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  1. Yeah. I'll set the over undet on those kind of posts at 4.5. I'll take the over. I'm not even going to dare to come up with one for twitter/facebook. I do wish they'd give a release time, simply because I have flex time and can leave work early. But more than likely it will be around 3 or 4 EST like usual. I'm excited. Hopefully I'll get to see some old faces that have taken a hiatus.
  2. Lol. Yep. When I'm talking about how I don't work on the weekend, I always use the pronoun "we". In truth, I think the simplest explanation is that they probably have worked weekends, but shifty was just trolling us knowing that the update is coming out on Thursday. Who knows though. Glad it's coming out on Thursday. Not sure why anyone would think "we" means I. Not sure why Gun thinks trolling it's dwindling player base is a great idea. Hopefully the team is ready to work weekends to make a hot fix or two.
  3. Yeah. It's not "end of the world/fuck these guys", but a lot of people both salaried and hourly work weekends. Especially during busy season or deadline crunches. I know there hasn't been a deadline for this, but I'm sure there is an internal goal set by the company. This is a little busch league to say the least. It's not something I'd put out in public so carelessly anyway.
  4. malloymk


    Yep. Perk system is baloney.
  5. Lol. Wow. I have not had that happen yet. That's a doozy.
  6. Or the Tommy Jarvis issue where if you didn't find a walkie as a counsellor you don't spawn with a working one with Tommy. An issue that's be existing since launch.
  7. The morphs are fine for the most part. I would like to see them fix the morph spots at the police exits for Jarvis. Getting put in the water is kind of lame. Also the spot on the Crystal Lake map where the big fence is. I've gotten pretty good over time with not ending up on the wrong side of it, but it's still a nusense. Grand scheme of things there are bigger issues than morph accuracy though.
  8. Exactly. Also, Bradley and the other guy that have found tapes are also just giving anecdotal evidence. I've played with Bradley. I have no reason not to believe them. But I have also played since launch when tapes were nonexistent and often since the last increased tape drop. I have not found a single tape. My wife has not found a single tape. The usual squad that I play with most nights. You guessed it. No tapes. Maybe the Devs are correct and it's just shit house luck that myself and most people I know haven't found any tapes and it's all the micless peeps in quickplay that are finding them. Anything is possible. What is likely is that something is off with the ratio.
  9. With respect to this subject. There was clearly an error when the gamr launched regarding tapes. At the time the same developers said, "just keep searching" when clearly they weren't out there. I'm glad they're looking into this, but I'm not just going to take their word for it that nothing is wrong with the rates when it appears to be the case that there is something wrong.
  10. It would be cool to have a early 90s undertaker/Jason mod with the cut off sleeves and purple gloves (obviously Jason's mask) or a Kane/Jason mod with the hybrid of Jason and Kane's masks.
  11. I like Laphin's idea of having it increase Jason's rage.
  12. Fix your link please. I'm copying and pasting this but it definitely isn't going to a f13 clip.