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  1. I think the pocket knife reduction was fine and certainly needed. Prior to this patch I think the amount of times where I had the option to sacrifice my med spray for a third pocket knife was ridiculous. My feeling is that there's a bit of a problem with everything else they've done with it. The weapon cull is very noticeable, as is the lack of sprays, add that together with Jason's improved speed (which I believe was actually needed for the walking Jason's but not those that run) and the return of his suction grab, oh and add in all of the usual glitches and hit detection issues and I think it's obviously a very different experience now. It's gone from one extreme to the other. Obviously this extreme is the better one as it's Jason we're talking about and he was in a pathetic state before. We should absolutely be fearing him. I like a challenge and want a challenge, but I don't think I like spending 5 minutes looting 3 large sized houses plus a small one on an island together and coming away with just a first aid spray. My guess is that the game is eventually going to reach a point where there's 7 Vanessa's running around. After my experience last night, i'm unsure I want to play a slow repair character where practically every kill performed on me on the new map was a shift grab I was sucked into whilst attempting to dodge Jason as i'm traveling the huge map, without even having firecrackers to defend myself with. The first five matches I played I came across just one firecracker and pocket knife, and that was it for my entire defensive inventory. I was walking around with nothing for three of them despite being extremely active, making my way around the map and trying to help. A bit drastic. I was further angered by two baseball bat hit detection issues where my bat failed to connect with a Jason slowly breaking through a door whilst I was in combat stance. I may as well just not even attempt to defend myself. I did manage four boat escapes though which were cool, and I do love the new map design. It's awesome. I don't want Jason made weaker. I just want counselors to have more life prolonging options (skillful ones, not pocket knifes) even if it's just for a few seconds, and for there to be more loot... oh and for the love of god allow us to push past Jason if he's stunned when standing in front of a door.
  2. What you're suggesting makes you essentially just as bad as the quitters. Having an attitude like this is selfish. How enjoyable would the game be if every single person playing had the same mindset? Do you think you're the only person that has suffered playing this game online? We've all had bad experiences, but some of us battle on in the hope of coming across rooms of decent people (which can actually be found). We don't deserve to have our games tarred by self serving-people who decide to AFK because they can't take the heartache of a possible leaver making the game end. The leavers unfortunately are the risk we all have to take when we play this game at the moment. If the double experience means that much to you, there's a single player mode that's just been added where you can get 2000+ exp for 5-7 minutes of gameplay. Do that please instead of adding to the problem we have right now. Besides quitters and cheaters, there's nothing I hate more than working my butt off, trying to help the team, to then die and witness someone standing still doing nothing. Don't sink to the level of the people that are causing you upset.
  3. I think I actually really like this idea. We take for granted our flashlights as we've always got them. Having to find one would add some much needed fear to the game, would give a little more variety to our draw opening activities, as well as upping the difficulty a little bit. Perhaps make them as common as maps so that you're likely to find one early on, but so that those "holy shit I wish I had a _______ right now" moments are still possible.
  4. It's clear the game wasn't built around single player. My first bot encounter was two of them in Higgins Haven house, stuck in a room together, their character models clipping through a chair, flickering like faulty Christmas tree lights. Characters have a fancy for: - Getting stuck on rocks - Climbing out windows to escape Jason before immediately climbing back through to meet him - Standing still as Jason approaches, giving him a free kill (the joy of AFKers now in your single player experience) - Non stop opening and shutting draws (especially if your name is Tommy Jarvis) - Casual swims when being pursued - Standing inside houses doing nothing (staying very true there to online players at least) - Hiding in plain sight - Glitching onto things and twirling It was admittedly amusing the few times I tried it but for the wrong reasons. Of the 6 matches I played, I was stunned once by a flare gun, and that was it. Maybe if there were exclusive unlockables (outfits etc) or particular frustrating to get multiplayer trophies/achievements could be unlocked through playing this mode then it would be worth the goof trip of it all, but right now i'd rather play online, even if it's a gamble each game on whether it's even going to be completed. One positive though to end on is that at least the offline mode inspired me to finally pick up the Part 7 trophy.
