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  1. The title says it all. I feel like stalk would really benefit from this feature. It's a nice ability and all but if you stalk near a house for an example and try to reach window for possible jumpscare any counselor will hear Jasons footsteps. Thus avoiding leaving the house entirely until stalk runs out or Jason moves in. What do you guys think? EDIT. As other forum user below stated this feature has been added in one of the patches.
  2. Pocket knife is there to help disarm traps. Even though most people probably still use it to tank Jason.
  3. Probably. It's still right buff in my opinion. I know me and my friends are gonna use Tommy as he was meant to be and with these updates he finally is big threat to Jason.
  4. This was made so he can disarm traps placed by the Jason and thus promoting his role as savior. Not to give him get out of the jail card.
  5. 1. That is brilliant feature and I can't understand how you could be upset about it. It just makes the gameplay experience smoother as you don't need to worry about parts getting lost in the woods. You can now also mark parts incase you find one but don't want to transport it to the other side of the map if you are planning to escape with the boat.This can also work in Jasons favor as placing traps near dropped parts could result in unwary counselor triggering it. 2. It was needed period.If you can't see why the change was made then it is truly pointless to explain. Grab is super powerful move which almost always leads to your victims death. Toning it down makes gaming experience richer for both sides. 3. It was about time. :3
  6. I wonder why. xD I usually get matched up with toxic people. Either they try to teamkill with car, help Jason or just tell me to shut up and kill myself.
  7. Some people take this game way too seriously. These kind of players should be banned all together. I feel bad for you.
  8. I tend to use throwing knifes in group situations. Also dodging counselor swings is not that hard or if there are only few I usually resort to blocking. Haven't been stun locked ever. Then again I just don't go in swinging my weapon mindlessly.
  9. It's been hard to find people but I play with like 4 other friends so it's fine even if we find just 1 other person.
  10. Been experiencing this before the patch. You hit Jason he drops counselor but is not stunned. Personally it's fine because you can just hit him again if he grabs the same counselor or if you have 3 counselors against Jason.
  11. Nothing wrong with it. It's legit strategy which helps you avoid getting stunned by pocket knife. That Adam player should just chill.
  12. I think it was already agreed that dots mean number 82. I have begun to believe that it might be a new counselor Julius Gaw. He was Jasons 82nd victim and guess what!? He happens to dress in blue.
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