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  1. EspeXspe is the best survivor I've ever played with. But some of you others are fantastic players too. And @Shadesofjoe is no noob. Not that it's an experience pissing contest, but you can bet your ass he can spot a good team player a mile away.
  2. @RustInPeace is the best Jason. Though EspeXspe was pretty solid as well.
  3. Yep. On a mountain made of mistakes, choosing the engine upgrade over adding new content is certainly the apex.
  4. malloymk

    Platinum FAQs

    No way to track.
  5. My general rules of thumb on doors is- Small cabins- leave door open L shaped cabins. Shut and barricade the doors. Stand in a position where you can see both doors. Long cabins. Shut and barricade the front door and just shut the back door. Stand in a spot where you can see both doors. Usually there is a window in the front and no window in the back. If he tries to break down the door you have an easier escape out back. If he opens the back door you can jump out a front window. I don't like making side window exits if I can help it.
  6. Yeah. They changed the rule. Dumb.
  7. Protect LaChappa mode. Jason's win condition is that he has to kill LaChappa. LaChappa can only run, hide, use spray, knives, and firecrackers. He can not use weapons. Other counselors can fix objectives or bodyguard for LaChappa if Jason spots him.
  8. malloymk

    Jason bullying

    I posted months ago. The game would be much better if killing Jason wasn't an option. A tremendous amount of pressure would be taken off of the Jason player and players would be required to actually complete objectives to escape.
  9. Just report it to bugskilljason.com It'll get fixed... SOON!
  10. You didn't play any actual games? Also, what do you mean "takes itself too seriously"? Not judging (yet) just curious.
  11. That's what drove me away from the game. I was so disappointed. All that time and it just got markedly worse. I played for a few weeks after that and moved on.
  12. Dev Diary #1 was released. Since I don't see that #2 was released today, am I to assume this is a bi-annual thing. Lol. https://youtu.be/M5D0bYPlen4 Way to over-promise and under-deliver.
  13. Shit like this is why the game would be so much better if killing Jason simply wasn't an option.
  14. malloymk

    Can't hear the boat?

    Sure, pal. Quick question. Is it that hard to just admit you're wrong? Especially in the wake of all of the video evidence that shows that there was no boat alert noise. I don't expect you to answer, nor do you need to. I just don't get why people just insist that they've experienced things that aren't real after they can be presented with evidence that shows they're wrong.