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  1. I also find his grab range very annoying. Often when I'm just at a range where I have a chance to hit him with a bat or axe, he just grabs me from 2 meters away. Since I barely find any pocket knives*, this is certain death since it's not possible to press E fast enough to escape (maybe it's possible with third party turbo fire tools, haven't tried that) if he wants to kill you as fast as possible. *"Barely" means about one knife every 3 to 4 games and I loot a lot. On almost all matches I can find multiple walkie talkies and maps, but knives and crackers and really rare to me. This is not an exaggeration, maybe I'm just having bad luck, but it's OT here.
  2. So they also fix the existing bugs that make people leave a match without their choice, like server issues on the consoles and D3D crashes on PC? Awesome! Do I get it right that right now, when people leave, their bodies in the game just vanish if they aren't dead already? I think their bodies should just drop dead if the server loses connection to them, otherwise key items for winning the match could go lost.
  3. That's quite optimistic and wouldn't change anything for the not so few PC gamers who experience random game crashes every few matches and even after escaping a match are in constant fear of getting exactly 0 XP and CP if the game crashes before the XP are listed and accumulated. Maybe you don't realize how frustrating that can be.
  4. An official statement about what will happen with this issue would be nice (at least I couldn't find one in the forum). I left my perks untouched after a lot of them just appeared in my perk list due to the hack (hoping it would be sorted out by rolling back to peoples CP and perks just before the hack or something like this), but I also want to roll for some new ones. So will the ones that I didn't roll myself be removed in the near future or can I just sell them?
  5. Oh, so that has been happening. I just noticed that my CP were nearly gone all of a sudden earlier today, but didn't check my perks. Now that I did check my perks after reading this, I also got a lot of them. Didn't use or sell any of them yet because I hope there will be a way to sort this out in general.
  6. When I started the game today, I hade about 4000 CP. Then I rolled for some perks and had about 2000 left. After that, I played 2 matches which I both survived. Then I wanted to roll for one or two perks again, but my CP count was only 159, so it was even way less than I should have after the two matches. I restarted the game, hoping that I would have the CP that I should have after it reloaded my profile, but it was still 159. My Steam Gamertag is Yor. EDIT: I just played and finished another 3 or 4 games and only gained 800 CP by this, which also seems to be off.
  7. A penalty for people leaving matches is a difficult thing, because some people (like me and I know there are quite some others) actually leave a match because the game crashed. For example every first match I play after booting up the PC crashes back to desktop without an error message a few seconds after the map loaded and this might look like leaving because I'm not Jason to some. When I start the game again, I get random crashes and freezes after a few matches (and no, don't even get started with trivial suggestions like updating drivers). Those people are punished enough by the constant fear that they won't be able to finish the match and get any XP, so punishing them even more wouldn't exactly be encouraging to play the game at all. This means the penalty mechanism would have to know if the player left by using the menu, left by just closing the game in the task manager or left because the game crashed.
  8. No, I'm using Win7 Pro 64bit and I'm affected by this. Additionally, every first match I play after booting up the PC crashes back to desktop without an error message some seconds after the map has loaded. But you're right about the devs having acknowledged that this problem exists.
  9. I would also appreciate that, since I'm also affected by game crashes every few games. It's really building up unneeded tension (and frustration in case of a crash), if you already earned quite some XP and have to wait and hope that the game doesn't crash. Yesterday I also had a match where I escaped on the boat with 16 minutes left and it was a horrible wait, but luckily in this case it didn't crash. You still wouldn't get the 500 XP for completing the match (which still sucks, because you most likely didn't want to leave), but getting the 200 for surviving and all the smaller stuff you did in the match would still be far better than nothing.
  10. You're by far not the only one, for example: Affects AMD as well as NVidia and so far nobody has found a reliable solution, let alone trivial one like updating GPU drivers.
  11. That might have been the reason. Didn't consider that, thanks. Glad to hear that this issue has been acknowledged and I'm hoping it will be worked on in the not so far future. On a side note: I have the same issues (1. the first started/loaded game after booting up the PC always crashes just after the loading screen and 2. the random game crashes because the display driver seems to have crashed) with Subnautica, which afaik uses the Unity engine. The random crashes don't happen as often as they do here, but it also seems to be related to workload. Since both AMD and NVidia users are affected here, maybe it's something the devs can't work out completely, but maybe a result of how display drivers in general handle some DX instructions (on older hardware, since so far I haven't seen complaints from people using newer graphics cards than GTX 9xx and Radeon 3xx series; but maybe I just missed those posts) these days or something like this.
  12. The additional DX files from the game directory didn't change anything for me, but running in 1600x900 worked for a few matches (I also assume it's due to the lower workload). Then the game just quit with a Fatal Error, which I guess is not directly connected to this. Of course the Fatal Error happened with about 20 seconds left to police arrival after calling the cops myself and me being hidden and dressed as Pam Voorhees. "You shall not win and get XP!" In the match before that I got stuck between a rock and a tree and even with me not making noise Jason was able to warp close to me in the middle of nowhere and even started to run in my direction immediately when he appeared. I'd like to know how he could have known where I was in a legal way. Those bugs and crashes really need to be gone : |
  13. I'm having the same issue. It happens in the very beginning of every first game I play after booting up my PC and when I restart the game it usually happens in the first 3 games, at least that's the most I could play in a row right now (note: my spare time is rather limited and I couldn't have played a lot of matches in a row anyway, but on that time the game went to a black screen and back to desktop without any error message). I'm running on: Win7 64bit i5 3570k (undervolted & stable) HD7970 (also undervolted and furmark stable) Crimson 17.5.2 Some people are calling for penalties for people leaving the matches early, which makes one shake his head if you're leaving matches without any responsibility for that. For example I remember finding the car keys for the first time and when I held E to pick them up *bam* game crash. I also had "funny" bugs like the police timer running out, then the sirens could be heard for a second, but no police appeared at all. Of course Jason then killed me and the other remaining player. When I was playing Jason the last time, I killed 5 people and the other ones had already left by then, but the game continued an the dead players left, too, until the timer ran out (with me as Jason being all alone in the match for the last >5 minutes with nothing I could do). When the match timer finally ran out, the game just quit to desktop without any error message. I really like the game (when it works) and I backed it on kickstarter because I was hoping I would do so, but there are still a lot of bugs to iron out that are ruining a great deal of fun. I hope it will get a lot less buggy in the next weeks.
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