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  1. I think it's more of Sigourney Weaver's line from Cabin in the Woods 'we work with what we have'. The other character's fit better in their assigned roles.
  2. me too...AJ best fits my counselor style as I am usually the loner and I let all the other counselors group up and get massacred. If I don't escape I am always the last to second to last to get killed.
  3. Wow what a weekend in Indy!!! I got to meet Adrienne King (counselor), Kane Hodder (Jason), CJ Graham (Jason), Steve Dash (Jason), and Larry Zerner (counselor). I almost can't wait until September when a Friday the 13th II reunion comes to town with the HorrorHound convention
  4. I agree...it is even kinda silly that you have to drop the shotgun to set a bear trap. Why have the counselor even have it on their back?
  5. The only time I ever got killed in the first four is when I spawn at Packanack. Do you stay there or the big farm house? Get the hell out of there...it is like the cornocopia in the Hunger Games LOL
  6. I really like the Jason you unlock last because I love shift grabs. I'm not good at them but he is way better at utilizing that function over the jason i used. I'm still not a great jason but it is awesome when you do get the chance to play as him.
  7. Is anyone else experiencing this lately? I just found out what that white icon means and I guess I am seriously lagging. I usually get a game started and by the first building I can't open a drawer and then I can't even move my counselor and then I get disconnected. Anyone else having this issue? This is the first time I have had this happen since playing this game. (Sorry if this was posted, I didn't see it with the basic search I used.)
  8. He'll be in Indy this weekend for the Days of the Dead horror convention!!!!
  9. Exactly. One whiner emailed me and posted to their Twitter that I was 'glitching'. All I did was go to my front door and get some packages from UPS while I left the game going. How was that glitching? People who lie about glitching should also be dealt with. Note to F13 gamers avoid #killer74429. Crazy doesn't even cover it.
  10. LOL I love the people who jump through windows when Jason isn't even around like its a race to pull drawers instead of a game of survival.
  11. Thank you so much!!! That was driving us crazy and it explains the X button not seeming to be as quick
  12. Can someone tell me what the white boxy icon is that flashes occasionally on the top left of the screen? I heard it was the phone, but I have seen it flash just before gameplay has even happened?
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