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  1. I had one the other day where I juked a Jason and his teamer friend for 8 minutes. Cops got called. I came back as Tommy and helped everyone else get out and proceeded to just juke the next 9 minutes or so until the timer ran out. Lotsa teabags, flash light clicks, Tommy "no" emojis and the like. I was sure to point out to the killer that it was EZ mode in the post game message. Those games are always fun.
  2. All 45 perk slots should be available, maybe increase to 4 available in game. Use an in game perk budget for those 4 perks. So lets say you have $10 to create a build with the meta perks running $4 and perks like easy listening being $1. That way you'd have less medic, hypochondriac, thick skin users and have more of a mix of perks with an uptick in some of the lesser used perks.
  3. Yeah. This game had so much potential. I had a ton of fun, probably more than any other video game I've played. But the performance just got worse over time. But yeah, we were really good. And that probably wasn't even our best roster. We had a couple other players that just couldn't commit to play before the sign up date that would have made us even stronger.
  4. Lol. I wish there was more audio instead of just mine. We were pretty well coordinated. Of course people still thought we sucked because we didn't really ever go for Jason kills. With @RustInPeace as our Jason, we usually got enough points to win by just getting the sweater in the first couple minutes of the game. Good stuff. I see a lot of posts that this game was never meant to be a competitive game. Though that's likely the case, you can indeed make this a competitive team game. You just need unbiased parties keep score and watching videos. Also, you need a relatively bug free game. That's the biggest issue. Fun times though for sure. Now I just rekt playing deebeedee.
  5. We did get a cool Paranoia teaser amd trailer though
  6. Rust is the best Jason in the game. Period. End of story.
  7. It is nice in theory, but the game performance is noticeably worse. So I'm not a fan.
  8. We're playing DBD (at least half of my old crew). I still see some on F13 from time to time.
  9. Just my opinion, but the game would be better if killing Jason wasn't even an option. I admit I'm likely in the minority here.
  10. This. I'm not sure why gaming communities are so afraid of alienating their trolls. It's not like players are getting banned anyway. The fair players should at least get a heads up on who the scum are.
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