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  1. I've been killed twice as Jason and probably another two times the kill bugged out. I did not bother me either time. Though I've have seen two players stop playing with me because they were killed as Jason. Kind of sad.
  2. I probably ran Jason for 19:40 once (before the rage buff). It was hilarious.
  3. I still think the best solution would to not go with unstunable rage, but rather give him all four of his powers at the start of the match. At the very least give him his stalk at the start to go with his morph. I just find unstunable rage boring to go against. I understand the reasoning. It's not my hill to die on. I just wish they would have went in a different direction.
  4. Not a fan of super rage mode Jason. A better fix would have been to just give him all four of his powers from the jump.
  5. Of course it shouldn't. As for risk/reward- the car makes noise because you can get out of the car and run away. If the boat gets stopped, you're dead.
  6. I've been killed as Jason 2x and killed Jason many times. I understand why people enjoy it and It's not my hill to die on, but i do think the game would be more enjoyable if you could not kill Jason. But I also enjoyed the game the most when Jason had the crazy shift grabs as well. I definitely prefered that over unstunable rage Jason.
  7. Can't argue with that at all. That said I do appreciate that Gun tried. I just think that it became just too big of a headache for them. In some ways I can understand why, but this IP is a huge one and I do feel like they kind of stopped treating it with the right amount of respect (Jason being weak/emotes, etc). Illfonic tho, gtfoh. They're a joke.
  8. Agreed. Mainly because it's just annoying. Partly for ethical reasons. That said, back when I was a kid in the 80s, I was watching F13 and NOES when I was five and I'm not a murderer. Kinda messed up though. But yeah hearing annoying little shits asking you to help them when they're Jason or them spewing the N-word and swearing all the time is just annoying. Typical I just wreck them and bully them because they're terrible. Should I do that? Maybe not, but it's an adult game. It's no different then when some dufus brings their 12 year old kid to hoop it up with adults. Just lowers the fun factor. I came to ball, not have to let some 12 year old get easy shots.
  9. Me. Having 2 playstations definitely made things easier.
  10. Mine wasn't a gripe about me waiting for dev diary 2. It was more of a statement that a lot of what you guys do is over promise and under deliver. I'm not mad. Just giving you guys some rightfully deserved crap about it. Dev Diaries Paranoia Uber and Grendal The bug fixes have been cool. Keep that up. Also, you guys should release Savini Jason to everyone. Just kidding!
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