  5. - There's an annoying bug when playing as counselors and you want to place a trap in front of a cabin door. On multiple occasions since the patch my character has been mid animation placing the trap, but then it makes a sound and vanishes into thin air. The character is still carrying the trap but it becomes invisible, and I think I had to press X for it to reappear in my hand. I'm wondering if it's got something to do with placing the trap too close to the door? I don't know if it's just me but it also seems harder to find the correct spacing needed to place traps directly in front of the door. There was already quite some knack to it, but now it seems harder to find an angle where the game is happy for you to place your trap down. - Playing as Tommy Jarvis, I got into a car as a passenger, before deciding I wanted to leave, but then got stuck in the car. An embarrassing scene ensued of me sitting there in front of a maskless Jason we could have killed. I was impatiently tapping on X before the car had stopped, if that perhaps has anything to do with it. The only way out of the car for me was when Jason grabbed me. Platform: PS4
  6. I'm on PS4 and I tend to come across a lot of Jenny's actually. I for sure wouldn't call her unpopular. Maybe her stats eventually put some players off, as she's difficult to use, but I would say I see her as much as AJ even. AJ herself being a character I notice gets less usage the higher the player level. They're not in every game, but they turn up enough. Kenny I see a lot less of, but he's not an absolutely impossible sight to see. Mr. Lachappa on the other hand? Well, he's extremely elusive. So much so that I was actually in shock last night when two games in a row I saw people playing as him. I'd put Mitch in line after him for rarity. Can't say i've seen him much at after after the initial "oh my gosh, new counselor" excitement wore off...... which was very quick. Fox on the other hand I see used quite a lot, I guess as she's a very well rounded character like Adam, but has the added bonus of being able to wear the sweater.
  7. I like the idea of being able to pick up your traps that haven't been stepped in. This will encourage more creative placement of the traps, with the comfort knowing that you can pick that trap back up and use it again later if a plan doesn't work. Right now I just go straight to the phone and place the rest at the cars. It's getting a bit stale, but at this moment I see no point in placing them at areas that aren't objectives. 30 minutes for a match is far too long. As others have pointed out, people will just leave. If i've been killed early on, I still stay to see how the game plays out, and to get the experience points. I don't want to potentially be there for 25+ minutes not playing. I don't think anyone would want that. I also don't like the idea of having the police take 10 minutes to arrive. I think it should remain as it is, but Jason should be allowed to lay traps inside buildings. I agree that things are too easy at this point for councilors, but waiting 10 minutes for the police to arrive would be a bit of a drag, and it would make the fuse itself useless after the first 10 minutes of game time has passed. I'm strongly against trap stacking returning as it's nonsensical, but being able to place traps inside next to the phone itself would ramp up the challenge. The game has become an absolute cake walk recently for councilors but I think there are ways to make Jason powerful again, whilst keeping the game fast paced and exciting. Fix the grab for one (it really shouldn't have been touched). Sort out the reach on his weapon as it's very buggy at the moment, and most importantly is the need for Jason to have some kind of crowd control capability, as it's only when Jason is surrounded by councilors that you see how truly one sided the game currently is. In my head i'm seeing something with the same goal as Reinhardt from Overwatch's charge attack. Something fast and aggressive that can single out and pin a player down, and that pushes back (possibly onto the floor) other players standing around very close by. Jason needs some kind of ability where for a brief moment he's practically invincible and is no laughing matter. He needs crowd control. This is coming from someone who has had their preference set to councilor from day 1. I want the game to be challenging again, and I want Jason to be feared and his space respected at all times. It's a sad sight to see him get gang banged and disrespected. Slashing only gets him so far, and in most coordinated moments, it's not enough. At the same time though I don't want it to be impossible for the councilors. I want players rewarded for careful and smart gameplay, and for things to feel fair on both sides, but for councilors to be sweating by far the most.
