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  1. 100% Standstill

    I hope this is satire. My point is that these rules are over reaching and unnecessary. They hinder discussion they do not enhance it. And sometimes "bump" is more than enough as was the case in the original post. But hey, now we have two threads about this when we could have had just one which for some reasons the mods are obsessed with. These rules are really really effective. /s
  2. 100% Standstill

    Not for nothing, but why is bumping a topic against the rules anyway? I've been on numerous internet forums and I've never been to one with nearly as many rules (most completely unnecessary) as this one. Also, with all of these rules you still have the same problems anyway so why bother?
  3. Yep. Also, I never introduced myself either. It's silly.
  4. The above post is correct. I main Vanessa and use medic/hypochondriac. If I spawn at the phone house I don't leave. As soon as he morphs away I tank. When he comes back I tank again. Even if I haven't managed to find more spray, I've already killed two traps. Jason's job has now become much more difficult.
  5. I mean there is furniture than you can crouch near and Jason can have a hard time finding you. However it gets much easier when he hears your character scream.
  6. I like Pappus but he hasn't even played this game in months. That said, I usually barricade becausr my private room prefers it. However I usually just barricade front doors of long double entry cabins while leaving the back closed. In single door cabins I prefer to leave front doors open. Not sure what the meta is, but I seem to do okay with that.
  7. I see what you're saying, but realistically Jason is just bouncing from objective to objective early on in the game anyway. Of you're worried about sensing people at that stage you're probably letting someone get a part in anyway.
  8. Remove the counselor scream. There are a few non traditional hiding spots that basically get ruined because of this.
  9. Agreed. I would do morph, shift, stalk, sense, rage. Though it wouldn't hurt my feelings if Jason started with the first 4 abilities right off the get go.
  10. Thanks. Also though again. There were definitely some grabs where I ran into your shift and still managed to not get grabbed. So hopefully they tweak that because I was literally running and making contact into you and that is bunk.
  11. Yeah. I played in quick play hell for the first time in a while yesterday. Had a round where a Jason was fixated on me for at least 4 minutes. I could see parts near vehicles and counselors near by. Nothing got put in the entire time. I played the window game until Jason raged or got bored. It's bizarre. People play this game so poorly and it's not some high level strategic game. Look for objectives. Conplete objectives. Communicate so if Jason is on you others can get their objectives completed. I never mind kiting Jason even if it means getting killed. In private matches Jason pays for being fixated on one player or objective. In quick play not as much because people are not doing anything useful.
  12. I spent over 14 minutes running a decent Jason around a table. And there were at least 4 grabs that had no business not snagging me. Should never happen.