. Didn´t find any, so here it goes. Now that we are getting engine update with better performance i´m sure they can add more sound effects and processing. Tell us your suggestions. What would you add and/or change? Have you encountered buggy or missing sound effect(s)? Share your thoughts. 1) One effect that´s missing is sound of raining on the roof when you are inside a building. 2) When Jason is other side of a wall picking throwing knives or setting traps it sounds too clear, like there´s no wall between at all. The higher the frequency the more it gets attenuated. Counselors screams are more properly muffled when they are heard far away. That´s good, but i suggest that developers would add this muffling effect for other sounds as well. Muffling should get cumulative with increasing amount of obstacles between player camera and sound source. Attenuation should also be depented of the material of the obstacle. Devs coould use real life data if possible. Another example where attenuation would increase realism are sounds heard inside of a car. At the moment sound of wheel rolling on sandy road is too clear. I think it is also same thing with engine sound. 3) The opposite of above would be room gain. Sound pressure rises more in smaller spaces. Example: shotgun bein shot outside vs inside a cabin. 4) When Jason is hitting door with his weapon, it sounds slightly too crispy. Crispiness shoud be toned down a little bit. I´m not suggesting simple bass boost, but some editing for it´s transients. Also there´s no sound when Jason´s weapon first collides with closet door. 5) When Jason first morphs out of his shack and immediately starts walking/running, first few steps are muted. Bigger problem is at stairs where his footsteps are completely muted. I have experienced this only from Jason´s perspective. I don´t know if it affects counselors as well. 6) Simple delay between sound source and player. Example: you happen to witness shotgun getting shot at a distance and then you hear the shot with correct delay. 7) There´s no sound when moving on shallow water.
  3. On first page +Fear is made to increase fear 2x as fast, but there´s no mention about how fast it depletes. I guess fear would deplete 2x slower than normal.
  4. I have discovered another new, slightly faster way to destroy doors without entering combat stance. Almost like in the "Goodbye to Door Combat" video above on this site. 1) Move Jason on the door so that his right half is against the door 2) Turn camera to face Jason (crucial step to pull this off) 3) Start hitting the attack button. Jason is now swinging his weapon like in combat stance but the weapon seems to never get stuck on the door. Also it seems that Jason can start the next swing again slightly quicker compared to combat stance. Turning the camera fast enough is important achieve this speed boost. Tested on PC.
  5. I have not seen this trick being mentioned yet: when you grab counselor who has pocket knife, take a quick look on your surroundings for possible escape routes and try to position Jason so that you can block them. Remember that Jason takes two steps back and depending of the angle of incident, he will slide more or less along the hitbox of obstacle. This way you can buy yourself some time. Counselor is forced spend time to find next possible escape route. It´s very effective if you do this in rooms with only one way out. Also if you do it correctly after you have grabbed car driver, you can block driver from getting in the car. I always try to do this trick against bots.
  6. Where is everybody from...

  7. In my opinion Weapon Strength and Destruction should be merged to one ability. It feels strange that fireaxe chooses to do more damage to doors but less to counselors. It´s like the fireaxe is aware of its surroundings. I suggest that this new ability would be simply called Weapon Damage. It also affects how quickly Jason can destroy hiding places. -Weapon Damage: Barricaded door -> 7 hits. Unbarricaded door -> 4 hits (glass doors -> 2 hits). Unperked counselor -> 5 hits. 25% slower hiding place destruction speed. Neutral Weapon Damage: Barricaded door -> 5 hits. Unbarricaded door -> 3 hits. Unperked counselor -> 4 hits. Normal hiding place destruction speed. +Weapon Damage: Barricaded door -> 3 hits. Unbarricaded door -> 2 hits. Unperked counselor -> 3 hits. 25% faster hiding place destruction speed. 7 hits do barricaded door may seem excessive but with combat stance it shouldn´t be that much slower at all.
  8. I was thinking about Stun Resistance when i got an idea for stun situations where Jason falls on his back. These apply for weapons which typically knock Jason on the ground (shotgun, baseball bat etc.). I´m suggesting these ideas to be added to what was proposed earlier in this thread. -Stun Resistance Jason falls allways on his back. Neutral Stun Resistance 50% chance of falling on his back. +Stun Resistance Never falls on his back no matter what weapon is used. Jason would just turn his head to other side like he does currently. This would look more appropriate for Uber Jason.
  9. The State of the Game...

