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  1. Same here - need to be patched asap! https://i.gyazo.com/22b9ed3cd35f30289ec09ee436b182f1.jp
  2. Water exploit It's a shitty move just to stand there the whole game, hope this get fixed in an upcoming patch!
  3. I have the exact same problem - I'm earning XP but not CP? It really sucks cause I need those for my perks!
  4. Just had 3 games in a row, didn't get a single CP for those? I'm getting XP but not CP? Restarted steam several times with no luck (and yes, games is updated)
  5. Thank you for your reply! Oh, I didn't know that the skins was sold separately, I just thought from what I've been reading, that every backer of the game would get rewarded by these special items? From steam forum: " We offered the skin as a standalone product for backers at the pricepoint of $6USD. The same can also be said in all regards for the counselor clothing pack; they were a la carte items. You were given a menu in which to choose what you wanted, what they were to get for your level of backing, and when all was said and done we would deliver on those items. We made that clear on Day 1 of the Backerkit that these two DLC were for backers; both Kickstarter and Backerkit. Kickstarter was a month of funding, while Backerkit lasted until the end of March 2017." - So I guess even though I'm on backerkit, I should have bought it beck then? Bummer.....
  6. Hey Guys! I’ve backed your game (backerkit) way back, and I have received a code for the game itself, but haven’t got any code for the DLC skins? As I understand, all backers should get this or do I misunderstand something? Thanks for an amazing game by the way, absolutely love it!
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