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  1. Avoid playing with folks that use party chat to tell Jason where you are at... Yeah, that sucks.
  2. Since the patch, I've had zero issues with lag/timeouts. I'm likewise on Xbox. OP, try to get in on some private matches. They are a lifesaver. There's a group on Xbox called Friday 13th Maniacs. Lots of good folks to play with that have very low pings.
  3. Find a good group of folks to play a private match with and have the host turn off friendly fire. It keeps everyone honest!
  4. Maybe someone can shed some light on this: When I have a few smaller items (First Aid, Car Keys, etc.) and I pick up a bear trap, when I go to place the bear trap, it drops all of my smaller items first. I'm using "down" on the arrow to place the bear trap. I'd like to just able able to place the bear trap and arm it, without wasting time dropping and picking up other items. Anyone else have any issues with this? Thanks! P.S. I know it's impossible to pick up a trap without dropping a currently held weapon.
  5. Do either of you work for Microsoft? MS has dropped the ball on things in the past, so it's not atypical for anyone to assume that part of this is on them. Why would the devs cater strictly to PS4/Steam? That doesn't make much sense.
  6. Private matches are your friend, presupposing that your host has a good internet connection. Find some folks on this forum to play with man and you'll have a blast until the devs can get the quickplay figured out.
  7. Sounds like typical Microsoft...not that I hate the company, but they can be very cumbersome at the most inopportune times.
  8. Cool! I'll send you both invites when I'm able to wrap up work for the day and get on this evening!
  9. AldermachXI, I'll be on later this evening (I'm in CST). Feel free to add me/invite me to whatever group you form. I haven't played much, but I'm a very fair player. No griefing and no BS here. Gamertag: c0nsilience
  10. Hi all, I haven't had a chance to fire up the XB1 as of 11:30am CST. Is the 'Day One' patch/fix available yet?
  11. It might be safe to argue that a game with violence in it, will actually prevent less violence in real life. I'd much prefer a teenager hacking up digital counselors to doing anything violent in real life, which suppression of frustrations can lead to. That being said, I probably wouldn't let a really young kid play this. Watching a movie for the scares is different than being the sociopath! What's really great and very positive about this game is the social and teamwork elements that are inherent in it. Some folks may not be that social in real life, but give them a headset and a group to work with and the social butterfly emerges.
  12. Despite the backend DB issues, server timeouts and lag, I, personally, love the game. It makes me wonder why it has taken so long to make a game like this, but I'm glad it got made, warts and all. The issues will get ironed out and when they do, you can bet that other small development teams will take notice because it really is a very unique game!
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