    I also agree that dance emotes should have never been added. There should be an invisible radius around Jason, where if counselors are inside it, they would not be able to use any emotes at all. This should apply to crouching as well, so there wouldn´t be any possibility for teabagging. Other thing that needs to be removed is that rearview for counselors. It makes evading throwing knives too easy. Not being able to use rearview makes it scarier, because then you wouldn´t know if Jason is going to throw a knife. 3-4 pocketknives and sprays is good amount. The thing that irritates me when playing as Jasons is his inability to reliably hit fences with every weapons swing. And when you manage to hit fence, it breaks AFTER Jason´s swing animation is finished. If counselors hit fence, it breaks immediately on impact. So unfair.
  10. Weapon Swap & Stat System Detailed

    This sounds very good. So if I understood correctly, then these Jasons would happen: J2 + Pig Splitter = Still very good at trapping and is now slightly bigger threat in close combat. J3 + Pitchfork = Can kill counselor with only 2 hits (if +Weapon strength can be stacked) and still has quite good grip strength. J4 + Machete = A Jason that can swing his weapon quicker and is bigger threat to counselors -> thus breaks doors quicker than others because +Destruction and +Weapon strength are intact. Downside is that he has now only 2 traps. Part 6 Jason + Pick Axe = Slightly better trapper but worse at defending himself (stacked -Defense) Is it possible for example to stack +Stalk by giving J8 the Double-Head Axe or J2 + Spear (-Defense would be stacked)? If it is, then it is possible to create exaggerated strengths and weaknesses. Some change suggestions or alternative modifiers players can choose. Spear: +1 Sense replaced with +1 or 2 Throwing knives Double-Head Axe: -1 trap replaced with -Hit points (only Part 9 has this weakness at the moment, would be unique)
  11. On the first site of this thread you @Alkavian suggested about having 4 strengths and weaknesses for all Jasons. Would it be possible to add link to @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow "4 Strengths & Weaknesses Overhaul Version 3.0" thread at first site of this thread? Link: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/9733-4-strengths-weaknesses-overhaul-version-30/ 4 Strengths & Weaknesses Overhaul Version 3.0"
  12. Would it be too OP if Rage would make Jason able to break those bigger fences at Higgins Haven barn or fences at balconies? I mean only those balconies at first floor. Rage is cool but i would like to break some more stuff and fences would be good addition to that list. Hopefully in future we would be able to break some furniture.
  13. I have idea for Stalk. How about if Stalk makes setting traps and picking throwing knives completely muted. Two scenarios: 1) Jason activates Stalk and is waiting for good opportynity to strike. Counselor is in nearby room so it is possible to hear a knife getting picked. Jason also happens to be next to a throwing knife. Jason could be more efficient if he could be able to silently pick throwing knives while keeping an eye on the counselor. 2) Jason happens to have traps left and then Stalk-Shifts to front door. He now quietly places trap and then breaks in. This causes panick on counselors and one of them may step to that trap because he/she didnt knew about it.
  14. I have thought of some strategies regarding what to destroy as Jason. I haven´t tested all of them, so opinions of their usefulness is appreciated. If building, room or outdoor area has, lets say, 2-3 hiding places, then destroy everything but one. No one shouldn´t be that dumb to hide at only hiding place. For example those two hiding places located at left and right side of the Higgins Havens barn entrance is godd example to apply this strategy. I would also guess, that destroying hiding places near windows used for looping is good strategy. A cabin next to car is obviously used for shelter, so that should be destroyed more thoroughly. Another good thing to do is to break holes to doors which can´t be barricaded. This way you can quickly see if someone tries to hide in the room and you can quickly destroy them when needed. Also, do destroy radios as early as possible. Is this "selective destroying" strategy something that could use more extensive research?
  15. What if +Destruction makes Jason able to break hiding places twice as fast. This would give those Jasons another way to wear down counselors. Hiding places will quickly recharge stamina, so making part 4 able to quickly break them at the start of the match sounds exciting. I have been thinking about Uber Jason´s stats and i want to suggest one change. Maybe Uber Jason should have +Hit Points simply because he has metal armor. No other Jasons has this strength, so it would make Uber Jason more unique. That metal mask seems to be stuck on his face extremely well. I´m not sure which one of destruction and wepons strength should get replaced if +Hit Points is added.