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  1. One of the worst changes made to the game. They absolutely should revert it in private matches.
  2. Lol. Glad they pushed that engine upgrade as opposed to getting new content out when they had the chance. Clown show.
  3. I'd like to see another company take the game on for a sequel at some point.
  4. Jarvis at the police exits. You end up either too far away or in the water. Stupid.
  5. With it being relatively easy to kill Jason, I thought of a simple fix. What if Tommy only came into the game when there was one survivor left. He cam either help them escape or help kill Jason (if the survivor is female). Right now kill squads are just maining Bugzy and kamakazi'ing Jason to get the mask off. It actually behouths them to get killed in the process so they're more likely to respawn as Tommy. If Tommy spawned at the end it's less likely that a kill squad member would respawn as there would be more players in the pool to respawn as Tommy. It would likely prevent people from going into the shack until later in the game as you would become a greater target for Jason if he can kill the sweater girl with no risk of getting killed. This also becomes a pretty solid Jason buff as obviously he just simply doesn't have to deal with Tommy until later. Just my thoughts. I'm sure there are some draw backs involved too. Let me know what you think.
  6. Not saying this would be the best way to go, but would it be better if the game started immediately after the opening cut scene? Jason is an immediate threat. Sure he doesn't have shift yet, but the if objectives are at the game start area he can trap those right away or choose to try to kill a counselor. He doesn't have to necessarily worry about the Tommy call getting made right away. Counselors wouldn't have as much time to just raid desks for items. There are some issues that I can think of (probably more Vanessas, people will be pissed if they die 30 seconds into the game, etc), but I think it makes it more tense from the beginning as you have to scramble right away, as opposed to doddle around grabbing items. You actually have to get across the map to search for objectives instead of spawning in the phone house. I think the "5 minutes later" concept worked at first, but the time has come to change that mechanic. Thoughts?
  7. Sounds like these guys don't spend a bunch of time playing their own game. Not that I blame them. But it really doesn't take much to call Tommy. Especially when you can spawn right inside the cabin where yhe radio is located at.
  8. Played for the first time in a couple of months. Two Jason teamers in four matches. Yay.
  9. That's possible. That said, Ben (one of the devs) was asked about it and he advised it was meant to have no noise as it was a high risk/high reward mode of escape. So either Ben was wrong or lying or Wes was wrong or lying. Again, it doesn't so much matter to me really one way or the other, besides factually there was no boat noise at launch up until whenever they claimed they "fixed it" (just over a year and a half after launch mind you). My theory is that it was never intended at launch and that it was accidentally added before that patch and they just said screw it, leave it in. I think they claimed it was a fix to stop people from saying it was new content (since it was) and it was obviously easier to just leave it in rather than possibly mess something else up. Just a theory and to be honest they may be in the right to have made this decision as there could have been worse consequences trying to fix it. Or again, Ben and Wes could just not been on the same page. It could be that simple. I do know there was no boat noise at launch. I do know Ben said it was intended to be that way (about 5 months after launch). I do know it took over a year and a half to "fix" the boat noise and up until just before that patch there was no one single statement that it was intended to be in the game at any point. These last three statements are facts and not opinions. But I mean yeah, "But Wes said...".
  10. Also, for the love of all that is good, the fucking boat noise was not in the game at launch. Ben confirmed in an earlier post that it wasn't meant to be in the game as it was supposed to be a stealth escape with certain doom if you're caught (high risk/high reward). Maybe Wes and Ben weren't on the same page with that? Go ask them, but there is video at launch showing no boat noise. If you have proof otherwise (not speculation or false memory) just show me. I will eat some crow. I bet you can't find any though.
  11. Umm. Where did I say Wes lied? I just said just because Wes says something doesn't mean it's a fact even when it comes to this game. I think you're trying to be an internet lawyer for some reason. Just implying that Wes is going to sue me because I said literally "Wes has said a lot of things that haven't been true" is one of the silliest things I've heard. I can't stress this enough, but read better to post better. You're posts directed at me are really accusatory and you seem to be putting words in my mouth. I'll spell it out for you though. Someone posted that Wes said they're not going to add a notification for Jason for the Tommy cabin. I posted "not everything Wes has said is true" (fact). You responded with some long diatribe that I may get sued (lol) and that everyone has told untruths (agreed, obviously, again no shit). Things I never said: "Wes is a liar". I don't know Wes. He may have out and out lied about things. Maybe not. I have no inside knowledge of outright lies. I do know that somethings he has said regarding the game have not be factual. My guess is that he has bigger fish to fry than know every intimate detail about the game in particular, nuances of game play. Does the fact that Wes has been wromg about this game piss me off? If it has in the past, it doesn't anymore because I barely play it. Do I stand by my post that just because Wes says something that it doesn't necessarily make it true? Oh yeah. For sure. Again, I'm not sure why you're trying to put words in my mouth.
  12. Lol basically this: Me: there was never a boat noise Other posters: I seem to remember that maybe there was. Me: here is video from launch with proof of no boat noise Other posters: yeah I guess. But I'm pretty sure there was. Me: ok prove it. Other posters: hmm... I'm pretty sure there was a boat noise. Me: ...
  13. Lol. Okay, I'm sure Wes will be suing me any day now. Here is an example of an untruth from Wes: No new content. There has been new content since he made this claim. From a boat start-up noise to upcoming plans to release the game on switch. Well that goes against what he has said. As far as your weird philosophical, "hasn't anyone said a mistruth" argument. The answer is yes. Obviously. No shit. It doesn't change the fact that Wes has made claims about this game that haven't been true whether by accident or on purpose. Which that was my original retort to the poster that said, "but Wes said!". My point wasn't that Wes is a liar and scam artist. Whether he has lied about things or has just been incorrect it doesn't change the fact that sometimes Wes has said things that hasn't been true. Hopefully that answers your misplaced concerns.
  14. Wes has said a lot of things that haven't been true before.
  15. Game went downhill when they added the item icons on the map. The window thing was bad too. Also, I know the "force" grab was a little unrealistic and felt cheesy at times, but I atleast had some respect/fear for the shift grab at that time. Once they "fixed" that it was smooth sailing for counselors.
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