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  1. So this is my idea for adding Tina as a second hero character choice to Tommy. First off when the radio is used the player whom is selected to become the hero gets to choose between Tommy and Tina. Tina, unlike Tommy, will not have maxed stats across the board. She will have maxed speed and stamina as well as a high repair skill (lets say somewhere between 6 and 8). Tina will NOT be able to use or pick up weapons but can get parts and items like a normal counselor. The reason why Tina cannot use weapons is because of her special ability telekinesis. How do we make this work and not have her OP and the only hero character choice? The player has no control over when the power will activate. Instead certain circumstances need to come up in the game for the power to function. This is how I envision it working: Jason cannot grab Tina. If he does attempt to grab her he gets stunned (perhaps a rock or tree branch is telekinetically thrown at him). Jason can however hack at her with his weapon to kill her like a normal counselor. If Tina is with the rest of the counselors and Jason grabs one of them there is a chance her power will activate and save the counselor from death. A reasonable cool down on the ability would need to be applied so that the power couldn't be abused. Obviously there are other ways to make this work but this is my suggestion on how to not make it over powered. Other ideas for how to make her ability work are welcomed here. So how does Tina get to beat Jason? Tina's mother's body will be located somewhere on the map. Tina's goal is to find her mother's body so that the next time she encounters Jason she has a chance to eliminate him. This can work in one of two ways. Once the body is found the other counselors need to hurt Jason enough to knock his mask off. If Tina is present while Jason's mask is still on there can be a chance for her to help telekinetically crush it much like in the movie. Once his mask is removed a "mini-game" begins and everyone besides Tina and Jason get to view it (similarly to Tommy's kill shot). My idea for this is a button mash game between the Tina and the Jason players. If Jason is successful Tina dies and it is business as usual for the rest of the round. If Tina wins everyone gets to watch a cut scene where she uses her ability to have her Dad pop out of the lake, grabbing Jason with the chain from the rock, dragging him down to his death. These are my basic thoughts on how this could be added to make the game more exciting and unique. What are your thoughts?
  2. Been quite a while since we have heard any news about new content or the current issues surrounding this game. Are we gonna have any further communication regarding anything or is this game just a dead horse?
  3. Again was just thinking about the longevity of the game as a whole. Do we really know that having all our perks slots full causes strain on the server databases? What about when new councilors are added?
  4. They are all situationally useful I would think. Just offering an idea to perhaps increase the want or need to level beyond 31...
  5. As the title suggests I have my perks trays filled with pretty decently rolled perks (or at least I think I do) and I am wondering if more overall perk slots are going to be made available in the future? Perhaps as an added perk for leveling beyond the final currently available Jason we get more perk slots?
  6. Just played a game where I came upon a counselor who appeared to be stuck in a set of drawers in the two story house. Not sure how they got there (Didn't even hear that Jason had got them) but my best guess is the rag doll physics that sometimes screw up and make your character bounce in the air when you die. At any rate I clicked on the drawer to get the phone and picked it up. From that point forward I was unable to pick anything else up or open doors/windows ect. I was still able to move and run but couldn't do anything else including ducking and going into combat stance. Pretty much forced me to run in circles so Jason had an easier time finding me to kill me. Never experienced this before and would prefer to never again. This was on the PC version.
  7. I'd say my favorite environmental kill is when he grabs you near a doorway and repeatedly slams your head and neck between the door and frame. Had one Jason grab me and start saying over the mic "Ahhhh these door frames are still sturdy after all these years....". Cracked me up!
  8. First off I wanna say I love this game and have already invested quite a few hours in playing. In the bedroom of the large (read two story) house with the window on your right there is a closet. This closet cannot be attacked by Jason and allows the counselor to avoid being hurt. Please fix this asap because it is a really cheap and easy way to get a lot of XP.
  9. Excited to play today when the servers come back up. Hoping the issues with level loss is corrected as well. Really enjoying the game guys. Thanks so much for working so hard on it!