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  1. I just posted a similar thread before seeing this one. I lost out on almost 4000 CP.
  2. This was during the time that login/database errors were happening. I was trying to buy a Jason animation that cost 1,000 CP. I clicked it multiple times and nothing happened. I backed out to the main menu and received multiple pop up "errors". I started with around 1,100 CP, received the animation, but ended with -3,912 CP. I've since recovered my CP but I am wondering if I will be refunded that CP.
  3. Roll perks for counselors early. I spent a lot of CP on Jason animations, which are really cool and all, but some counselor perks give you a huge boost which will get you more wins and more XP/CP.
  4. They didn't say this fix would specifically fix the backend XP/CP issues I don't think. This is strictly for logging in and staying logged in I believe.
  5. I understand that lost CP/XP are supposed to be recovered eventually, is there any word about having negative CP? I'm negative 4000 CP and I'm concerned that if I play right now it'll just be a waste of time if they just end up resetting CP instead of refunding my CP.
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