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  1. As someone who got killed twice in a row literally in the very first minute, because Jason morphed right on top of me at the main lodge... The best thing to do is *not* go toward the main lodge. The morph power is necessary in the beginning, because otherwise it disadvantages the players closer to Jason. With morph, Jason can go anywhere, and so no one is really safe. That's what Friday the 13th is supposed to be about. Play smart. Jason does not start out with the "sense" power. Which means he can only track movement. Find a cabin other than the main lodge to run to, search it, and try not to attract too much attention to yourself.
  2. I played the other night with a kid who was 10, maybe 11 tops. Let me tell you, that kid was on top of his shit. He was not messing around. He was telling all of the other players in the group what they should be doing - looking for items, locking the doors, grabbing the gasoline, etc. Seriously, 30- and 40-year olds were listening to this kid! He was like the John Connor of the Friday the 13th game. He survived every single round, including when I was Jason - and when he was Jason, he got everyone. Sometimes the kids take this shit way more seriously than the adults.
  3. My daughter initially tried the hide-in-one-place strategy. And it almost worked. Jason went there several times during the round and left. Until she was the last one in the game. Everyone else had either been killed or escaped. So Jason knew she was there. He killed her in the last 10 seconds.
  4. Friendly fire is enabled because (a) accidents happen in real life, and the possibility of shooting a friend while attacking Jason *should* give someone pause; and (b) sometimes counselors may want to legitimately kill a counselor for, say, their place in the boat, or in the car - and, while not nice (obviously), it is a real world issue. I like the friendly fire element, if it is used in-character. But if some prick is just trolling for shits and giggles, then yeah, that takes a lot of fun out of it.
  5. Yeah, it crashed twice in a row for me last night. So annoying.
  6. Keep in mind that the violence is mostly cartoonish. Watching this game is not disturbing in the way that, say, watching The Hills Have Eyes is. It's more like a Road Runner Cartoon...... ... Granted, a Road Runner cartoon where Wile E. Coyote gets his back snapped, or his arms chopped off. :-)
  7. Yes, he hears the police transmitting to each other no matter where he is.
  8. Hey all. Longtime Friday the 13th fan. I am 43 years old now, but was 8 years old when I happened to catch the last half hour of Part 2 on TV. It gave me nightmares but I loved it so much that I made my parents take me to see Part 3, which came out the following weekend. Since then, I have seen all of the first 8 films multiple times. (The remaining films I saw once each; the New Line films just do not have the same magic, if you can call it that.) So, yeah, big fan of F13. Oh, and my name in real life is also Jason, so there is that. I'm a newbie to the game. I've played in maybe 12 rounds so far, three times as Jason. I pretty much suck, but I enjoy it thoroughly. I've also been playing with my twin 13 year old daughters, who love the game as much as I do. So if you ever catch me online and I sound like a teenage girl, that's why. I have it on both consoles, so add me to either: Xbox: brainsaddiction PSN: jasonlore
  9. I liked Part 7 Jason (visually, he is my favorite), but he is ridiculously slow, which keeps him from being my go-to. Yes, he has great water speed, but it has not been very often that that has been needed. At the moment, I prefer Jason 3, because of his speed, and Jason 6, because the spear is awesome.
  10. I am amazed that the game does not let the campers have sex, thereby automatically alerting Jason to their presence.
  11. Yeah, I had the same problem with Skullcrusher1156 (or something like that) on PS4. He was working with a guy named jrg(with a shitload of numbers). He would find counselors, start cutting them with a machete, and then Jason would pop in for the kill. Then when all of the players were dead, Jason let the guy chop his mask off for the points. But it was fine. We got our revenge the next round. Me and the two guys I was with found both of them, one at a time.
  12. I went out and bought a mic on Saturday specifically for this game because it really does make that much of a difference.
  13. I have been enjoying it immensely. But I am definitely a newbie, and the learning curve on this game is steep. Still, awesome game.
  14. Yeah, I've had a few host issues too. It would be nice if it automatically, randomly selected someone else.
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