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  1. At approximately 1:45:45 into the video. Later on, I die and then come back as Tommy. Reason why I feel cheated was that the shotgun reticle hit him, but the game didn't react, so I ran away but got freaking trapped as you can see. However, if you look at spectate cameras, you can see the deranged player purposely going after the other players.
  2. I'm sorry. It was a youtube stream. Like I said, it was at the very last match in the video.
  3. We had multiple private matches. Most of the stream contained private matches. We decided to to a couple of online one cause people had to go and sleep, work, etc.
  4. That's what we did. We just played one match. That was it. We were trying to figure out how report players when we were dead.
  5. There are a couple of issues among the PS4 version. One of which is certain people deliberately trying to kill others while he works for Jason. I would like to wish a temporary ban or disfigure his characters into dunce caps for being poor sports and being a cheater in general. This particular forum is for those who meet unfair players and would like to wish them banned and call them out. I'm going to be the first to say. This sucker's name is KA-BRIM-REAPER... Here is video evidence of this man at work. It is at the very last match I play. Watch while I keep the camera on some of my friends and the traitor. It is wise to leave the lobby if you ever encounter him.
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