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  1. "Kids" in my use of it for this game could be that 30+yr old screaming drunken slurs because you didn't kill him exactly how he/she finds acceptable. While the 13yr old with a grasp of reality and a mic drops the gas for your higher repair stat character to install.
  2. Thanks for the continued feedback and support. Most of these sounds great! I am just curious how much more room the game will have resources wise after the rain is released. Breakable furniture would be cool but only if it doesnt take up the rest of the "wiggle" room.
  3. I found a streamer with an awesome group to play with. Too bad they aren't always on. Its really what makes this game great with a good group friends. PS4/ Willie-Wall for anyone that wants to invite.
  4. I double up on phone to prevent someone blocking for another player. Gas and battery at the four seater, then save the rest to replace triggered traps.
  5. Most mature PS4 players have banded together and group up now. It's pretty rare I find a soild mic'd up lobby by just pub searching.
  6. "Oh I spawned at the big house/fuse house. Let me scavenge everything here, not lock the doors and turn the radio......OMG Jason you loser! I haven't even got a weapon yet, I quit!" Unless Gun adds respawn there is no spawn killing in this game.
  7. Grown men cursing and calling you F*boy because you used block as Jason. I'm not naming and shaming but he is a forum user and you know who you are. If im Savini Jason and you and a friend is starting the car, stunned me twice, you can bet your monthly unemployment check that I will be using block and you can get the F over it.
  8. It was solved by the devs with the patch. I don't see it working for xbox user until they get theirs.
  9. This is why I run Bugsy with thick skinned and start with bat plus extra damage in public lobbies.
  10. For one of the issues, not being able to use sweater when grabbed, I think one of the updates changed this to where you can't use it as a free pocket knife.
  11. Well I know fixing the animation for stopping the car or changing how the car reacts to a stunned Jason would be difficult in the coding, but I wonder if fixing the stun reset would be possible.
  12. I've tested on PS4 and all my item perks work in all slots. But I do think this was fixed by the last patch, because I remember them not working before it.
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