  8. This happened to me tonight as well, although slightly more points. I fought back Jason a tonne as Adam and fixed objectives. I came back as Tommy Jarvis, removed Jason's mask myself and very almost got the kill on him, but the jumper girl I was with died. I then survived the remaining 2 minutes of the match and was greeted with (if I remember correctly) around 230 points. I didn't even sit in the passenger seat of a car, let alone drive one. I was miffed, and slightly annoyed.
  9. So you can still place down two traps in the exact same spot at once? To be honest I think this change wasn't enough. I'm all for making Jason more powerful, and it upsets me to see his job being constantly made tougher for unknown reasons, but some weird gameplay exploit that defies all logic is not the way to go about making him feel strong. You might hate police escapes (we all do when we're playing Jason), but what I hate even more is finally finding the fuse, legging it across the map for minutes on end trying to find the phone house, to then be greeted by something that's near enough practically impossible to overcome, unless I have a million sprays on me and the Jason player has the reaction speed of a deaf sloth. You're lucky you can still double trap. That in itself is silly and logic defying. There are other ways to make Jason powerful and threatening again.
  10. It hasn't, at least on the PS4. I finally found a second tape tonight and excitedly rushed to hear it, only to find out that I still had just one tape. Such a huge bummer.
  11. The costume pack once again is extremely good value for money, and puts to shame companies charging that or even double (heck, triple) for a single costume. By comparison the kill pack seems strangely priced for the little you're getting, but I guess we've got to bear in mind it probably cost them a decent chunk for the mocap stuff and whatnot. We got Part 4 for free as well, as others have pointed out, along with maps, characters etc. I sadly loathe playing as Jason at the moment, but i'll consider buying the kill pack. The costume pack though is an insta-buy. I can't wait to play as army Adam. Bunny Deborah is super sweet as well.
  12. I finally got my first chance to play as Jason today since the update hit, and I agree with the majority of people. Having this as the only option now adds so much time onto your window smashing antics, and along with taking away the combat stance door breaking, I feel like when i'm playing Part 2 (my favourite Jason) that I should just go and make a cup of tea, and come back when my rage mode is activated. Keep the button prompt press there maybe to help when a window is hard to hit, or the player just wants to do a showy window break in front of a counselor, but please give us back the ability to quickly smash windows as we're running past them. Off-topic but I hope combat stance as a way to break doors makes a comeback as well. It did save time but I think most of us used it to not give counselors the upper hand as we're breaking in. These changes made have turned the game into what feels like a slog for poor Jason. I want to feel powerful when i'm playing him and I want to be terrified when i'm up against him. He doesn't deserve these nerfs.
  13. Wow Chad looks absolutely glorious (those black speedos should be Adam's though to be honest). I can't believe i'm getting excited about swimwear DLC. I love customization and dressing characters up in games, but normally i'd be rolling my eyes a bit at such skimpy fanservice... it's Friday The 13th though.............................................. *hands over money* I hope we get a few colours to choose from, and it will be nice if we can mix and match this swimwear with the existing outfits.
  14. I'm a bit bummed Thick Skinned has been nerfed, but I can understand why it's happened. It essentially was a must have perk that seemed crazy levels of strong and useful in comparison to everything else on offer. Mine was only 41% but what I could do with it was kind of ridiculous, like jumping from the second floor of a building unscathed, and my chases with Jason often lasting what seemed like 5-8 minutes around the same building. No matter how many windows were smashed, I could just lead Jason on a wild goose chase and spray myself to start it up again as soon as i'd start limping, and that's not even counting the frustration of hacking away at a thick skinned counselor who you don't want to grab as you sense they have a pocket knife. It won't be as fun on the counselors end now, but it was too frustrating for Jason before, so this sneaky nerf was needed. It's a pretty drastic reduction though which makes me wonder how they didn't realize it's obscene strength when choosing it's original percentages.
  15. The double EXP weekend would be nice if I was actually able to finish a match. I played a little last night and I suffered three or four matches with the host leaving. Played my first match of the day just then, and got Jason, but the host leaves just before it's over. I don't feel like playing at the moment. I love this game, but not having host migration is a humongous problem, and i'm tired of people teaming up with Jason.
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