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  1. We did get a cool Paranoia teaser amd trailer though
  2. Rust is the best Jason in the game. Period. End of story.
  3. It is nice in theory, but the game performance is noticeably worse. So I'm not a fan.
  4. We're playing DBD (at least half of my old crew). I still see some on F13 from time to time.
  5. Just my opinion, but the game would be better if killing Jason wasn't even an option. I admit I'm likely in the minority here.
  6. This. I'm not sure why gaming communities are so afraid of alienating their trolls. It's not like players are getting banned anyway. The fair players should at least get a heads up on who the scum are.
  7. Ahab, nobody is demanding that the game is bug free. Stop being disingenuous, please.
  8. "Name one bug free game. See you can't" What a dumbass argument. Nobody is saying there are games that are completely bug free. We're stating that each patch introduces more bugs with worse issues than the bugs that were eliminated. Good luck arguing against that. Ahab, I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're purposely being dense as opposed to genuinely being an idiot. Though neither attitude is very endearing. Good luck to Gun and Blacktower. Hopefully they get this sorted out soon. It's a shame they upgraded the engine. It turned out to be the beginning of the end. [Edit by forum staff: Don't treat people this way]
  9. The reason I went from playing 2-3 hours a day to 2-3 games every 3 or 4 months was solely the engine "upgrade". Lol at people that don't understand what analogies are. Or that you shouldn't complain when things get worse and worse over time whether it's a video game, car repair, burger, etc Keep in mind as well that this game would not exist if not for the backers (I'm not one by the way). Gun Media has I'm sure invested plenty of their own capital to make this game. But the IP was gifted to them and the backers raised a huge amount if money. So with those two advantage they managed to make a bug riddled, yet charming masterpiece. Okay, nobody is perfect, but the game was a lot of fun. The problem is over time they've made a lot of whiffs on balance changes and most of the patches have been 1 step forward and 10 or 11 steps back. Also, keep in mind that for many people this isn't just a video game. If you play Dead By Daylight you can take two minutes to read the "lore" on The Doctor. Many of us have spent countless hours watching the F13 movies. Many go to horror conventions and meet actors of the franchise. People are invested in Jason Vorhees. So when he gets dick-slapped for the majority of the time this game has been around and the game continues to add bugs, people are rightfully going to be upset. Yes, I'm thankful Cunningham gave IP to Gun Media. Yes, I'm thankful Gun Media reaches out and started started the crowd funding. Yes, I'm thankful that many people donated to help create this game. Yes, I'm thankful that Gun Media made a flawed but exciting game. With all that though, I can't get past the fact that the game is in a much worse state (my opinion) than it was prior to the engine upgrade. The same engine upgrade that was supposed to alleviate many of the game's issues.
  10. Amen. For months they stood by "the rubberbanding is just lag" statement that only gun media boot lickers would swear by. Stupid.
  11. I thought the engine upgrade (that they decided was more important than new content) was going to lessen the amount and impact of game breaking bugs. Huh. Go figure.
  12. Yeah. Sad what happened to this game. F13 at it's peak was probably the most fun I've had playing a video game. Now I can't even play more than a game or 2 every 3-4 months without being sad and bored.
  13. Yeah. I heard the max was 8 pk, but the most I ever saw in a match was 7. Either way it was stupid.
  14. Dev Diary #1 was on August 25th, 2017. Still waiting on Dev Diary #2.
  15. We were pretty good. Hard to say we revolutionized the game. But with Rust as Jason and a squad of people that communicate with objectives, it was pretty much gg ez. Nothing to prove anymore. Especially with the game in the state it's in right now.
  16. Have they ever given an answer on the client side save situation?
  17. I'm not bitter. I do have opinions about the game. I also have opinions on companies that sell broken products. This is an internet forum. I'm sorry our difference of opinion on such bothers you. I'll keep posting my thoughts regardless though. You're more than welcome to do the same.
  18. In all seriousness, what should I give up? I don't get your comment.
  19. Honestly, they've got some nerve trying to sell their broken game on a new platform.
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