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  1. Jason should just start the game with all of his abilities except rage.
  2. malloymk


    I was going to post the same thing but was too lazy. Great mindz.
  3. Yep. Just gotta go through them all.
  4. I know that. Just don't try to sell me that a trident is a pitch fork and a fence post is a spear.
  5. Lol. Surrre Jan. And a spear is different than a fence post and a pitchfork is different than a trident.
  6. malloymk

    prayers for shifty

    Good to hear.
  7. Meh. They don't care. Teaming isn't against the rules for some odd reason. I hear it's "too hard to enforce".
  8. Same here. Other than for a future project there really isn't a good reason to have them anymore.
  9. malloymk

    Inviting not working

    PSN appears to still be fucked. Going on two days now.
  10. It can be depending on the map and the layout. But really what good are low trap Jason's traps when the second he morphs they get tanked anyway?
  11. I have played probably 100 matches since I've bought the game and have not had a bug yet. I would eat my hat if I played 100 games of f13 at any stretch and not encountered a single bug during that time.